Weight-Loss Products That You Should Never Buy

Weight-Loss Products That You Should Never Buy

The weight loss industry is huge. You may see a vast variety in these weight loss products, all of which claim sky high. These trendy items are everywhere, not just in magazines and books; you are much likely to find them even on social media.

Do you know one thing that there is no magic weight loss product to make you thin? Here is a complete list of weight loss products that are completely useless for losing extra pounds. Let’s take a look at following.

Raspberry ketones

This is probably one of the hottest weight loss products these days. Raspberry ketones promise to push your body into a state of ketosis, which makes you lose weight. Some of them even say that they block the fat absorption, which is a complete lie. Offering such benefits clearly indicate a misunderstanding of the science.

There are some studies on synthetic ketones for weight loss but the dosage that uses is incredibly high. It cannot even meet with a supplement dose. There is nearly zero evidence on how raspberry ketones work for weight loss in humans. So don’t buy any such product for accelerating your weight loss.

Juice kits

All of us have seen these juice diet kits that offer weight loss. There is a huge problem with these prepackaged juices that a customer is supposed to drink as a replacement of food for three to seven days. These juices come with a “detox” label. The weight loss during this juice diet is mainly because you cut the calories. But this weight loss is so drastic that you pretty much end up gaining all the weight back after ending this diet.

However, these juices have been extracted from the healthy fruits and vegetables but it is not as such a meal replacement. Following such a diet promotes unhealthy weight loss that may make you fall for a number of health problems.


Juice kits for weight loss
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Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a trendy name that is a part of multiple weight loss supplements. It is actually a herbal product and that’s how it is marketed to be a safe weight loss supplement.

Garcinia capsules are thought to block the fat absorption and reduce the appetite. But you may be surprised to know that these effects are highly misinterpreted.

The capsules are said to work on appetite control but they don’t do so. Even if the plant itself has weight loss benefits, these Garcinia supplements are nothing but a scam. They are highly unregulated and that’s made them ineffective.

You can’t be sure of the strength of capsules that you are taking. Lastly, there are highest chances of Garcinia capsules to be full with fillers i.e. sawdust or cornstarch.

Forskolin capsules

Another herb with proclaimed weight loss benefits is Forskolin. You may hear from people that Forskolin will boost your metabolism, fix your thyroid and boost libido. Well, that’s right but not in its capsule form.

Only the traditional uses of Forskolin has these effects but for weight loss products, this addition of Forskolin is as bland as anything. It’s probably not the miracle weight loss capsule that will work for you.


It is a common trend to use diuretics for weight loss. This trend is extremely popular among bodybuilders, sportsmen, and athletes. These diuretics may help you to lose weight fast but it’s not actually a real weight loss.

The purpose of diuretics is not to make you lose weight. They just help your body to excrete the excessive waste. Weight loss is likely to be one of the outcomes but it is not intended to be used for weight loss.

Additionally, an overdose of diuretics may show up undesirable effects like dehydration, dizziness, cramps, overall weakness, confusion, heart palpitations, high blood sugar, and nausea.

Diet soda

This concept of diet soda is misleading. Many people on diet find a hope in diet coke or drinks marketed as zero calorie drinks. But the truth is that even though they don’t have calories or add anything to your blood sugar, they mess with your gut lining.

This is counterproductive to health and may disturb your weight loss journey. The modern research shows that even the artificial sweeteners are toxic for gut microflora. A person using these sweeteners shows more insulin resistance and hence has a high risk of diabetes.

Meal replacement bars and drinks

One fascinating product that you often see at superstores is the meal replacement bar. They look catchy and the idea of eating a bar for a meal sounds attractive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of nutrition. Usually, for a meal replacement, it is ideal to have low calories and some nutrients in it.

Contrary to which many of these meal replacement bars and drinks have too much sugar and are full of artificial ingredients. Also, there is no nutritional value of these products so eating them doesn’t make a healthy weight loss for your body.

Weight-loss tea

An easy weight loss hack that is fairly popular is to switch your normal tea with herbal weight loss tea. You may see many celebrities endorsing weight loss teas to boost metabolism, detox the body and shed the pounds.

Unfortunately, this is not a good news that these products are full of harmful ingredients i.e. caffeine, laxatives, and diuretics. The purpose of adding these ingredients is to make you feel like you are losing weight. The worst part is that the sale and production of this herbal weight loss tea are not regulated.

These products are not verified for the said benefits. On investigations, it even came to the knowledge that many of them don’t contain the ingredients mentioned on the label. They may also have toxic ingredients like heavy metals. It’s time to stop believing that a tea can make you lose weight.

tea for weight loss
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Appetite suppressants/ fat burners

Any product labeled with an appetite suppressant fat burner is not effective. The reason that you feel an appetite is a part of your biological response. You can not suppress it. It is as natural as breathing or heart beating. Instead of suppressing the appetite, eat the right type of food for your body.

On the other hand, fat burners, some of which claim to make you lose weight without any effort are nothing but a scam. It sounds ridiculous that a pill will make you lose weight. More than that, it is life-threatening.

The ingredients in these fat burners interact with heart rate and with other medicines/supplements that you are taking. They usually end up giving the user some serious health conditions i.e. heart problems. So its better to avoid them and look for a balanced diet and moderate exercise.

Bottled fruit smoothies

Soda in any form is a diet crasher. But alternately people switch to juices or smoothies that come pre-packed. These drinks have an extreme amount of empty calories and sugar. No certified dietician allows using them during a diet. Consuming these bottled fruit smoothies and juices adds nothing to nutrition. In fact, it makes your body crave more sugar.

 Frozen diet meals

The latest addition to the weight loss products is the prepared frozen meals that have low calories. Typically all these foods are loaded with additives and

Preservatives and are short on nutritional value. They are so low in calories that they make your body weak. If you use them for the long term, you may end up falling for a serious disease.



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