Is Depression Life Threatning?

Is Depression Life Threatning?

Suicide, the word caught your attention, didn’t it? Depression is a very serious mental health problem that can lead to suicidal thoughts and attempts. There are many causes of death in the United States and suicide is placed at number ten in the list. Approximately 44 thousand people commit suicide each and every year in America. In this, 25 more people try unsuccessful suicide attempts which not only deteriorates their mental health but also their physical health.

If someone loses interest in their activities they used to enjoy and feel sad for more than 2 weeks he might be going through depression. A person facing depression will face difficulty in their daily life. Approximately in America 16.2 million people face depression at least at one point in their life. Here is a rundown of 6 health effects of untreated depression.

Health Effects of Untreated Depression

When a person goes through the phase of depression he may face different physical and mental symptoms. This can make you go through other issues which can affect your health badly, it includes:

1. Sleeping Problems

One of the health issues a person can face is the sleeping problem. It makes difficult for one to take a continuous sleep, this condition is called insomnia. He will often wake up during night and will experience an irregular sleeping pattern or he may sleep too much.

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The person may not able to have a sound sleep and see nightmares leaving him feeling terrified, stressed and upset when he wakes up. It will not only affect your energy level but also your performance at school or your workplace.

2. Feeling Lethargic or Lack of Energydepression thoughtsHe will feel like that performing even a simple task is taking a lot of energy whether it is brushing your teeth or pouring cereal in the bowl. You may also feel tired after having a complete night sleep. These things will make you lazy as a result making it difficult for you to manage things. This can also put you at risk of other health conditions.

3. Eating Issues

Going through depression make you have weight loss by decreasing one’s appetite. While some people become very specific and their cravings for certain types of increases like chocolates or ice cream. By easing your sadness it helps you to feel comfortable. The negative side of this eating issue is that it will lead you to obesity.

4. Physical Problems

You may go through different physical problems which are unexplainable. These physical problems may include:

• Colds
• Heart palpitations
• Chest pains
• Flu
• Digestive problems
• Pain
• No sexual desire
• Upset stomach
• Increased heart beating
• Muscle tension
• Nausea
• Lightheadedness
• Headaches

5. Drug and Alcohol Issues

Some people for getting comfort and for easing their symptoms choose alcohol and drugs. You can develop addiction towards alcohol and drugs. This addiction can leave you alone in a variety of problems.

6. Suicide Attempts
suicideIt is one of the serious issues and to resolve the problem it should be discussed either with your family member or any friend. You can also contact the suicide prevention lifeline – 800-273-82555

How to Overcome Depression?

If you have recently observed any of the symptoms of depression in yourself immediately contact your doctor to receive the treatment and save your life. However, depression may make you think that it is not worthy to take any kind of treatment. But always remember the fact that the sooner you start the treatment, the greater are the chances for you to get better.

Treatment can reduce the mental and physical symptoms plus will increase the chances of your survival. Your doctor may suggest you seek help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Following are the common ways to treat depression.

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy is a long-term treatment for depression. In this kind of treatment, the person talks to the doctor about his health condition and causes of depression.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy are the two approaches of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is done on face to face basis with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In this new tech world, you can also receive the treatment online or on a phone call. The health care provider will suggest you the therapy by keeping your condition in mind. The targets of psychotherapy include:

• Making you feel satisfied with yourself and by your life.
• Helping you to adjust in the crises situations in a healthy way.
• Setting more realistic motives and life goals.
• Making you think positively about your relationships and the life experiences.
• Lowering down the depression symptoms both mental and physical.
• Replacing your negative thoughts with the positive ones.
• Dealing with the problems in a healthier way.

2. Medication
i cant do itSome of the people do not find their treatment in therapies. In this case, they go for prescribed medications. The main target of these medications is to reduce down the symptoms of depression so that the patient is able to reply back the therapies in a positive way. Some of the very common prescribed medications include:

• Tricyclic antidepressants- TCAs
• Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors- SSRIs
• Monoamine oxidase inhibitors- MAOIs
• Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors- SNIRs
• Mood stabilizers or antipsychotics

3. Hospitalization

Mental programmes held at the hospital may prove to be helpful for many of the people who have a debilitating depression or for the ones who tried to commit suicide. Depression can be managed. It is a chronic condition and only needs a treatment to get in control. In some of the cases depression may never leave them but sticking to the treatment plan will help them to gain tools to live a healthier life.

Opting healthy life choices like leaving drugs and alcohol, following a balanced and a healthy diet can help you to overcome the symptoms of depression. Exercise also plays a main role in lowering your stress level. Do not feel ashamed and scared to ask for help because maybe this help can bring a huge difference in your life.

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