How To Maximize Your Caloric Burn While Sleeping?

How To Maximize Your Caloric Burn While Sleeping?

The human body is another name for the entire structure of a human being. It is formed by many different types of cell which combine to form tissues and organs. The viability of the body is dependent on the organs systems present inside it including endocrine system, immune system, digestive system, and circulatory system.

There are many interesting facts about the human body. One of the most interesting things about it is that maintains proper functioning of its system even when the rest of the body is on rest.

In addition, another thing you might not know is the human body is even capable of burning calories while you are sleeping!

In fact, the body burns calories, especially during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage. During sleep, the glucose metabolism increases leading to a heightened rate of caloric burn. The longer you sleep, the more calories you burn.

How To Maximize Your Caloric Burn While Sleeping?

How to determine the calories you burn?

There are a number of factors, which matter when we talk about this calorie calculation. For a person who weights for 125 pounds, per hour calorie burning is roughly 38. Now that if the person sleeps for seven or ten hours per day, just multiply 38 with 7 or 10 or any number which shows total sleeping hours. That is what you lose while sleeping.

The experts believe that this is absolutely healthy. This calorie burn depends on the person’s body weight. Those who weight heavier may burn more than those who weight loss. For some people, this calorie burning is sometimes near to 45-50, which is more than amazing.

Two questions often pop up in people’s mind after reading this. The first one is how is this entire process calculated while the second is who can calculate it

The process, which digests food and burns the calories is called metabolism. It is the same process, which turns food into storage particles full of energy.

This energy is used to perform a number of activities, which you do in routine. For example, there are a number of processes which are working 24*7. They include breathing, blood circulation etc. these functions cost energy.

How to calculate calories?

One parameter to check the metabolic rate of a person is through basal metabolic rate (BMR). It is a figurative representation of calories, which you burn in each day. It includes those calories that are burnt in sleeping, resting, sitting or standing.

You can calculate the BMR by using your personal information and putting it into a formula. This is very much similar to math problems that we all used to solve at school. For BMR calculation, you need information about age, weight, gender, height etc.

Here is the formula, which you need to use.

For men

66 + (6.2 x weight) + (12.7 x height) – (6.76 x age) = BMR value

For women

655.1 + (4.35 x weight) + (4.7 x height) – (4.7 x age) = BMR value

Note that the formula is different for men and women. It is because they have different body types and calculations.

You can easily put values into this formula and solve it for yourself. The BMR value if high will tell you that you are losing more calories while sleeping and resting. If this amount is low, it means your calorie loss is less.

Generally, men are likely to shed more calories than women. Even if their weight is the same, men will be losing more calories. The reason is that men have a high muscular mass, which enables them to lose more calories.

What affects the calories that you burn?

There are certain factors, which altogether govern this calorie loss process. If you want to enhance your metabolism, you can easily do it. As per the latest research, it is now possible for you to control your caloric loss.

When you are sleep deprived or not sleeping well, it may lead to the weight gain. In this case, the risk of obesity increases by the maximum. Inside the body, it is caused by an increase in a hormone called cortisol.

When cortisol levels inside the body increase, the body’s capacity to retain fat is also increased. You hold extra fat than what you should originally have. It will also affect your appetite and slow your metabolism.

What you can do in this regard is to take care of your food and lifestyle choices. You may like to adapt to such steps, which will make these risks minimal.

Some of the common things which you might want to keep in mind are as follows:

Eating late and metabolism

One common myth that you come across is that eating at late hours can lower down your metabolism. Thermogenesis is the process, which governs this heat loss and energy expenditure.

People say this but eating after 8 has no significant effect on your weight gain. If you eat late, it will not magically make you gain weight. It’s only that eating at late hours may cause trouble sleeping because your stomach is full.

Exercise with strength training

A daily exercise is necessary but if you incorporate strength training into it, you will burn more calories. It works even when you are sleeping. If you become hyperactive after exercise, try to fix your workout hours several hours before you sleep.

Lose weight to increase metabolism

You will probably notice that when you shed a few pounds, your appetite patterns change. The truth is that when you lose weight, it boosts your metabolism.

Being overweight decreases your metabolism, which further causes the weight gain. Lose weight if you want your metabolism to speed up.

Caffeine can also boost metabolism

Most of the people feel very energetic after taking caffeine. It is because caffeine can also cause metabolism boost but it is not permanent and ends up after some time.

It doesn’t put any result for the long term and permanent weight loss. Also, it affects the sleeping patterns. It is not recommended to use coffee before going to the bed.

How To Maximize Your Caloric Burn While Sleeping?

Do not use metabolic boosting supplements

There are many brands, which manufacture metabolism booster supplements. They are marketed to be working best but you should not trust anything that you see. They may not work at all or cause side effects. Consult your doctor before you plan on taking any of such supplements.

Keep a record of your medical history

There are a few health conditions that may affect your metabolic rate. For example, if you have thyroid problems, it may affect your weight gain and weight loss. Also, you may experience an abnormal calorie burn rate.

You need to keep a track of your medical conditions if you want your weight and calorie loss to be accurate.

What Else Should You Keep In Mind? 

The human body works all the times, day and night. Information like you burn calories while you sleep doesn’t mean that it is a weight loss strategy. You can use it for losing weight if you are becoming overweight.

You need to watch our your food intake, food choices and exercise strategy for losing weight. Any vigorous activity of one hour is sufficient to make you healthy. Try to follow the regular sleeping hours along with these up listed steps.


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