Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?

Everybody tends to have a unique body. But the bodies of most of the people are either ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph.

If you have a high percentage of muscles than fat, you may have a mesomorph body.

People having a mesomorph body do not have much trouble regarding weight. They are able to bulk up while maintaining mas quite easily.

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Why does a body type even matter? Because it is an aspect of your uniqueness. Moreover, knowing your body type makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

What are Different Body Types?

William Sheldon, a psychologist, and a researcher, was the first one to introduce body types. These body types are what you know as ‘’somatotypes”. Sheldon theorized that a body type can influence the personality and social status.

However, the current article only takes into account the physical attributes of these body types.

Your body composition, bone size, and a lot of other factors determine your body type.

Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?
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The Mesomorph Body Type

As per Sheldon, people with mesomorph type usually have a medium frame. They are able to gain muscle much more easily. Their bodies naturally have a higher index of muscle than fat.

Mesomorph individuals are generally solid and strong. They are neither underweight nor overweight. You can easily describe their bodies as rectangular in shape. Most of them have an upright posture.

Other features of a mesomorph include:

  • Large-sized hearts
  • Muscular chests and shoulders
  • An even distribution of weight
  • Square-shaped heads

Mesomorphs usually have no trouble regarding weight. They can eat whatever they want and still lose weight quite easily. On the flip side, they may be prone to weight gain just as quickly.

Those who wish to stay slim can consider this as a disadvantage.

What are Other Body Types?

The mesomorphs tend to fall between two other types of body. These include ectomorphs and endomorphs.


An ectomorph individual has a smaller frame and a minimal amount of body fat. People having this type of body are usually longer and leaner with no muscle mass.

They even suffer from great difficulty in gaining muscle and weight. Despite whatever they eat or do at the gym, ectomorphs rarely manage to get fat.


Endomorphs usually have a high body fat and comparatively less muscle. They are usually soft and have rounder bodies. Endomorphs are also able to put on weight more easily.

This does not always mean that endomorphs are fat or overweight. Instead, they have a higher tendency to gain fat than people with other body types.

What are Combination Body Types?

Sometimes, a person may have more than just one body type. For example, an ecto-endomorph have a pear-shaped body. Their upper bodies are thinner than the lower halves.

Endo-ectomorphs, on the other hand, are opposite. They have an apple-shaped body with high fat on the upper area. Their thighs and legs tend to be leaner

Which Diets are the Best for Mesomorph Individuals?

Body types largely determine the frame size of the skeleton and your natural tendencies to store fat. Therefore, every body type has specific requirements.

This means that each body type responds better to a certain diet. So tweaking your eating habits according to your body type can lead to beneficial outcomes.

Mesomorphs are able to gain and lose weight quite easily. Because they tend to have a high muscle mass, mesomorphs require higher calories. However, you must maintain a delicate balance.

Mesomorphs tend to do a lot better on high-protein diets with fewer carbs. So consider dividing your plates into thirds and focus on the following food groups.

Protein: Protein must form one-third of your plate. It will fuel your muscles and can accelerate muscle repair. Good choices of proteins include lentils, Greek yogurt, fish, white meats, and beans.

Fruits and Vegetables: Forming one-third of your plate, fruits and veggies are important for every body type. Try to choose vegetables and fruits with skins instead of processed ones. This is because processed varieties usually have salt or sugar in them. Whole fruits contain antioxidants, fiber, and chemicals which will promote muscle repair.

Fats and Whole Grains

One-third of whole grains and fats on your plate will ensure a good health. Whole grains such as quinoa, oatmeal, and brown rice will help fill your stomach. While choosing fats, be sure to prefer healthy ones such as seeds, nuts, and avocados.

In order to determine your caloric needs, fix an appointment with a nutritionist. You may also use an online calculator that uses your somatotype and fat percentage.

Remember that more muscle means you require more calories to fuel these muscles. And if you are exercising on a regular basis, you will need to eat to optimize energy.

Try eating small snacks before and after workouts to boost activity.

Does Gender Play a Role in Body Type?

Women normally have a higher rate of body fat than man. However, body size and body type are two different things. Both men and women can have mesomorphic bodies.

How the gender factors in it are not much clear.

Researchers indicated that children follow the somatotype of their mothers. However, more research is essential for a clearer reason.

Your body type mostly depends upon a number of factors. Genetics does seem to play a role. However, ethnicity and gender can also have a certain influence.

Bodybuilding with a Mesomorph Type

There is no one workout plan that is beneficial for every body type. People having a mesomorph body generally tend to appear more muscular than others. They can enhance their looks by further training via the following two workouts.

Weight Training

Mesomorph individuals have a naturally high amount of muscle. They may do well with weight training to enhance this muscle build up. You would need to perform weight training 5 times a week for good results.

Select three or four weight training workouts on your own. You may also get help from the trainer at your gym. Do three sets per exercise with the help of moderate to heavyweights.

Make sure to follow 8 to 12 repetitions per set. Take a break for 30 to 90 seconds before starting a new set.

If you do not want to bulk up and simply maintain muscle, you can try other exercises. Perform repetitions with lighter weights.


Mesomorph Body Type- What to Eat and How to Train?
Image by Shape Magazine

Cardiovascular exercises can really help mesomorphs who wish to look lean. A cardio session of 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 5 times a week can do wonders for you.

Try following steady exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. You can also include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to give yourself a lasting power.

HIIT requires you to indulge in strenuous bursts of training. This is followed by lighter intervals. This goes on throughout the entire length of the session.

The Bottom Line

Knowing your own somatotype can help you make the most of your body. People having a mesomorph body generally require more calories to fuel their bodies. They need fewer carbohydrates in the diet and require certain exercises to bulk up.

Make an appointment with a fitness professional or a doctor for professional advice. They will provide you with an exercise and diet plan that works best for you. Following it will help you achieve your target much more easily.


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