Keep your Alertness at Peak with this New Tool- Researchers Says

Keep your Alertness at Peak with this New Tool- Researchers Says

There are many parts of the day where the person level of alertness continuously fluctuates. Sometimes our energy drops and our mind wanders when there is a need to do an important task

Recent findings published in the journal of ACM digital library show with evidence that a person’s alertness level can be accurately predicted through scanning the Pupil. Whenever the person unlocks their smartphone, a bunch of photographs is taken.

There are numerous gadgets out there that can monitor a person’s activity level but most of them have to be worn continuously. These gadgets used scientific inference and analyzed the data obtained from different sensors on them.

Based on the new research Vincent WS Tseng, lead researcher, from the New York based Cornell University has asserted that there are patterns when it comes to studying the relationship between alertness levels and the pupil size.

“Since our alertness fluctuates if we can find a pattern it will be very useful to manage and schedule our day.” Vincent WS Tseng, lead researcher, from the New York based Cornell University

As the traditional methods to measure alertness level now seem to be obsolete or too cumbersome there was a need to find a method that could analyze the alertness level seamlessly and constantly.

Tseng added, “Since people use their phones very frequently during the day, we were thinking we could use phones as an instrument to understand and measure their alertness. And since people’s eyes are affected by their alertness, we were thinking that when people are looking at their phones, we could use a moment to measure their alertness at that point.”

The times at which people are alert, their sympathetic nervous system makes their pupil dilate for taking the necessary information easily. According to the team, the pupils are contracted by the parasympathetic nervous system if one is feeling lethargic and drowsy. For the conduction of this study, the team made use of the two studies which were carried out over the two years.

This new tool holds an immense importance as it can be especially used in the health sector. People working in this department may get tired after working for long hours. These medical professionals should be very alert while doing their intricate and important work.

According to Tseng, the doctors particularly make use of devices during surgeries. A front-facing camera embedded in these devices will make the lives of doctors easier as it can track their alertness throughout the surgery process.

He further added that it will not be only helpful in the health sector but also at many other places; people only need to understand the patterns on the device.

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