Is Dyeing Hair Safe?

Is Dyeing Hair Safe?

While looking in the mirror, people often tend to notice what they consider ‘imperfections’ in their minds and always think about how they would look much better if they could change a thing or two about their appearance.

Fortunately, due to the rise in consumerist demands, there have been various products that can help people undergo minor procedures that do not take that long but make a drastic change in their overall look.

You or someone you know has probably got they hair dyed, the worn lens of the color of choice, has had a spa treatment such as re-bonding for straight hair or a perm and other similar processes.

Have you also noticed how much better they look not because of the treatment but because of the added confidence?

It is true that you act much better with confidence when you feel attractive. With confidence boosts such as these, people tend to notice you more and hence, you appear beautiful.

The real secret behind what you perceive as an ‘improved look’ is this newly gained feel-good sentiment.

However, not all the people can do such things to change their appearance and be satisfied with at least one of the things they wanted to change. There can be various reasons for this inability in people to get what they want.

The most common problem in people not being able to make the change they want is that it would go out of the budget. Many of the treatments required for such alterations in appearance can cost a lot of money.

For example, spa treatments are generally pricey and the ones in demand are one of the most expensive. A lot of women desire straight hair or beautiful perm hair. Both of them require treatments you would choose to get at a high-end spa because you would not want any risks.

Another problem is once you get such treatments done, maintenance costs additional money. There is most likely going to be an expensive hair products range to be used after the treatment which would have shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair creams and more in it.

You would even have to get a re-touch your hair grows out because the new hair is obviously not going to be naturally like the spa-treated ones. This is also the case with hair dyes even though they are really common.

Is Dyeing Hair Safe?

Most of the people want to dye their hair as early as in middle school and they start with cheap home dyes. Later, people who continue to like dyed hair switch to spas for better color application and to try out the many styles.

Another problem that comes with hair dye is that cheap products are too harsh on the hair. They can damage your hair greatly, making them rough and dry as soon as you put the dye on them. Spa-dyes can be damaging too, but only if you do not take care of them.

Taking care of dyed hair, as mentioned before, can be as pricey and take a lot of effort. You might even need other treatments with it, such as monthly protein treatments or sometimes a re-glossing of the hair.

So, what do you do in a situation like this?

Most of the people will say either risk the damage that comes from dying hair at home or the unpredicted look in case you are using expensive dyes or be ready to spend some money on looking the way you want to.

This may be true if you want particular changes in your hair. For example, if you want to have the look ombre gives off, you most probably need a spa treatment or a harsh hair dye and bleach to cut down your natural hair color first. The former is preferred over the later usually in such occasions.

However, if you are looking to gradually change the color of your hair using inexpensive and harmless methods, you can do it really easily at home.

If you want to lighten the shade of your hair or get natural highlights, you do not really need to buy a dye or rush to the nearest spa.

Is Dyeing Hair Safe?

How To Lighten Your Hair At Home?

A lot of people will try to convince you that the only way to dye your hair and bring it a shade down or get beautiful highlights is either get it done at a spa, do it yourself at home with a hair dye or get it over with from a comparatively less-expensive, local parlor.

This is not true. Even if you have jet-black hair, there are lots of ways to bring it down to a dark brown.

The results may not be as instant as they are when you get a hair dye, but they will appear over time. If you are a patient person, these methods are right for you.

Additionally, a plus point is the ways you can lighten your hair color naturally at home are not dangerous at all compared to the dyeing ways at spas, parlors and even to your self-dye attempt using any kind of dyes whether they are heavy on the pock or not.

Some of the ways you can lighten your hair include:

Lemon Water

If you have ever looked up ways to get rid of a tan or lighten out dark spots from the skin, you have probably come across the mention of using lemon or lemon water.

Why? Because lemon naturally has lightening properties that can work on the skin as well as the hair.

In order to lighten your hair using lemon, dilute the amount of lemon juice you have in accordance with the length of your hair with an equal amount of water.

Spray the mixture in a bottle and spray it all over your hair. This method works really well for people with medium brown and blonde hair.

Wash after one 1-2 hour. Make sure to not go out into the sun for a good 3-4 hours of applying and washing lemon water.


You have probably heard of instant results of hydrogen peroxide on the color of hair. This is one home remedy that will give you visible results within 2-3 applications. Mix equal amounts of peroxide and water. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and wash it off.

This method works on all hair colors, even the very dark brown and black ones although it might not give desired results as fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most effective ways to not only lighten hair but give them reddish highlights is using vinegar. Along with its many other benefits, it can make a big difference in your hair.

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and way. Apply and let it stay for 30-40 minutes for maximum results.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has been used for many years as a natural hair softener and lightener because it gives visible results after 2-3 applications. All you need to do is brew a really strong cup of chamomile tea and apply for 40 minutes at least.

Dry it out in the sun and repeat the procedure two times a week. You can also apply the tea to individual strands for highlights in hair.

Is Dyeing Hair Safe?


This is one of the most used methods in South Asia to lighten hair and give it reddish hues. Henna will darken your hair if you have light brown or blonde hair, so this method is only good for dark brown and black hair people.

Add about 3tbsp of Henna powder to a ½ cup of boiling water. Let it sit for 10-12 hours overnight. Apply it properly to all portions of hair. Repeat once a week for quick results.

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