Is Chamomile Tea the Best Herbal Tea?

Is Chamomile Tea the Best Herbal Tea?
If you are a tea lover, chamomile tea should be your next favorite. Literally, chamomile means a ground apple. Although chamomile is a popular hot beverage which is famous worldwide, still many of the people are unaware of its health benefits.
You may be thinking that what could be the possible benefits from a “tea”? To your surprise, chamomile is not just an ordinary cup of tea. It is a gift of nature which works in improving the health of the user.
Chamomile is the traditional tea which is beneficial for people of all ages. It treats a number of health problems such as stomach pain, insomnia, cold etc. It has unique bioactive compounds called flavonoids which give it a healing effect.
There are certain types of it, based on the area of its growth. Up until now, German and Roman chamomile strains are the most useful. German chamomile is more potential for effects and is extensively studied for its pharmacology.
What Are The Benefits Of Chamomile Tea?
Chamomile tea has been taken for many years for a variety of different reasons. Some of the benefits of this herbal tea are:
Stress release and sleep regulation
By far the best effect of chamomile is seen for its capacity to relief in a stressful condition. It is such a useful benefit that makes chamomile tea an everyday beverage to try. It usually ends on a peaceful sleep which regulates the sleep cycle, if they are disturbed.
As per many surveys, most of the people turn towards chamomile tea for its healing and sedative qualities. It is one of the most studied effects of it which is confirmed by the research. Even in a small amount, chamomile tea provides relief in stress.
Using only 1-3 tea bags per day is helpful. It means that one can even replace the traditional black tea with chamomile tea without a second thought.
Is Chamomile Tea the Best Herbal Tea?
Improving the immunity
When it comes to natural immunity boosters, chamomile is one of the best things to help. As per many research studies, the chamomile is an ancient herb with a bright future in healing compounds.
A daily use of chamomile makes several health problems to come under control. For children and adults, it is equally helpful. However, for improving immunity, it should only be used by adults. For children, it is only a remedial tea.
Treats cold
As a part of home remedies, chamomile is amazingly helpful for the cold. In such a condition, if the user considers taking a hot cup of chamomile tea, it works like anything.
Inhaling the chamomile steam is also effective especially to open a blocked sinus and throat. It also provides relief in a runny nose, flu, and sore throat.
A remedy for infant illness
Traditionally chamomile was a solution to day to day problems. Especially for infants and children, it was a treatment for diarrhea, stomach pain, and fever.
The American Academy of Family Physicians has approved chamomile to be soothing for infant use. It suggests using a slight version of the tea in small quantity.
Lukewarm chamomile tea soothes the infants with colic. It also reduces the internal inflammation hence controls the fever.  However, it is not a viable idea to give children an adult dose and concentration of chamomile tea. It is too potent for infant use.
Make sure that it is light, less quantity and Luke warm when it is given to a child.
The natural skin healer
For skin, chamomile can also help through a topical application. When the user takes a sufficient amount of chamomile tea in routine, the effects also show up on the skin. A skin which is affected by dermatitis, eczema, rash or allergy can be improved by either oral or topical use of chamomile tea.
Not to forget, there is also a chance of chamomile allergy. It means that you should always double check before using chamomile for skin improvement.
The chances are that if someone is allergic to asters, ragweed, chrysanthemums or daisies, he is more likely to be allergic to chamomile too.
Mouth blisters and cold sores
These two may look alike but are different conditions from each other. The best part is that chamomile helps against both. Treatment of aphthous ulcers is one of the popular traditional use of chamomile tea.
In a combination of sage tea, it is the best mouthwash if you are suffering from mouth sores. Use It 5-6 times a day, as the regular mouthwash to heal the sores.
Anti-aging effects
Chamomile is a balanced compound of antioxidants. The suitable amount of antioxidants as a part of daily intake makes the skin protected from the free radical damage. It regenerates the new skin cells and tightens it. All this is helpful to slow the aging process.
Treating cuts and open wounds
For centuries, chamomile is a healer of wounds. It was always in use by Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans for these skin healing effects.
The latest researches have approved that chamomile does have a wound healing capacity which is more or less equal to the chemicals based medicines. Especially for the burn wounds, it is most effective.
Other than that, chamomile has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant which defines its variable roles inside the user body.
Treating a Stomachache 
Adding to the benefits, chamomile is helpful against an aching stomach. This pain could be due to any problem but the remedy, in the form of chamomile helps against all reasons. It soothes the muscles and relaxes the internal lining of intestines.
It also improves the digestion and is sometimes helpful to treat the digestive problems. The sufferers of poor digestion can get an amazing health benefit from daily use of chamomile, which results in improved digestion.
Treatment for a sunburn
Chamomile is traditionally famous for its potential for the burnt wounds. When it comes to the damage by the sun, it is the best natural help. One can use it on the skin or drink it daily for this reason.
Using it on the sunburnt areas heals the skin. It also improves the texture of skin. The natural lightening properties of it make the marks go away. In the end, there is smooth, mark-free skin waits for the user.
Reduces the dark circles and puffiness
Chamomile also has high aesthetic usage. It is the best home remedy to get rid of the dark circles. You just need to refrigerate e your used tea bags of chamomile tea.
Use this on your eyes, when chilled. It will give a cooling effect which provides a soothing effect to the eyes.
You can also place them on eyes after the regular skin cleansing. It lightens the skin and reduces the puffiness of skin. A daily use of chamomile bags on eyes shows visible results in a few days.
Benefits for hair
It’s not just the skin but hair also gets benefits from chamomile tea use. It helps to removes and prevents the risk of dandruff in hair. It moisturizes the scalp and makes it healthy.
For using it on hair, it is better to use it as a final rinse after cleaning and shampooing the hair. Drinking it daily is an added benefit and using these two in a combination prevents the risk of dandruff.
Is Chamomile Tea the Best Herbal Tea?
What Should You Keep In Mind?
Chamomile tea, when taken daily, comes with a huge number of benefits. However, it is important that to only drink an appropriate amount of the tea. Too much of anything, whether it is considered healthy, is not good.
In addition, people who are on certain medication or have particular health conditions as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to consult a health professional before using any type of herb or herbal tea.
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