Are Birth Control Pills 100% Effective?

Are Birth Control Pills 100% Effective?

The results of birth control are usually 99 percent effective if taken in the right manner. The “Right manner” implies that it is taken in at the same time every day with no exemptions.

“Typical use” alludes to how commonly it is being used. This records for taking the pill at marginally different times or accidentally missing a dose. With birth control and typical use, it is around 91 percent successful.

In spite of these high rates, it is still possible for you to get pregnant. Birth control disappointment is regularly the consequence of missing at least two pills in succession. Without the steady supply of hormones, you may start ovulating.

In the event that you have unprotected sex amid this time, your odds of getting to be pregnant increases.

Continue reading to know whether the indications you’re experiencing are signs and symptoms of pregnancy or simply the signs of your birth control.

Signs and Symptoms of Birth Control and Pregnancy

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Signs and symptoms faced in the early stage of pregnancy are generally just the same as the side effects of the birth control pill. This may include:

1) A Missed Period

Birth control can make your period light. This light bleeding can be mistaken for implantation bleeding, which happens when a fertilized egg inserts itself into the uterus.

It can likewise make you have breakthrough bleeding, or, in other words bleeding between your periods. Birth control can also lead you to a missed period, which can be mistaken as an indication of pregnancy.

2) Nausea

One of the common sign of being pregnant is morning sickness. Birth control pills can likewise cause the same sickness. If in case that taking your pill with food doesn’t help you to reduce your sickness, then you might need to take a pregnancy test.

3) Breast Tenderness

As your pregnancy proceeds, your breasts may wind up being sensitive to the touch. Hormonal birth control pills can also the same breast tenderness.

4) Exhaustion and migraines

Exhaustion is a typical manifestation of pregnancy. Changed hormonal levels from birth control pills can likewise cause extreme tiredness and migraines.

What Else can Cause these Side effects?

The signs and symptoms mentioned above are not only because of pregnancy and birth control pills, but there can also be other conditions too which may lead you to these signs. These health conditions may include:

1) Sexually Transmitted Infections

In spite of the fact that birth control prevents pregnancy, but it does not ensure you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some STIs can also cause cramping, bleeding, and queasiness.

2) Cancer

Certain cancers, including cervical or endometrial cancer, can cause the same side effects that could be mistaken for pregnancy or as birth control pill signs.

The signs include:

• Fatigue

• Cramping

• Pain

• Bleeding

• Nausea

3) Fibroids Or Cysts

Fibroids and cysts are described by the unusual growths on a woman’s uterus or ovaries. Many women with both of these conditions experience unordinary heavy bleeding. Before the bleeding stage, there are other side effects also, like, sickness, increased urination and pain.

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What are the Risks of Taking Birth Control Pills While being Pregnant?

If in case you were taking birth control to prevent pregnancy however after some weeks you find out that you are pregnant, then it is normal to think that what effect your birth control may have on your developing embryo. Fortunately, birth control has been appeared to be protected in early pregnancy.

Obviously, no one can guarantee that the drug has not influenced the child’s development. So make sure to see your health specialist when you think or find out that you’re pregnant. If in case your test comes positive, you should now quit taking birth control pills.

Getting pregnant while on birth control increases your danger of ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized embryo attaches itself in the fallopian tube or any other place than the uterus. This is one of the serious life-threatening pregnancy complications which should be treated quickly.

What to Do if Your Pregnancy Test Comes Positive?

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If you think that you are pregnant, then quickly do a test to start prenatal care. The over-the-counter pregnancy tests are considered to give an accurate result.

There are a number of choices accessible on Take more than one if you are not satisfied. You can also contact your health specialist’s office for an at-home test.

Then again, also arrange an appointment to see your health specialist and talk about the side effects you’re experiencing. Your doctor will most probably ask you to have a pregnancy test.

By the end of your meeting, you will know that if you are expecting or not. Take this test to see whether you are facing the symptoms of pregnancy.

How to Prevent an Unplanned Pregnancy?

With regular use of birth control pills, there are high chances that one can prevent an unplanned pregnancy. You can make it more viable by following these simple points:

1) Take it on a Daily Basis

Take the pill on regular basis. Doing this regulates your hormone levels and reduce the risk of ovulation.

2) Try Not to Skip Placebo Pills

Despite the fact that placebo treatment pills contain no active ingredients, you should still regularly take them. Skipping the placebo pills may disturb your routine. You may not start your next pack on time, and this can build your odds of ovulation.

3) Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can affect your liver and its functions badly. Excessive intake of alcohol can affect its metabolic function. This can reduce the effectiveness of the medications.

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4) Use Other Birth Control Methods

In some of the cases, it is necessary for you to make use of other birth control methods like the barrier method. Some meds may decrease your pill’s effectiveness.

You should make use of another type of other birth control methods for at least one month in the wake of completing any additional medications.

5) Consider Emergency Birth Control

If in case you have unprotected sex and have also forgotten a pill or two, you can take emergency birth control, for example, Plan B. You can take this for up to five days after you’ve had unprotected intercourse.

The sooner you take it, the more efficient this method will be. Call your health specialist if you have inquiries about this method of birth control.

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