How Safe Are Environmental-Friendly Products?

How Safe Are Environmental-Friendly Products?
Most of us would not like to come back to a dirty house after a long day at work. This would instantly make one want to pick up some products and start cleaning right away. One would start even without any rest or relaxation.
Keeping your house tidy and clean is good for the mental health along with the general body health. But recent studies have shown that many people tend to over-clean their homes. which leads to increased exposure to chemicals.
Yes, you read it right. Over-sanitization is also a thing. It can result in higher chances of having asthma and allergies. You may even develop cancer without you even being aware of it.

What if you use environmental-friendly products?

A very common habit seen in people who over-clean their homes is the use of eco-friendly products. In fact, these have now become very popular.
A report released by the Environmental Working Group in 2016 showed something different. Many of the products which claim to be safe for the environment along with the health are not what they seem. They contain some of the chemicals which do not quite go with the description.
There was also another important message given by the study. You cannot figure out the composition of such household products, no matter what!
There are very few brands and labels that disclose all the chemicals used in their products. Many times they are expensive and not available.
 How Safe Are Environment-Friendly Products?
Other than products from trusted companies, there is no way to guarantee that the cleaning products will be safe. And yes, it includes the eco-friendly ones.
Another research compared the effects of a normal and an environmental-friendly product. The results showed that the usage of both had harmful effects on the female cleaners in both of the groups.
Women belonging to either of the group were also at an increased risk of birth defects. Some also experienced hormonal imbalance and related problems.

Can you trust Environmental-friendly products?

The review by the Environmental Working Group shows most companies cannot be trusted. Especially when it comes to safe and actual green products. The reports also highlighted a number of other findings.
Ingredients such as quaternary ammonium compounds or what are also known as quats are present in over forty percent of the antibacterial cleaning products. These substances have been linked to increased risk of asthma in people.
You do not even need a very high exposure of the chemical to see its harmful effects. A very-low exposure to the chemical can trigger asthma. It is also responsible for what is also known as an antibacterial overkill.
The report also showed that most of the products such as surface cleaner, dishwashing soaps, dishwasher detergents contain bleach whose side effects are well-known. Fumes of bleach are also particularly harmful.
 How Safe Are Environment-Friendly Products?

What else do environmental-friendly products contain?

Additionally, many of the products were also shown to contain probable carcinogens. For example, formaldehyde and chloroform. Both of these are also present in the fumes of bleach-containing products.
Another product is known as Sodium Borate which is more commonly referred to as borax or boric acid and found in many of the products. This enzyme stabilizers and in almost all of the household cleaning products.
This specific substance has been linked to disruption of hormone and breathing problems. Products containing borax are also one of the main reasons for indoor pollution.

So, should you limit your exposure to the chemicals?

No. The Environmental Working Group has suggested avoiding all such products. Even the ones containing the lowest doses of such chemicals. This also includes the ones from the green brands.
Some of the products that you can stop using immediately as recommended by the EWG are air fresheners or any synthetic scents. Oven cleaners, antibacterial products are to be avoided as well. Also, always check products for formaldehyde. Dryers sheets and fabric softeners are too not safe for usage.
It is better to get rid of the products one by one not only for better health and minimization of health concerns. Many of these compounds also react with the ozone layer and contribute to environmental destruction. Not using them is also suggested for saving the environment!
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