There is a Close Link Between the Puberty of a Mother and a Child- Researchers Says

There is a Close Link Between the Puberty of a Mother and a Child- Researchers Says

According to a recent research, there is a very close relationship between the mother and the son’s puberty. Many of us have known the link between the mother and her daughter’s puberty, a little was known for the son.

The age at which the woman had her first period is linked with the onset of her son’s puberty. There was a study on 16,000 Danish women and their children in the Journal of Human Reproduction, according to which, the women who had their menstruation at an early stage than her peers, their son’s also experienced the same.

Mothers who bled first among their peers will likely to have sons with an early growth of armpit hair, acne and voice breaking. While the daughters will develop breasts six months earlier than her peers.

Nis Brix, a researcher at the Aarhus University of Denmark said, “the relationship between first menstrual bleeding in mothers and the first menstrual bleeding in their daughters has been reported in several studies.”

In another statement, she said that “the novelty of our study was to include other markers of pubertal development in daughters, such as different stages of breast and pubic hair development, the relationship in sons has only been sparsely investigated.”

The puberty age of both girls and boys are gradually decreasing with time. Like in the United Kingdom the average puberty age of girls is 11 while in boys it is 12. Dr. Nis Brix said, “whenever a doctor meets a patient with delayed or an early onset of puberty, the doctor obtains a family history.”

She further added, “ the relationship between the mother’s pubertal age and the son’s pubertal age has been taken as common knowledge but now our data from a large study confirms it.”

Experts have linked this with improved health and nutrition in this modernized world. Yet some of the studies have also shown a connection between obesity and the early stage of puberty. In 2015, a study which stated all the possible risks of an early or late onset of puberty are as follows:

• Early menopause

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular disease

• Obesity

For girls, the age of early puberty is from 8 to 11 while late is from 15 to 19. For boys, the right age for puberty to hit them is from 9 to 14.

Also according to an American study in January, there are also other causes of early onset of puberty like mental health issues in the stage of adulthood and adolescence.

As per Dr. Christine Wohlfahrt-Veie, “both genetic and environmental factors undoubtedly influence puberty timing.”

She added, “boys and girls inherit from both mothers and fathers but early pubertal markers, an onset of breasts and pubic hair, in girls are less dependent on genetic and hence more on environmental factors such as childhood growth patterns and possibly other environmental exposures.”

For conducting a study researches observed 15,822 children and asked the mothers several questions twice amid their pregnancy. For the completion of their study after seven years they were again given questionnaires to know more about the link of puberty between the mother and the child.

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