Both Cold and Flu can Attack your Body at the Same Time

Both Cold and Flu can Attack your Body at the Same Time

No one enjoys the feeling of getting sick no matter if it’s a rainy season or it’s the scorching heat in the summer or the cold winter’s night, getting sick is one of the worst feelings. Some of the illness’ are tagged with a specific season, for example, catching a cold in the winter is such a cliché.

In morning usually when you wake up you are welcomed by a sneeze, as the day passes, your body temperature also increases. Upon consulting your health specialist he will prescribe you some anti-bacterial tablets and recommends to stay warm. But the truth is there is no way you can avoid this as viral infections go on their own.

Viral infections are generally known as ‘Cold and Flu’. There is a general belief that it’s not possible to suffer from both at the same time. Usually, during the winter season, people suffer from body ache, weakness, high temperature, runny nose, along with the cold. The flu virus mainly attacks your lung tract, your nose, and throat, so symptoms like a runny nose, a phlegmy cough, and a sore throat all make a lot of sense.

During the season of Cold and Flu, our body is attacked by viruses that usually belong to the same family group. The human body becomes an armor to other viruses while the immune system is fighting against a particular virus. A common cold is caused by a bug named Rhinovirus, whereas the virus that spread Flu is called Influenza virus which exists in many different types.

When any of these viruses enter the body, our human immune system responds in an unexpected way. It not only stops the virus from spreading but also makes sure to kill the existing viruses.

A superinfection happens in a body when the body defense system is weak after fighting a virus and if another virus attacks the body. That is how one may catch a cold and flu at the same time.

It is not easy to get rid of a superinfection, so the immune cells create ‘anti-viral’ stage, which affects the virus and stop it from spreading in the whole body. In its next stage body fight against the virus until it completely leaves the body.

One of the simplest ways to protect your body is to boost your immunity naturally and strengthen it. Most of the health experts agree that the reason why winter is a “cold and flu season” is not that people are cold, but it is that they spend more of their time indoors, in closer contact with other people who can pass on their germs.

The best way to prevent yourself from these infections is to avoid direct the contact with the infected person as these viruses can spread from person to person. Another way to avoid getting sick is to make sure you get plenty of rest, with a lot of fluid intakes. Make sure that you avoid drinks like coffee as it dehydrates the body.

To strengthen your immune system increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. If the condition still persists or gets worse one should always consult the doctor and get a flu shot. Although it won’t cure the flu, it will help the body to fight against the virus and stop it from spreading.

Most researchers recommend avoiding unnecessary use of antibacterial medicines as antibiotic treatment further puts you at risk of additional infections.

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