Can you remove a skin tag by yourself at home?

Can you remove a skin tag by yourself at home?

You may often see harmless skin-colored growths on your body. These are skin tags. Skin tags are usually painless and cause no medical complications. They only become problematic if they get an infection or cause a pain.

There are many ways to remove skin tags easily. Some of these techniques are more popular and effective then than the rest. Many skin tags shed on their own after completing a certain time. Contrary to that, some skin tags need manual removal.

If the presence of a skin tag is bothering you, you can try any home remedy to get rid of skin tags. Medical treatment of skin tags is also available if a skin tag is persistent. Only a doctor can recommend a medical treatment, no one is encouraged to try it on his own.

Many times a person wants to remove skin tag for cosmetic reasons. Even if it doesn’t cause any pain, it looks awful especially if it is in a highly visible area i.e. face.

This article will tell you a few options that you may try at home to remove skin tags. After all, it is necessary to know about all the possible options before finalizing any.

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Best home remedies for removing skin tags

First of all, you need to know about all the possible options to treat a skin tag. Following are a few methods that you may try. It is better to speak with a doctor before considering anyone from these.

Skin tag removal device

Yes, it’s a real thing. Skin tag removal kits are available at local stores and online. These kits have a device that helps to cut off the blood supply of a skin tag from the base. It uses a tiny band to do this.

Due to cutting the supply of blood to any skin tissue, even skin tag cells will die. Consequently, it will make the tag drop in a few days. It takes 7-10 days to a tag to shed, depending upon its size.

For this reason, you have to be regular in using this self-treatment of skin tags.

The string method

Another popular home remedy to remove a skin tag is by using a piece of dental floss or string. You may need a second person’s help to perform this. When the blood flow is restricted for a few days, the tag sheds off. It is necessary to tighten the string daily.

Make sure that your hands are clean. Clean the skin before tying the tag to prevent any infection.

Using a tang removal cream

There are various over the counter creams available to remove skin tags at home. These creams come in a kit, containing a solution and an applicator. One application per day is necessary to remove the skin tag.

It is better to clean the skin with an alcohol wipe before applying the cream. More than an antiseptic, it ensures the absorbance of cream by maximum level. Most of these creams may feel like a mild stinging sensation. Using it regularly will make the skin tag to dry and fall off in one to two weeks.

Use a tag freezing kit

One way to get rid of the skin tag is by using a product containing liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags. You can easily find such products at local pharmacies and drug stores.

Each product comes with complete instructions. You may need several applications on a tag to make it fall off. It takes 3-10 days for a skin tag to shed.

If you are using a product containing liquid nitrogen, make sure to apply it on affected area only. It should not reach the surrounding skin. For the safe side, use a moisturizer like petroleum jelly around the tag for protecting the surrounding skin.

Apply tea tree oil

Essential oils are a part of various home remedies especially the skin conditions. Tea tree oil is one amazing essential oil with multiple skin benefits. It is particularly helpful to remove skin tags. There is no research on this particular effect but there is anecdotal evidence of its usage.

Typically, people use 1-2 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and affix it on to the tag. For grip, you may also use a bandage. Leave this for 10-15 minutes, thrice a day. It will take weeks or maybe months for a skin tag to fall off.

It is a prolonged but easy and safe method to remove skin tags at home. Try this remedy with special caution as tea tree oil may irritate the skin. For the reason of possible risks, do not use tea tree oil directly on any body part especially around the eyes.

Use apple cider vinegar

There is a little research on the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on skin tags but it does work. Apple cider vinegar has been used in multiple skin conditions for its best effects. The user reviews also suggest ACV, a good remedy for removing skin tags at home.

To use ACV, soak a cotton ball in vinegar and set it on to the tag by using a bandage. Remove it after 10-15 minutes, thrice a day. Use it as long as the tag doesn’t shed. Do not use it if you experience extreme skin irritation and rash. Probably, this irritation is a sign of allergy.

Furthermore, do not use ACV on or around eyes, also avoid using it on the face.

Liquid iodine on skin tag

There is anecdotal evidence that suggests the use of liquid iodine to remove skin tags. Use petroleum jelly or coconut oil on to the surrounding skin of a skin tag.

Soak a Q-tip in an iodine solution and spread the liquid on the tag, carefully. Cover this area with a bandage for complete drying of iodine.

Most noteworthy is to use this method twice a day until you see the tag to fall out.

The surgical cutting

This is not recommended for personal use. Only a doctor can perform the surgical cutting of a skin tag by using a sharp blade or scissors. It is not suitable for large size skin tags for the possible risk of uncontrolled bleeding.

Use this method when skin tag has a narrow base. Make sure to sterilize the instruments before cutting the tag and afterward. A person can only perform this method at home if a doctor allows and explains this procedure to him.

Also, never cut off any skin tag on face especially around the eyes and also on sensitive body parts i.e. genitals. Seek medical assistance to remove skin tags at sensitive areas.

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You should never try home remedies if the skin tag is located on the face. The remedies are also not suitable when

  • The skin tag is large in size
  • The skin tag is long
  • It is around the eyes
  • The tag is located around the genitals
  • The tag is causing extreme pain
  • It is itching
  • the tag starts bleeding
  • Changes its shape

Above all, seek immediate medical assistance if you see anything unusual in a skin tag.

Following are some medical methods to remove skin tags.


This is a process in which skin tag is burnt. Even the most persistent skin tags take only 1-2 sessions for falling off.


In this method, a medical professional will use liquid nitrogen on the skin tag to freeze it. The skin tag dries in one or two sittings only.


This is a process in which the doctor ties the skin tag with surgical thread. It cuts the blood supply of skin tag and makes it dry.


This is the surgical removal of a skin tag through a blade. This is a cosmetic treatment. Therefore your health insurance may not cover it.




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