Does Nutrafol Work? Here is our review 

Does Nutrafol Work? Here is our review 

Nutrafol is a supplement for hair growth. It has a recipe to improve hair health for both men and women. The company that manufactures Nutrafol promises the uniqueness of their product, in accordance with the most comprehensive and scientific reasons and facts.
This supplement aims for two specific causes of typical hair loss.

  • Inflammation
  • Elevated stress hormones

By working on these two things, along with the usual nutritional culprits, Nutrafol works better than all other hair loss supplements.

Why do you need a hair supplement?

As you know many people suffer from multiple health problems that affect the quality of their life. Recently, hair loss has become one of the biggest problems in both men and women.

This traumatic experience of losing hair may have so many reasons. Although it is commonly associated with age, nutrition, vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance, it has hereditary linkage too.

Hair is made up of protein. The protein for hair is called keratin. This keratin is responsible to make hair healthy and shiny.

The structure of the hair is very complex. Not only the outer shaft of the follicle but the underneath root has a complicated system of the function too.

For an adult person, losing 50-100 hair per day is somewhat normal.

Usually, a hair loss more than this or a bald patch on the scalp shows a hair problem. There could be many reasons for hair loss such as stress, malnutrition, age, etc. Additionally, there are certain hair diseases i.e. alopecia, fungal infections and others that make you lose hair.


Updated February 2019: Nutrafol is not our recommended hair growth supplement, Instead we recommend Hair Revital X by Dr. Ryan Shelton




Moreover, hair fall can be a side effect of certain medicines like blood thinners, birth control pills, antidepressants, vitamin pills, etc.


The treatment for hair loss is long and time taking. Let’s just accept that there is no overnight remedy to make hair healthy again. It requires a good diet, healthy routine, moderate workout, and additional dietary supplements to boost hair growth.

Nutrafol for hair care

Nutrafol is a new age supplement that uses herbal ingredients to improve hair health. It works on scientific reasons work on the cause of hair loss. This is a well-defined formula that works in the right direction. Not only it enhances hair texture and growth but also improves overall health.

What makes Nutrafol different?

Nutrafol is a natural supplement that helps in treating hair loss issues. This supplement work on multiple causes of hair loss including hormonal issues, stress, inflammation, free radical damage, low immunity, etc.

Nutrafol is different from other hair supplements. It has biotin, zinc, and collagen it. All of these targets the primary causes of hair loss. These nutrients make the hair strong from roots and heal the follicle. For this, an additional component in the formula of Nutafol is herbal extracts.

How does Nutrafol work?

Nutrafol is a long-term solution for all hair related problems other than diseases. Remember it is a hair health supplement and not a medicine. If you are using it while having a medical condition, there are high chances that it won’t work. It works on three stages.

In the first stage, it targets all the potential factors, potentially affecting the hair growth rate. It tries to stabilize the harmful levels of DHT and also reduces stress hormones. It ends with a stop to potential damage to hair follicles.

The second stage reduces the occurrence of regular inflammation and oxidative stress. Both of these can affect hair health as it may inhibit inhibiting cycling and signaling.
The third stage is the rejuvenation of dead hair follicles by promoting healthy hair signaling. An improved blood circulation that heals the hair cells completes it.

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As there are more than one factors responsible for hair fall, Nurafol uses only the highest quality ingredients to work on all of them.

The botanical nutraceuticals inside it have a capacity to target all hair related issues. The botanical ingredients of Nutrafol are an authentic help for promoting hair growth and cytokines. Together these two are used to signal anagen, which is the growth phase of the hair cycle.

You may start using Nutrafol as soon as you experience hair thinning. It is a preventive measure to save the hair from getting damaged and eventually to shed. This prevention of hair loss protects the follicles from any irreversible damage.

Fortunately, many of the hair loss reasons are completely reversible. Once these underlying factors are improved the hair growth is back to normal. The formula of Nutrafol emphasizes rebalancing DHT and cortisol levels in the body. Once these inflammation are reduced and the follicles are repaired and protected, healthy hair growth starts.

Nutrafol is completely natural, doesn’t have any chemicals or harmful agents in it. It suits all people that don’t have any other health issue. There are no known side effects of Nutrafol. Everyone can use this supplement.

However, people below the age of 18 years are not suggested to use it. Also, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult their physicians before using it.

The ingredients list of Nutrafol

The good news is that there are no genetically modified ingredients in Nutrafol. It has a label to be a GMO-Free product. Additionally, it uses vegetable cellulose-based capsules. The good news is that is free from soy, eggs, gluten, milk, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, yeast, wheat, etc. Also, it has no artificial colors or flavors added.

All it has is fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and botanical extracts. Each of these ingredients is helpful to make its formula successful and effective. It is better to take Nutrafol before a daily meal. The recommended dose of Nutrafol is four capsules per day. Do not take more than that.


Keeping in view all users, Nutrafol is not suitable for vegetarians, vegan or people with a fish allergy. Although it doesn’t have shellfish in it, it is acceptable for those who keep kosher.

How to take it?

As dietary supplements don’t work like medicines because these aren’t drugs. The recommended usage of Nutrafol is between three to six months. It may not show effects before this time.

This time frame shows the best effects in this period. However, one should be regular in its usage. If you stop using it, typical hair loss patterns are much likely to return to you.

Each bottle of Nutrafol has 120 capsules in it. The recommended dose if 4 capsules/day that means one bottle is the supply of one month.

Benefits of using Nutrafol

  •  It uses herbal ingredients
  • It will definitely work
  • The results will be better than other supplements
  • Improve the hair texture
  • Fill in the bald spots
  • Speed up the hair growth
  • Make hair shiny and strong
  • Separate capsules for men and women

Where to buy Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is available for buying online via their official website. ( In the USA, it is shipped for free. International shipping adds a nominal cost to the worth of total order.

Does Nutrafol cause weight gain?

There is no chance of it working exactly the opposite of what it is targeted to do. Most of the users lost weight while taking Nutrafol. Even the simple dietary changes and moderate exercise will make the user drop weight. It will also affect behavior, cognitive abilities, social behavior, and overall health. Try it today to see it working for you.



The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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