Instaflex- A Vital Joint Support Formula

Instaflex- A Vital Joint Support Formula

Instaflex is a dietary supplement with a joint pain relief formula. It aims at providing better joint health and motility among people who are suffering from joint aches. In addition, it promises to repair cartilage, improve flexibility and stiffness of joints regardless of the age of an individual.

Joint pain is a very common issue with people, as they age. Besides age, joint pain can also occur due to any kind of injury that may affect the tendons or ligaments. Joints’ swelling and inflammation can also occur as a result of infection. In fewer cases, sexually transmitted diseases can also cause joint irritation and immobility. Whatever the cause of the damage to the joint, it reduces the quality of life.

Instaflex is a product of Direct Digital-LLC, founded in 2009 by Brandon T. Adcock in the USA. Instaflex is designed and formulated to work on different areas of joint pain caused by various conditions.

It helps to lessen the accompanying inflammation which consequently soothes the friction between the joints. Moreover, it repairs the previous damage to the cartilage by rebuilding it even more strongly. It makes the joints more resilient for any damage expected in the future.

What does the Instaflex Formula contain?

Following are the ingredients involved in the Instaflex formulation,

Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine is a popular ingredient of various joint pain relief supplements. It is a naturally occurring chemical produced by the human body and can also be obtained from shellfish coverings. Studies reveal that glucosamine generates chemicals that support ligaments, cartilages, and tendons for healthier joint movement.

MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)

MSM is a natural source of sulfur for the human body. It is obtained from green plants and fruits. Sulfur is crucial for strengthening connective tissues in the body. People with sulfur deficiencies tend to have weaker joints.

MSM is linked to restoring tissue, reducing inflammation, and enhancing the function of your immune system. It can also benefit against problems like oral infections, constipation, hair loss, skin issues, and poor circulation. However, this compound is also anticipated to cause diarrhea, digestive issues, and an upset gut.

White Willow Bark Extract

White willow bark has been used as a painkiller for centuries. Primarily, it was used as antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic solution. It also benefits from fever, pain, and inflammation. Its long-term use can, however, cause stomach bleeding, kidney inflammation, diarrhea, skin rash, and stomach irritation.

Ginger Root Extract

Ginger has been very popular for treating nausea, motion sickness, diarrhea, colic pains, and flatulence. It also helps with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Cayenne Fruit

Cayenne fruit is rich in capsicum and helps with digestion issues, heart or blood conditions, and it’s even effective against alcoholism, toothaches, and seasickness.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric is a common spice in Asian cuisines. The main chemical responsible for turmeric’s benefits is called Curcumin. The health benefits of Curcumin are manifold. It is antioxidant in nature and can help fight inflammation and relieve joint pain. It also possesses anti-cancer properties.


It is a polyphenolic chemical constituting antioxidant properties that protect our body against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It protects our body against the kind of damage that can eventually promote cancer or heart disease.

It is mainly found in the skin of red grapes. It is thought to help diseases by fighting inflammation, lowering LDL cholesterol, and limiting the spread of cancer. In addition, it is anticipated to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and insulin resistance, which may otherwise end up causing diabetes.

Boswellia Serrata Extract

It is a resin from Indian frankincense. It is used as a traditional Indian medicine for millennia. It is currently under research by the National Institutes of Health as a potentially powerful anti-inflammatory agent.


This is a kind of type II collagen that basically makes up articular cartilage and hyaline cartilage. It fights joint pain effectively, especially during rheumatoid arthritis. Based upon a few animal trials it could be expected beneficial for osteoarthritis.

Hyaluronic Acid

It naturally occurs within the human body and is highly concentrated in eyes and joints. Hyaluronic acid is reported to work in the joints by being something of a lubricant and cushion.

Pros and Cons of Using Instaflex

The manufacturers claim the following advantages attributed to the product,

  • The formulation is promised to be 100% natural with no possible side effects.
  • The company has outlined detailed information about the ingredients involved in the formula for a better understanding and satisfaction of the customer.
  • The company offers a 14-day free trial and provides user testimonials.
  • The manufacturers state that the product has been tested under expert clinical trials and is safe to use.

The product promises no possible side effects. The manufacturers claim that the product contains all the ingredients mixed within ranges that are safe to consume. However, increasing the suggested dose without an expert advice can be hazardous. For such cases, limitations of the product must be strictly minded.

Limitations of Instaflex

  • People allergic to shellfishes must not consume the product because glucosamine, the active ingredient of the supplement, is reaped from shellfishes.
  • Pregnant, lactating, and nursing women are prohibited to consume the product as it may affect the infant’s health.
  • People with any kind of allergies or diseases, especially the ones suffering from gastritis or stomach ulcers, are strictly suggested to avoid its consumption because the product may offer possible side reactions that may harm the body.
  • People upon regular medications should consume the product in consent with their doctors or physicians.

Buying and Shipping Details for Instaflex

The product can be ordered from the official website of Instaflex. After the confirmation of the order, the product is shipped via USPS First Class Mail and Canada Post. The product reaches the customers’ place within 5 working days. Orders placed at weekends are shipped on the very next Monday.

Shipping charges start from $5 and additional taxes may also be included in necessary conditions. The official site claims to ship to P.O boxes too. In case of any query regarding the order the customer services department is free to contact.

The site suggests placing your order online at as it is easy, secure, and quick. Payment can be done via Master card, Visa, Discover, and American Express etc. Cash payments aren’t accepted online.

If the customer isn’t fully satisfied with the product, the officials guarantee a full refund. The customer is simply asked to attain an RMA number from the customer services department and send back the unused portion of the product for a full refund.

However, the shipping and processing charges are non-refundable. The testimonials featured on the webpage of the product are promised to be from real people who have actually used the product.


Instaflex dietary supplement is an expert designed formula for aching joints. It promises no possible side effects. The official site contains sufficient information regarding the composition of the product, shipping procedure, and refund policies ensuring customer satisfaction.

The product must not be expected to give the desired results overnight. The scientific evidence indicates that most of the users have noticed a substantial improvement after four weeks of using the product.

However, the site suggests a regular consumption of the product for a minimum span of three months for better results. A health care practitioner must be consulted before and during the use of the product. A healthy diet and regular exercise can also bring about better and healthier results.






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