Why Should You Keep A Pet At Home?

Why Should You Keep A Pet At Home?

Numerous people across the globe own a pet for many different reasons. Not only do house pets help a person have fun but are also proven to decrease stress and anxiety. In fact, there are now many studies which corroborate the health benefits of owning a pet.

The unconditional acceptance which your pet can initiate can help you in many ways. The bonding and companionship are not only between owner and pet but it also influences other decisions of owner’s life.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Having a Pet?

When it comes to pets, a person can keep one in accordance with his/her preference even though the majority of the people have cats or dogs. Birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and horses are also some of the most loved animals.

Why Should You Keep A Pet At Home?

Following are some of the advantages of keeping a pet:

Pets maintain your cholesterol level

Sounds unbelievable right? The truth is that if you pet a dog, the daily walk which is mandatory for every pet will actually help you too. Pets, mainly dogs, and some cats need a daily walk too. Taking them out for a walk will also make you walk and in this way, it will make your body work better.

The pet owners which regularly take out their pet for the walk are known to have significantly low triglyceride levels. Remember it will only be there if you take your pets out by yourself. Hiring or requesting someone else to do it for you doesn’t give you this benefit. So, it’s better to start doing it now, if you aren’t doing it before.

Pets relax you from stress

Pets and relaxation may sound contradictory. Imagine the daily struggle when you have to run behind your pet for food or to give him a bath. It may look like an extra work that you do, other than the regular work.

In reality, it works the other way. Your presence in the same room with your pet initiates a calming effect. The relation between owner and pet is more like a companionship. Even looking at your pet will release a neurotransmitter oxytocin which makes you relax.

The second hormone to release is cortisol which reduces the stress generally. These two chemicals show evident effects on the owner of pets as compared to the people which don’t have any pet.

Pets can maintain your blood pressure

Blood pressure and pets are way too opposite of each other. But petting a fluffy little one will reduce your blood pressure. In this way, your pet will feel loved and show happiness. You will be having a controlled blood pressure. Ever thought that pets can help this way?

Pets are your fitness boosters

Another indirect benefit is that pets are usually considered as friends and not owned animals. For example, a dog is known as the best companion of man. If you are walking your dog, the benefit of this walk is not just for the dog but you too.

Walking only the average time per day makes you more active and metabolically strong. Consider the dog walking as a physical workout which is mild by nature. It’s not that this benefit will eventually hit you. It takes time but it surely benefits.

Pets reduce the risk of heart attacks

Now combine all up listed benefits together and guess where it takes you. A lower cholesterol, low blood pressure and physical activeness are a big save from all heart-related diseases particularly heart attack.

Pets help in pain control

Feeling a terrible pain is common these days. It could be a day to a daily headache or a chronic disease like pain. Luckily, your pet will benefit you in many ways. Petting the animals at home releases endorphins which are strong painkillers.

It suggests that if you are spending time with your pets, they will make sure to make you happy and this whole period will be pain-free. It is even helpful in post-surgical pain. Pets are stress relievers and a great distraction.

Once you are with them, you are less likely to think about something else. For this reason, some medical therapies also involve pets in them.

Pets reduce allergies

We bet that you have surely didn’t know this one before. The general concept with pets is that they can give you allergy. On the other side, if you had a pet in your childhood, it will prevent the risk of your allergies in later ages.

Infants, when they exposed to pets, are less likely to have severe allergies after growing up. The reason is that immunity is strongest in the earliest days. The body is in a way making itself to activate.

In such a situation if there is an allergen as pets are usually carriers of allergens, it will be a part of the body. By the time, it will be less reactive and eventually nonreactive at some stage.

Pets can sense your behavioral changes

No one may believe this but if you are happy or sad, your pet will know it. They can’t understand or speak to you, you can’t discuss your problems with them. But they can sense when you are happy or not happy at all.

Pets are even capable of sensing the health changes in their pets. For example, if the owner of a pet is diabetic, their pet can sense the plummeting blood sugar levels. It is even before their owners can even feel it.

When the sugar lowers down, ketoacidosis is more likely to happen. It changes the way your breath smells and pets are very sensitive to fragrances. Talking about the dogs, they are a lot more intelligent than what you think of them.

Pets improve your relationships

Remember the unconditional love, support, and happiness which your pet gives to you? That is the biggest example of living conditions free an affectionate relationship. People are more likely to develop a bonding with the pets which influence their relations too.

The care which you give to your pet teaches you that every person in relation to you needs your attention, love, and care. The response which your pet gives to you is an example of how much happiness an unconditional relation can give someone.

Pets prevent depression

Do you get sad or unhappy too often? Feel like isolated from the world? It’s not the medicines but a pet that you need the most. People which have pets are less likely to fall for chronic diseases like depression.

The activities with pets make you relax and it also removes the bad things about life from your mind. It boosts self-esteem and reduces the stress levels. It also improves the mood and maintains it for long.

Why Should You Keep A Pet At Home?

Pets maintain a healthy family life

If you have a family dog, it is expected to have him with the whole family. Whether you take out your family on a picnic or simply define duties to feed the pet, in all ways it is a good thing. It improves your family life.

Pets are a bridge between you and your family. You can teach your kids how to take care of someone associated to them. You can set the example of why do they need to spend time outdoors if their pet needs outdoor time too. There are many such examples.


Besides, living with a pet brings health and relaxation both to the owner. In possible ways, it is helpful to make your life better and peaceful.


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