Replace Your Common Drinks With Detox Water

Hydration is deemed as a compulsory part of a good health by researchers across the world for getting the body rid of the toxic materials and maintain a normal body temperature.

As the significance of water is agreed upon by most authorities, the accumulation of contaminants has become a big issue regardless of the water intake.

The changes in the modern day diets such as the increased addition of sugary Carbohydrates, bad cholesterol causes an amassing of harmful substances that can cause Kidney, Liver, and muscle complications.

Detoxification therapies have been introduced and popularized over the recent years due to its capability to tackle the modern day diet issues as well as its added benefits.

Not only do they reduce bloating and inflammation in the body but cleanses vital organs such as the Liver. A rising number of people choose to have a monthly appointment with their nutritionist and doctors to have a complete flush out of toxins.

However, affordability of such procedures causes difficulties for a number of people. Therefore, homemade detox drinks or infused water have been used as an effective and much cheaper alternative.

They are often simple to make and come with a variety of options in vegetables and fruits. Hence, the incorporation of such drinks in everyday diets is becoming a common choice.

Are Detox Drinks a Healthier Substitute?

Detoxification of the body was viewed as a lengthy, mundane process or an expensive therapy. Most of the people went for the former one due to high expenses of the latter and some unpopular claims against professional detoxifying techniques.

Clean eating or complete water diets were an essential part of the detoxification procedure.

The problem with this was the repeated consumption of the same limited foods as well as the continuous two days water diets that had the opposite effect instead of the anticipated one.

Most of such diet shifts failed because of increased hunger, cravings out of boredom or the unavailability of the ingredients to be taken in the restricted clean diets.

Where detoxification therapies still remain unaffordable for most people, detox drinks provide a way to cleanse bodies and enjoy the everyday food.

Different types of infused waters can be used to tackle any problems regarding boredom of the taste buds. In fact, many of the recipes are termed as delicious and refreshing by people.

In addition, these drinks can be made with ingredients that are easily found at local grocery shops or are usually present in households, such as Apple Cider vinegar, Spinach or Lemon.

They can be easily made, taking no more than 15 minutes and the least amount of effort to rinse out potential toxins giving a better mental and physical health.

Whether one chooses to drink them at home or carry to work or school, it is comparatively easier to make this lifestyle shift in comparison with other suggested way to detoxify bodies with the same amount of effort required to drink water in everyday busy life.

Tasks as simple as this are not only bound to avoid major health issues but improve the effects of intoxicant intake such which commonly are:

  • Bloating and weight gain
  • Stomach and digestion problems
  • Lack of concentration and mood swings
  • Food cravings
  • Low energy levels
  • Fatigues and aches

While most of these signs are not taken seriously in the beginning, they can lead to serious health issues. Detoxification drinks provide a healthy alternative to not the therapies and strict diets, but to normal water to keep up with the ever-increasing number of dietary changes.

Clean Functioning of the Body

Pollutants in the body come from a number of sources including the foods which are labeled as healthy due to the way they are cultivated.

The use of pesticides and fertilizers leaves traces of chemicals that remain even after the fruits or vegetables are continuously washed. Secondly, environmental issues have not only polluted the air that is exhaled but the water as well.

As a result, heavy metals such as lead are present in many areas’ normal tap water. These substances are then stored in cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Such build-up of toxins is sometimes the reason behind disease-free people with constant poor health.

Studies conducted by various institutes have shown that people adding detoxification drinks have led to better health and a decrease in the amalgamation of heavy metals in the body.

They are not only responsible for independently cleaning the body and organs but also boost up the body’s own mechanism of dealing with toxins.

An example of it can be the accelerated Liver detoxification capacity with the rise of Sulfate to Creatinine ratio and other linked organ functions. These detox drinks are safe and cheap compared to renowned detoxification procedures of individual organs such as Colon detoxifying which are recently claimed to do more harm than good.


An advance in the digestive system by detox drinks does not only lead to a lesser buildup of contaminants in the Intestines but lessen chances of swelling followed by certain types of food in the diet.

Such inflammations otherwise are linked to digestive diseases and poor health like Gastritis and types of digestive track blockages.

Cooling ingredients such as strawberries, cucumbers even aid in fighting Ulcers in the food and deal with sudden temperatures shifts, for instance after a spice-rich meal, lessening burning sensations and gas in the stomach.

Weight Maintenance

It is no surprise that the ingredients usually used in detox drinks are linked to higher metabolism and digestive accelerating.

Not only do they fasten the whole process of digestion in the body, but certain ingredient categories such as citrus fruits like the grapefruit comprises of enzymes responsible for effective digestion of sugars.

Additionally, these infused drinks tend to lessen the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol as many of the items used in the procedure are ones prescribed to people suffering from high levels of uric acid and cholesterol.

A daily habit of detox water can facilitate people with weight or digestive related issues as well as avoid any excessive weight gain.

Studies have demonstrated that such changes are helpful even in the long run since many other diseases are avoided that come with old age especially when the process of digestion becomes less efficient.

The inclusion of detox water is now frequently advised in the prerequisites for better health to middle age groups in order to maintain the body.

Better Concentration and Work Performance

Since the constituents of detox drinks are likely to improve organ performance, especially the Liver and Kidney, food addictions such as binge-eating or sugar cravings are naturally resolved.

The levels of energy through detoxification are restored, paving way for a better presentation and improved attentiveness.

Mood swings and irritation are less likely to occur along with headaches and other conditions that can possibly divert concentration. Consequently, better overall performance free from distraction and tension gives better mental health.

Flushing out toxins can also reduce the chances of fatigue and brain fog that can greatly affect mental health and make everyday simple tasks seem difficult.

Lack of vigilance and drowsiness are symptoms of such an issue and should be taken seriously.

Detox drinks can come in handy in such situations as well as improve alertness and rejuvenate the body quickly. The strong drinks can provide a healthy alternative to calorie-laden heavy drinks, and leave you feeling refreshed and light every time.

Are there any preferred ingredients?

Replace Your Common Drinks With Detox Water

All the ingredients used in detox drinks are equally beneficial, some with added advantages such as the aforementioned grapefruit.

The only preference in detox drinks can be according to the taste or people with health complications that make them unable to take certain foods. For example, people suffering from fluctuating blood pressure are advised not to take lemon.

In cases like this, there will always be a substitute for the ingredient or recipes that do not include it in the first place.

Besides such concerns, there are absolutely no ideal detox drinks. One that might not work for one person may work wonders for another, but generally, none of them are harmful and only enhance health when taken appropriately.

Andrea White

As a graduate of Public Health and Policy, Andrea developed an interest in disease development, food and safety and the latest advancements in health. She is a Freelance writer who had affiliations with multiple blogs. Andrea is now pursuing her post-doctorate in Behavioral Sciences.

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