Shopping Addiction – How To Control It?

Shopping Addiction – How To Control It?
Shopping relaxes everyone and is a great activity to reduce stress but being a shopaholic can be an issue. The problem gets even worse if you like everything to see at shopping counters. There are many things especially the exotic ones that can excite anyone.
From exotic herb powders to prepared meals, there are so many things that catch your attention once you go out for grocery shopping. When we read the word unnecessary spending, most of the people assume it’s about designer clothes, bags, and shoes.
It’s not just that, even if you aren’t a fashionista or trend follower, there are so many things which can make you spend your money uselessly. Regardless of that, you may never use these items. This article is a help for people which can’t resist spending extra during a shopping spree.
Shopping Addiction - How To Control It?
What Can You Do?

Resisting shopping can be hard especially when there are so many things in so many varieties around but it is not impossible. The following can help in controlling shopping habits:

Go out with cash only

If you are a shopping lover and have plenty of credit cards, you will end up using all of them and the bill on later days will be a very troublesome thing. Credit cards make you spend more than your requirement.
It is better to leave your credit cards at home. Only take the cash with you. So that you always have limited money to spend. It will also help you to overcome your random shopping plans. You won’t be able to spend on things, which you don’t even need at that time. So try this trick and thank later.

Set your targets

Feeling difficulty on what to spend on? Sometimes even the small purchases like the coffee machine can be more expensive than a more significant thing. Here is one thing that you can try to break this habit of spending so much on small things.
Think of something that you love to have. It could be a designer dress, a vacation plan, a gift for someone or anything. Set this goal and try to save money for it. Doing this will make you tempted for not spending money on useless things.
Once you have all that money which you gather, you can spend it on instead better things. You can invest it; spend it on your goals or anything. Who knew breaking the overspending habits could get you close to your life goals?
Decide between your needs and wants
For anyone, the idea of a need and liking something may not always be similar. It is not that important unless you come to a stage where you have to select one. Going shopping and watching shoes on sale and watching your favorite shoes on sale has a big difference.
It illustrates that there are things, which you like and you are in need of buying them too. In comparison, there are things, which look good, you may admire them, but you don’t have any need for them.
What would this non-required item do for you? Probably nothing but an addition to your wardrobe. Make sure you think this before you spend on buying useless things next time. If they are for a high price and you don’t need it, there are so many logical reasons not to buy them.
Make your shopping list when you go out 
Shopping list a life saver. It not only helps you to remember things but also makes you stay on the items, which you need. Every time you look at the list, you will realize that these are the things, which you need, and buying other stuff cannot replace them.
Fortunately, the shopping list saves you every time. It is something that never goes wrong for anyone. Mark check for each thing that you buy from the list, till you purchase all items.
Additionally, if you are severely tempted by anything, add it as a note to your shopping list. Go home and think about it. If you believe that you can buy it, buy it next time when you go out.

Give yourself little treats

 Treating yourself with things you like is an excellent gesture to boost your self-confidence, motivation, and positivity. If you are a good planner, make your budget and look for how much you can save each week by cutting the extra stuff from the shopping list.
From this saved money, buy little things that make you happy. It could be anything, a box of candy, a movie DVD, small beauty tools, etc. It will motivate you to spend wisely for the necessary things and save up for the treats.
Shop with intervals
Loving the brand new tool or gadget that you saw today. It is not the right time to buy it for now. Time to go home and give it some time to convince you if you need it or not.
Whenever you go shopping, take at least a few hours or a day to think before you buy something expensive. This waiting time will give you a chance to reconsider it and correlate it with your budget. Still, if you are convinced to buy it, buy it the next day.
Find your shopping partner
You thought shopping partner is for window shoppers? No, shopping with a friend, a loved one, or a family member is always fun and exciting. It is also a requirement if you spend too much without thinking twice.
Having a shopping partner will give you honest opinions on things. They will make sure that you don’t end up buying all the unnecessary stuff and end up bankrupt for the month.
Shopping Addiction - How To Control It?

Take the smallest shopping cart

 When you go out for groceries, and you are not planning to buy heaps of food for stock, make sure that you carry the small-sized carts. Have you ever noticed how enormous those shopping carts have become? It is a marketing strategy to facilitate the customer with extra space so that he ends up buying everything he likes.
It works in this way. Watching some leftover space in your cart will always intrigue you to pick some more items to add. Having a small carry wouldn’t cause this problem, and you would not buy useless stuff.
Let  other people do your shopping
Sometimes your better half, friend, siblings or even parents can help you to break the habit of excessive shopping. You worry about buying extra stuff, don’t go shopping. Instead of it, send someone else to do it.
If you give a list to a friend, the chances are that there wouldn’t be any unnecessary thing in your groceries that time. You don’t even need to think and force yourself from not looking at your favorite items when you are home.
Evaluate your shopping
Shopping doesn’t always remain exciting especially when you come home and check everything that you have purchased. The best tip to avoid that state of sorrow is to evaluate items before checking out at the cash counters.
Take a few minutes to check each item in your cart individually. Make sure that they are useful and would not go waste. If you still feel good about them, proceed to check out.

As a graduate of Public Health and Policy, Andrea developed an interest in disease development, food and safety and the latest advancements in health. She is a Freelance writer who had affiliations with multiple blogs. Andrea is now pursuing her post-doctorate in Behavioral Sciences.

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