This One Thing can Get you Dimples Without a Surgery

This One Thing can Get you Dimples Without a Surgery

Many of us interact and adore people with those super cute and tiny dimples and wish to have the same. To be honest there is something special about these charming set of dimples in adults that make us crave for the innocence of the childhood passed by.

Do you know, dimples are a temporary gift as they disappear when the baby fat is removed. While the one who retains their dimples are gifted with a genetic defect in which they still have it when they grow up.

The Genetic Defect which Retains the dimples as One Grows Up

One of the interesting facts is that the deciding factor in one’s body for dimples is genes. Yes! If you possess this cute gift, you should ultimately thank your parents for this. Talking about this genetic defect, it is the presence of shorter muscles around the mouth which makes a small dent in the muscle of the skin when one smiles.

As per the scientists, the dimples are an irregular dominant trait. It means there is no surety that the child will also have the same cute dimples like one or both parents possess.

But there are also many cases where the people did not have any dimples in youth and developed as they grow old.

Can a Popsicle Help you with Dimples?

A study published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” talked about the effect of having popsicles on skin. Children who more frequently sucked popsicles have more chances to develop dimples. This process is known as Cryolipolysis.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is also most commonly known as a fat freezing process. In this process, the fat tissues die when they get in contact with extreme cold temperature. Due to this phenomenon, in which the fats quickly reacts with the cold temperature children are more likely to develop dimples when they suck popsicles.

This a strange news but the ice packs and cold air also have the same effect as of sucking popsicles. That is why this phenomenon is also known as “popsicle panniculitis.” The team of doctors from Harvard Medical School found out that fat is the tissue among other tissues in the body which is sensitive to extreme concentrated freezing temperature.

Tracie Connor, a health nutritionist said: “When the procedure is performed in a medically-based practice by a certified clinician and when the candidate is close to their ideal body weight and sticking to an exercise regime and diet appropriate for them, I think it’s very effective treatment for removing unwanted fat stores.”

The fat cells of your body are more sensitive to freezing temperatures than skin, thus can bear up to the temperature of minus 11 before giving the skin a frostbite. It is also a well-known trick to lose body fat without exercising.


Hold your horses right there if you are rushing to grab ice cubes and popsicles for dimples to grow. This is not an easy way as still, this phenomenon needs to be largely tested.


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