How To Clear Acne Naturally?

How To Clear Acne Naturally?

One of the vital indicators of the human body’s proper functioning and health is the skin. People who maintain a clean diet typically have clear, glowing skin.

On the contrary, people who suffer from constant acne attacks have a diet filled with calorie-ridden, sugary Carbohydrates with no nutritional value.

Such folks complain about not being able to get presentable skin no matter how hard they try. In circumstances such as these perpetually switching anti-acne product ranges, getting expensive spa treatments or using over-the-counter pimple ointments hardly ever works.

Usually, the effects are temporary and wear off over the course of a few weeks or cause more harm to the skin. Inflammation and burning sensations in the skin are among the most prominent signs that the product is too harsh.

This common problem is prevalent among all age groups around the world. A person is more likely to have an acne attack during the start of adolescence which continues in accordance with the person’s skin care routine as well as diet.

The ultimate solution to this is a routine comprised of healthy food intake and natural ways to avoid the possibility of pimples or whiteheads instead of using chemical filled products. Such a lifestyle can keep the skin safe from any type of acne as well as treat it with its scars.

As a result, the body will function properly with beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Overall health improvement is an anticipated effect alongside an attractive appearance.

What Causes Acne Attacks?

Acne comes in many forms and each has various reasons behind it. The most common one in the typology is because of the negligence of proper cleansing of the skin. The dirt and pollution from going outdoors, especially in urban cities clog the pores of the skin.

Consequently, excessive oil is produced to safeguard the skin from the poisonous substances in the air. But too much oil makes room for bacteria to grow and the whole procedure eventually leads to pimples appearing randomly throughout the areas on the face.

With a busy life that requires several trips outdoors, stress and hormone levels are likely to fluctuate which is also a source of one kind of acne, specifically known as hormonal acne.

This particular acne mostly requires additional effort than the other acne as it is termed as the severest.

Hormonal shifts are one of the causes why women possess a higher chance of these skins attacks in comparison with men. Acne in girls occurs and continues due to menstruation cycle as well as menopause in the older age groups of women.

Unbalanced hormones combined with poor diets with low nutritional intake disrupts the normal body functioning. In this case, taking medications or even extra vitamins does not help. In fact, certain medicines can even increase acne.

Birth control pills, androgens, lithium or any type of steroid can affect the skin negatively. Similarly, harsh topical creams and ointments may work for some but usually worsen the acne. This is why it is always important to not use just any medication or formulas.

Giving your body and skin some rest is equally significant. Therefore, sleep can be a big factor in determining your chances of getting an acne attack.

In accordance with a study published in Archives of Dermatological research, sleeping is compulsory for the body and skin to heal. So whether one is lowering risks of bad health and skin or recovering, a good amount of sleep is fundamental.

Lastly, some people are naturally more prone to acne due to genetics. Skin problems and skin sensitivity that can lead to acne are a part of the family for a good number of people. Anything as minor as taking a call from another person’s mobile phone can irritate the skin.
get rid of acne fast
How Do You Get Rid Of Acne?

Getting rid of acne can be a tough job, but not an impossible one. Simple steps, if followed each day can clear the severest of acne, taking a maximum of 3-6 months time period in cases of chronic acne whereas mild or less harsh acne can be treated in weeks at home with the following ways:

  •  Daily cleansing

    The first step in getting a clear, healthy glow is setting a daily routine of cleaning the skin thoroughly. A lot of people may say they already do this, but the important item here is the cleanser that is being used by the person.Acne makes skin sensitive and oily. Companies with their harsh, chemical-ridden products often have special acne ranges which guarantee the clearance of acne within a given time span. These can be found at any local drugstore or medical store and they do work.

    People do get results from these products at the specified time but the problem is they are temporary.

    A few weeks into the results, the acne comes back in a worse form often accompanied by burning and itching sensations on the skin.

    Here, the part of gentle cleansers comes in. Instead of opting for the expensive, spa-recommended products, it is better to use products that are more natural and free from chemicals such as Formaldehyde, PEG compounds, and mercury that can cause irritation as well as other health issues.

    Read the list at the back of every product that names all the chemicals used in it. Opt for nature-based, organic or herbal skin appropriate for all skin types and acne due to its use of little or no chemicals.

    Making a habit of cleansing skin with a good cleanser will make acne vanish in no time.

  • Invest in healing masks and exfoliating creams

    Masks and exfoliating creams are available everywhere with different kinds of ranges. Using a daily mask is good for normal skin that is not suffering from acne. For acne-prone skin, use a mask that requires a weekly application.These masks are stronger but not harsh. While reading lists at the back are good before buying any skin-related product, masks usually have a wider range of chemical-free products for types of skins.

    Masks for combination skin are recommended over the ones specifically for sensitive skin or oily skin because the former may ineffective and the latter too harsh.

    Exfoliating, on the other hand, can be done with most of the products due to the fact it’s only required once in two weeks for the acne-sensitive skin. The only thing to keep in check when exfoliating is whether it is irritating the skin.

    People suffering from chronic-acne sometimes respond negatively to all exfoliating creams. The most common symptoms of this are the light physical pain experienced during the process, bleeding and itching. Discontinue exfoliating generally if this happens.

  •  Reduce chances of bacteria attack with changes in diet

    Healthy eating is essential to solving the majority of the problems related to any function of the body. Lowering sugar and fat intake can cause drastic changes.

    Binge-eating on oily food such as potato crisps, packaged snacks or sugar-loaded candies and drinks is what causes acne on the forehead in young adults.

    Food loaded with zinc such as yogurt, chicken, fish, and kefir can help in treating acne. Lower-zinc levels can induce or intensify acne according to researchers. Stubborn,  reoccurring acne is an indicator of low zinc levels.

    Incorporating green and herbal teas can greatly improve health in many ways as well as conditions of any acne as they balance hormonal and blood-sugar levels. Studies have shown Tulsi tea and Holy Basil tea can be effectively used to relieve pains and burning sensations associated with acne.

    In addition, these teas can be applied directly to the skin as an alternative to store-bought toners that are not suggested to be used on acne-prone skin unless they are considered mild.

Home Remedies For Acne
Home Remedies For Acne

Homemade masks and cleansers often come with the best results and no side effects which are why most people use them especially in cases of mild acne. The following is needed for a simple, homemade mask:

  • ½ tablespoon of Cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey
  • 1 tablespoon of YogurtMix all ingredients and apply for 15 minutes. The mask can be used every day as it is natural. Before the application, make sure your skin is not sensitive to cinnamon by applying a small amount on your arm as many people are allergic to it.For a homemade, mild cleanser the items are:
  • 1 and ½  tablespoon of Honey
  • 1 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

Blend all ingredients and cleanse in the morning and at night before sleeping every day. For best results, combine both the remedies for 2 weeks along with a clean diet consisting of aforementioned items. Adopting such a routine will not only improve skin but the health generally.

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