Fever tends to get 10 times much worse at night – Study Says

Fever tends to get 10 times much worse at night – Study Says

Have you ever wondered, why your colds tend to become 10 times worse at night? It is not that in the daytime you do not experience any of the symptoms but these symptoms become a real nightmare for you at night. Congestion, headache, and fever are the most common symptoms of a cold.

Are your Hormones Responsible for this?

As per the researchers, the human body is always on a 24-hour clock that is cardiac rhythm. There is a hormone imbalance during this time, it keeps on fluctuating, decreasing and increasing.

Cortisol performs various functions in our body. This hormone is released by the adrenal gland and helps in regulating blood sugar levels, metabolism as well as blood pressure.

Not only this but it also helps the body managing stress. Furthermore, cortisol keeps your immune system in check and helps to reduce inflammation. In simple words, it prepares your body to fight off sickness and infections.

A higher amount of cortisol circulates in your blood at day than night time. It suppresses your immune system. Whit blood corpuscles help the body to fight the infections. This is the reason why white blood corpuscles are less active in the daytime.

During the night the amount of cortisol is less in blood. This makes your body quickly detect and fight the infection. As a result, it triggers and provokes the symptoms of the infection to become more clear like congestion, sweating, fever, and chills. Therefore, you feel much worse at night.

Day Versus Night

Other factors we should notice other than the hormone is the natural differences between day and night:

The position of your Body: Your body pressure continuously fluctuates and gravity plays a very important part of how your body adapts and feels. An inactive phase of the body can also make the symptoms of flu and cold more unacceptable and worse.

An upright body can make a huge difference in your symptoms, especially congestion and breathing. It helps in removing the mucus from the airway. During the daytime, people are usually in an upright position, while at night you lay on your bed to relax and sleep. To overcome this issue sleep with an extra pillow to raise your head further for sinus drainage.

Distractions: Many of us have heard our elders instructing one to rest during their sickness for a quick recovery, didn’t you? With such a busy life, there are very few people who can really concentrate on themselves.

As your one task is finished another comes up following you and there is no time to look upon your symptoms. However, at night most of us are relaxed and that is when your immune system starts its functioning at its peak. Do not stress out as it will increase your cortisol levels.

How to Fight Back your Illness?

Stay hydrated: With a lot of sleep, it is also necessary that you drink plenty of water. This helps to flush out the harmful bacteria which are attacking your immune system and will help in a fast recovery.

Be prepared: Try to keep your all essentials like tissue, water bottle, and medicines on your side table. By making rest your utmost priority and saving your energy you will do wonders.

Strengthen your immune system: You should have a strong immune system to fight off the infection from the flu. There are many one things one can do to strengthen their immune system like drinking hot tea or coffee and by getting a lot of sleep.

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