Bath bombs – Should You Follow the Trend?

Bath bombs – Should You Follow the Trend?

Can bath bombs be a threat to health?

A warm and nice bath can calm you to a great extent. One can enjoy more especially with all the new fancy creations that have added to the relaxation. You might have heard, seen, or even tried the ‘bath bombs’ that have become popular recently.
The main reason for this is social media. After the bath bombs started appearing on the isles of various stores, they became common. In no time, they were also seen in the photos and videos of celebrities.
Thenceforward, there were many different types of bath bombs created. These bombs are composed of complex colors along with fragrances. They fizz and dissolve in the water to create various patterns. The formations can be aesthetic very psychedelic-like for everyone.
Bath bombs come in many colors and shapes that also create a unique pattern of their own when dissolved. Some of them may even have glitters, confetti, and similar ingredients. Most have stuff that can brighten up anyone’s mood.
Up until now, a big number of people have bought bath bombs for themselves, friends, family, or children. Everyone assumes they are relaxing and safe. Some of the bombs do have many skincare ingredients that moisturize the skin. Calming scents are an added bonus!

Bath bombs - Should You Follow the Trend?

But are bath bombs safe?

Although bath bombs have been tested to be some of the most effective stress relievers, it may not be the case. In fact, a look at its ingredients might make anyone worried. The latest concerns over bath bombs are mainly on some of the chemicals.
In fact, some of the chemicals used in the bath bombs are known to cause a lot of health issues. The used dyes that have the ability to infiltrate into mucous membranes. This can cause great damage to hormonal changes.
Out of all the other ingredients, synthetic scents are the most toxic ingredient. The side effects of them are well known by almost every other person and have a good number of studies on them.
National Academy of Science has already highlighted that about 95% of the chemicals used in synthetic scents come from crude oil. This means most of them are endocrine disruptors.
For example, phthalates and similar chemicals may be present in a bath bomb. Such chemicals are known for their harmful effects.
Synthetic scents and the chemicals in them are why bath bombs are more dangerous for women and children. These can cause infertility, type 2 diabetes, developmental problems, and even breast cancer.

Bath bombs - Should You Follow the Trend?

Do the effects of exposure to the chemicals in bath bombs come instantly?

The terms such as ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘oil blend’ are often used in place of the names of over 3000 such dangerous synthetic fragrances. which are also known to be carcinogens that can also affect the nervous system, kidneys, and the respiratory system
The terms such as ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘oil blend’ are often used in place of the names of over 3000 such dangerous synthetic fragrances. which are also known to be carcinogens that can also affect the nervous system, kidneys, and the respiratory system adversely.

Can you guess a harmful ingredient that is present in both food and bath bombs?

The danger of dyes is now also present in bath bombs. In fact, they can directly enter your bloodstream through bath bombs especially through the skin that has been recently shaved. Dyes have long been known to cause brain cancer and increased risk of neuron damage.
In addition to all the harmful chemical, scents, and yes there are also many allergens present in the bath bombs that can cause all sorts of infections and reactions. Many people tend to get a Urinary tract infection due to such substances when they come in contact with the genital area.
Secondly, the chemicals in the bath bombs can also disturb the pH balance in the vaginal cavity that can increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection greatly.
What about all the glitter and similar ingredients in bombs?
Glitter floating in water can many any child or even adult smile but that does not make it less harmful for the body along with the environment as they do not biodegrade and are actually just tiny pieces of plastic.
Read more about glitter here.
Most of the researchers would suggest a person engage in any of the other ways of relaxation instead of using bath bombs. It would be better not only for your health but also for the environment if you go for alternatives rather than the bombs.
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