Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse

Apple cider vinegar is a famous ingredient for food recipes and salad dressings. People sometimes only know it as a healthy food ingredient. What they don’t know about apple cider vinegar is that it has medicinal benefits for you too.

Many people use it as a central ingredient, calling the process as an apple cider vinegar detox. The idea to use it for detox is that unfiltered ACV has the best number of benefits in it.

Apple cider vinegar is widely used for detoxification. It can be included in diet or drank in water. The benefits are not new for the world but it has a history of over thousands of years. Some people claim that Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine was the one who promoted ACV for its health qualities in 400BC.

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Today many manufacturers are making the best quality of apple cider vinegar and you can easily buy it from your local store. It is also available for sale online.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse
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Does Apple Cider Detox Work?

Do you know that your body is capable to detoxify itself naturally? You don’t even need a proof of it to support the statement because it appears visibly. This detox removes all the toxins from the body.

One of the biggest use of apple cider vinegar is to start the detox plan for the body. If you want to exclude the processed foods from routine, you should introduce healthier whole foods in the diet. In this case, apple cider vinegar plays a beneficial role in the internal and external side of you.

Following are some best effects of apple cider vinegar:

  • Adds a significant number of enzymes to the body.
  • Increases your potassium intake for the day.
  • Enhances your immunity.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Maintains a healthy pH inside your body.
  • Improves your digestion.
  • Adds good bacteria, ensuring a healthier gut.
  • Removes the sludge toxins from the body.
  • Improves the texture of the skin and adds a glow.
  • Helps against acne when you use it on skin
  • Makes your hair healthier and shinier.

You might have heard the appetite control ability of apple cider vinegar. It burns fat like anything. There is research evidence that suggests that daily use of apple cider vinegar helps to combat type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

How To Detox Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

You can make this amazing detox drink by using apple cider vinegar at home. This health drink recipe is available on several health forums. Following is a generalized recipe but you can modify it as per your taste.

  • Take 1-2 tablespoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  • Take 8 ounces of purified water or distilled water.
  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of sweetener. You can take honey, maple syrup or any other natural sweetener. Also, you can use stevia.

Mix all these ingredients and drink it once a day. Some of the recipes also add lemon juice in it, which enhances the flavor even more. Some people use a dash of cayenne pepper in it.

Once you start taking this drink every day, you will feel noticeable differences in you. You can use warm water in the recipe or normal room temperature water. Never use these ingredients in cold water.

It may take several days for you to adopt the taste of it. Many people use it as an energy drink early in the morning. Some people use up to 3 glasses of this drink in one day upon waking, mid-morning, and again mid-afternoon respectively.

Is There Research To Show Such Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar?

There is no as such research on detox by apple cider vinegar. However, there are many research studies on apple cider vinegar itself. The information on detox use of apple cider vinegar available online is purely anecdotal and should be read with caution.

You can say that apple cider vinegar is not examined medically. There is a huge trend of research plans on apple cider vinegar but for its impact on various diseases i.e. type 2 diabetes.

For weight loss, there are a few studies that support the benefit of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar makes you lose weight and fat mass both. The triglyceride levels for its users are also expected to lower significantly.

Other research studies confirm that apple cider vinegar helps to lower the LDL, triglycerides and cholesterol levels in its users. One of these studies was based on people with hyperlipidemia (high blood fats). The results tell that taking apple cider vinegar regularly helps to prevent atherosclerosis in people that have a capacity to develop these complications.

All of these studies are based on a smaller scale and no large group research is completed on any similar aspect of the study. The large-scale studies on humans are required to know the exact impact of apple cider vinegar on human health.

There is no as such research on apple cider vinegar that supports the famous health benefits of it, as claimed by the people.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar For An Effective Body Cleanse
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What Do You Need To Know Before Doing an ACV Detox?

Before you put your hands on apple cider vinegar detox, you must know that you are using a diluted version of it. Diluting apple cider vinegar is easy, you can add water to it to reduce its acidity.

Otherwise, it is harmful to drink apple cider vinegar directly. It may harm the tooth enamel and sometimes also burns the mouth and throat.

Anytime when you consume apple cider vinegar, make sure that you rinse your mouth with clean water.

You can also sip it with a straw if you want to be extra careful with it. Don’t consider that only a large quantity of ACV will cause this effect, only a glass per day will also affect you in a negative way.

If you are taking any regular medication, you may like to reconsider your plan of apple cider vinegar detox. Apple cider vinegar is so strong that it may interact with different medicines or supplements that you are using on daily basis.

It may also contribute to the low potassium level or diuretic and even insulin. If you are using such medicines, make sure that you tell your doctor about it.

It is necessary for your doctor to know all these details so that in case of an emergency, you find the quick treatment.

People that are using apple cider vinegar detox also tell that it may give you nausea or stomach discomfort sometimes. It is highest when you are new to it. The chances of getting this discomfort are highest when you take it in morning hours.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

Though there is not enough research to support apple cider vinegar detox as a miracle thing but the online testimonials and reviews will tell you that it has high health benefits.

Using apple cider vinegar detox is relatively safe and easy for most people. But these people are those which are otherwise healthy and don’t have any health condition at all.

The best way to detox the body is by controlling your diet by removing unnecessary junk and oily food from it. Eating healthier food is the right key for the apple cider vinegar detox.

If you are still interested in apple cider vinegar, make sure that you talk to your doctor about it. Especially if you are on medicines or have a health condition, don’t try it on your own.


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