Faint positive line on pregnancy strip- Am I Pregnant?

Faint positive line on pregnancy strip- Am I Pregnant?

There are many ways to confirm a pregnancy. One of the most common methods is to use a home pregnancy test. It is simple and easy but sometimes the results are confusing. For example, one of such a confusing situation is when you see a faint positive line. As it is faint, it is hard to say if pregnancy is confirmed or not.

Regardless of the common belief, home pregnancy tests are an accurate way to detect a pregnancy. Some of the brands make such sensitive test strips that even detect a pregnancy right after a missed period. (Click here to read more about it)

Here in this article, you will get to know the most common questions on checking a pregnancy by using home pregnancy tests. Particularly, it will emphasize on a faint positive result and how to be sure about it.

Is a faint positive line an early sign of pregnancy?

As you may know, a line on home pregnancy test indicates a pregnancy. Sometimes the positive line is not so clear. Or you can say it is very faint. In this situation, it is hard to say if the pregnancy test is positive or not.

Also, there is a chance that there is no pregnancy and it is just an error of your home kit. It is necessary to know that every pregnancy and pregnancy test is different. Using a home pregnancy kit is easier for many people. As it shows a noticeable dark confirmatory line, it is easy to detect a pregnancy.

While for others it may not be that simple. Sometimes a faint positive line shows up. It is particularly common when you are trying to catch an early pregnancy. It means a faint positive line may indicate a very early pregnancy. Likewise, this faint line may also indicate the lower hormonal levels. This is a characteristic feature of early pregnancy.

As you know every pregnancy test is basically a measure of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. Normally, the body produces more hCG after a fertilized egg implants itself into the womb. Amazingly, this hormone hCG is also found in many medicines that you commonly use. If you are using such medicine, it increases the chance of a false positive result.

Additionally, there is a possibility of chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage. It may occur in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. (Read more about pregnancy loss by clicking here)

After an early miscarriage, it takes some time for the body to normalize hCG levels. Now relate this to pregnancy tests, which measure the hCG levels. When you are taking a test during this time, there are high chances to see a faint positive result.

Only a certified doctor can confirm if this faint positive result is a sign of early pregnancy, a reaction of any medication, or a chemical pregnancy. But if you are having a faint positive result while you are bleeding, it may be a chemical pregnancy.

Lastly, if a woman suspects that she is having a miscarriage, the best is to confirm with diagnostic tests. For the answers on why is she having a faint positive pregnancy results, she should contact a doctor.

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What do you mean by an evaporation line?

An evaporation line is a formal term for a false positive line that you may sometime see on a pregnancy test strip. If you leave the pregnancy strip for too long, the urine mark (line) on the strip may evaporate. Interestingly, this may also look like a faint or blur line. In this case, it indicated a confirmed pregnancy. Due to leaving it for a longer time, it loses its indicatory line.

In many cases, the evaporation process may make a single line to look like two lines, giving a false “positive” result. When you are taking a pregnancy test, it is necessary to read the instructions that come from the manufacturer.

The instructions clearly tell about how to use the strip and time limit for checking the results.

How to do a pregnancy test?

You may consider using a pregnancy test once the fertilization of an egg takes place. This egg implants itself on to the inner uterine wall. Because of this implantation, the body produces hCG hormone. Using any home pregnancy test will detect the amount of this hormone in urine.

Right after conception, the hCG levels become low. Not to forget, a healthy pregnancy normally doubles the hormone levels every 2-3 days. (Read how hCG levels increase in pregnancy by clicking here)

Now you know that why this line may faint even on a confirmed pregnancy. As time passes, repeating the test will give a clear, positive result.

What to do if you see a faint positive result?

First of all, you need to retake the test, using a new strip the second time. Then contact a doctor if you see a faint positive result twice. It is better to wait for a few days and then take the test. Repeating it again and again at the same time will not do anything.

If you see a faint positive home pregnancy test result, wait for a few days and repeat it. Call your doctor on the basis of this second result.

In contrast, if you see a negative result and you are on your period, it may be a miscarriage. Early miscarriages are very common and are not harmful to the body. They don’t affect the chance to become pregnant again.

Eventually, you must see a doctor in any case when your pregnancy test strip shows a faint positive result.

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When to seek immediate help?

A pregnant woman or a woman trying to get pregnant should ask all the questions to her doctor. She should even ask about a faint positive pregnancy test even if they don’t experience it. It is always good to know about all the possibilities during a pregnancy. In this way, the future complications may be controlled.


If you are on a medicine with hCG as an active ingredient, prefer a diagnostic pregnancy test. A home pregnancy test may not give you a 100% result. Many women experience vaginal bleeding after having a faint positive pregnancy test.

If this bleeding is light or similar to a period, consult your doctor. If the bleeding is heavier than a period, seek immediate medical help.

The final word

Many women tend to experience a faint positive home pregnancy test result. It may indicate various things including a pregnancy. Anyone who gets a faint positive result should wait for a few days and retake the test. Seek medical help accordingly.

Lastly, it is always the best to consult a doctor for all the questions regarding pregnancy and maternal health.



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