How To Control Sebum Production?

How To Control Sebum Production?

Oily skin is probably one big problem for every woman who has to go out and work. Even men are a victim of it but sadly they don’t get as much attention as oily skin problem is highlighted for women.

Oily skin is a result of excessive sebum production by sebaceous glands in your skin. Sebum is the waxy substance, which you feel on your skin after some time. However, it is not a normal quantity that you see. The only purpose of sebum production is to hydrate the skin.

Sebum production is a sign of healthy skin. But if this sebum production is more than normal, it may lead to oily skin. The oily skin brings issues like acne, clogged pores, pimples and much more.

The only way to deal with an oily skin is by following a proper skin care. There are actually a lot of ways one can control the sebum production on the skin or even prevent that from happening in the first place including some of the ways listed below.

How To Control Sebum Production?

What Are the Symptoms Of Oily Skin?

How to know that your skin is oily is a common question. The obvious symptoms of oily skin are a shiny looking face, often seeing clogged pores and frequent pimple outbreak. You are most likely to see the following signs.

  • Greasy skin, especially after waking up in morning
  • Huge size, obvious pores on the skin
  • Rough skin
  • Clogged Pores
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples that never go
  • Acne

It is indeed a trouble finding makeup and skincare products that match the oily skin. When you use skin products for normal skin on an oily skin, it mixes up with sebum and gives you a rough, patchy and unhealthy skin.

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These symptoms may show up in less or high severity in different people. Genetics is also a factor of having oily skin.

Other factors such as hormones, stress, food, and lifestyle also increase the sebum production by the facial skin.

How Can You Prevent Oily Skin Naturally?

There is no treatment for oily skin. There is no medicine or cream that will change your skin type because technically it is not possible. There are only some helpful ways, which reduce the symptoms of oily skin. Here is what you can control the extra oil face:

Frequently wash your face

Cleaning is probably the best way to remove all the dirt, debris and dust from the skin. For oily skin, things are a little different. You have to make sure that you are following a good daily skincare routine.

Start your day by washing your face with a gentle soap and warm water. Do not use soaps that have extra fragrances, moisturizers or other chemicals. They may irritate the skin and make it oilier.

Don’t get trapped by the commercials of beauty products. Do not use loofahs, washcloths, facial sponges or anything that creates friction to the skin. It will make the sebum to be produced more.

Do not use skin care products that say, “suits all skin types’. No, no product suits all skin types. You should only be using a product that comes with “oil control formula” labeling. Also, try to use skincare products that have any of the following ingredients.

  • salicylic acid-glycolic acid
  • beta-hydroxy acid
  • benzoyl peroxide

It is better to try a new product on a small patch of the skin, before using it on the face. These ingredients may irritate your skin. So, it is better to do the patch test first.

Always use a toner

Never thought toner was that important? Well, it is. Astringent toners are those that have alcohol in it. It dries the skin. Many skincare products use a natural astringent such as witch hazel.

These astringent agents are soothing for skin. It makes the inflammation under control and for an oily skin, toning the skin after cleansing is a MUST DO.

These skin toners also work on skin pores. They make the appearance of the pores smaller and remove the tiny bits of leftover makeup if it is left on the skin.

You have to find a toner that works for your skin. Not everything works for everyone. Some people find toner with natural ingredients better than chemically made ones.

Like other skin care products, make a patch test of your selected toner before using it regularly on the face.

Do not use a towel on face

It is a common practice that we dry the face after washing with a towel. But, ideally, you should be only using a pat dry method and not rub anything on the skin. Be it a bath towel or a hand towel; use a softer texture like a wipe or tissue paper to dry the skin.

Pat the skin carefully; if you pull down on the skin with a roughly textured towel, you may stimulate the skin to make more sebum. The result will be the same oily face with additional quantity.

 Do not wipe unnecessarily 

Wiping your skin is an involuntary response when you have oily skin. The realization of this fact that your skin needs an oil clear every now and then initiates this urge of wiping it.

Do not wipe the skin without a need. In any case, you can switch to specially designed blotting papers for oily skin. These blotting papers handle the extra oil with care without causing a friction to it. It makes your skin look less shiny which is common if you have oily skin.

You can also try the medicated cloth pads that are infused with Salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These are cleansing agents that may help to remove excess oil through the day. It also keeps the pores clean and makes your skin dirt free.

 Try using facial masks on skin

Using a facial mask is beneficial for skin. There are many masks that treat oily skin. Use them once a day and your skin oil will be under control. You should select a mask that has any of the following ingredients in it.

  • Clay
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal
  • Aloe vera

Don’t forget to moisturize daily

It is a common misperception that oily skin doesn’t require a moisturizer. The idea of moisturizing the skin when it is already producing the high amount of sebum may give you an impression that it will make your skin greasy.

Well, for oily skin, a special type of moisturizer is available that comes with “oil free moisturizer”. It makes the skin moist without making it any greasy. Alternately, you can use natural products like aloe vera to moisturize your skin.

How To Control Sebum Production?

Can You Control Sebum Production?

Oily skin has two major reasons. One is the inborn capacity which directly links it with genetics. Other is due to certain factors such as hormones, stress, environment etc.

The best way to prevent your skin from becoming oily is by following a consistent skincare routine. When skin starts to produce extra oil, you can always control it with simple life hacks.

Try to use water-based skin products particularly makeup. Drink plenty of water, follow a healthy food routine and make your life stress free. All these small things work like wonder for oily skin.


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