Are Modern-life Habits Responsible For Weight Gain?

Are Modern-life Habits Responsible For Weight Gain?

Gaining weight is a normal part of growing up. The average weight that a person gains every year is between 905 to 1 kg annually. It may look little but continuously gaining that much weight means that you will gain nearly 5-9 kg in 10 years.

It is necessary to eat healthily and workout to make your body weight stable. This prevention of sneaky weight gain is possible by adopting lifestyle changes. Food and exercise don’t work unless you start changing your habits.

Which Habits Make You Gain Weight? 

Eating quickly and not chewing the food properly

The introduction of quick food products like junk food has changed eating habits. The grab and bite concept of eating doesn’t leave much space for the food to be properly chewed.

Eating quickly can make you fat. It is proven by a study that people who eat quickly than average are more likely to gain weight.

It takes time for the body to tell the brain that you have enough food. When you eat quickly, you will result in taking more food than your requirement.

Not drinking sufficient water

Water is life but unfortunately, we don’t care much for hydrating our bodies. The research study tells that nearly 16–28% of adults are dehydrated, and older persons are at even high risk.

Sometimes when you are thirsty, you misunderstand it for being hungry. In this way, you end up taking more food than your body requirements. Try to drink water in sufficient amount. You can also add high water content based food items i.e. cucumbers in your diet.

Your Social Life 

Having a social life is necessary to create a balance between personal and professional life. But sometimes being too social also causes you to gain weight.

When you meet people you end up consuming high-calorie food or alcohol. These unwanted calories can be avoided only if you prefer to stay at home.

Research tells that person when they have a worthy company like to eat good things. It means if you are with your friends, you may eat unhealthy food or food in big portions.

Sitting For Too Long 

The most difficult thing at an office job is that you have to sit for too long. The average adult sits for 9 to 11 hours per day, which is way too much. It doesn’t seem like a problem unless you get to know that sitting for long hours make you fat.

Not just gaining weight, sitting for a long time also increases the risk of chronic diseases. It is suggested that if your work involves sitting for long hours, make sure that you have a regular exercise routine. Try to walk during lunch or tea break.

An irregular sleeping cycle

For most of the people completing a sleep cycle seems like a luxury. In real it is not a luxury but a necessity. Nearly 1/3rd of Americans lack a healthy sleep. You may not know this but not taking sufficient hours of sleep reduces the motivation to be in good shape.

People who don’t get enough sleep usually gain belly fat or visceral fat. Both of these are linked to the risk of diseases like heart problems and type 2 diabetes.

Eating in large size plates

It may sound funny but this is a fact that the size of your plates and bowls has an impact on your health. It is proven by a detailed report that people tend to eat more food when they use large size cutlery to eat. If they use small size plates and bowls, they usually eat 16% fewer calories per meal.

It is a psychological fact that using large size cutlery makes the food look less. You continue to add more food in it, which is usually over your regular food requirement. By the end, you end up eating double and these extra calories go straight to fat cells.

Eating in the living room

It is a common thing to watch TV while enjoying your favorite food. People start to scroll their social media accounts, news or TV when they plan to eat. All these things are distractions, which make you eat more food.

It is even proven by research that distraction makes you eat more food. During this time, they don’t realize how much food they are consuming. And sometimes they eat even more calories in later hours. It is because they have no idea how much they have eaten previously.

If you don’t want to overeat, make sure that you are not eating in your living room or bedroom where you are going to sit in front of your TV. Also, switch off your mobile phone when you are eating food.

Drinking Calorie-rich Drinks

Drinking your calories may sound weird to many of the readers. It actually means when you consume high sugar juices or carbonated drinks, which are high in calories. You may never feel it but all these drinks make you fat.

The bad thing is that you don’t even feel full after drinking them. On the other hand, if you eat the same calories in the form of food, it will make you feel fuller.

You won’t be eating after these set calories. It is better to get the calories from healthy, whole food sources and not the beverages.

Not eating enough fiber and protein

A lack of protein in your daily diet can also be a reason why you are fat. Protein is a basic part of healthy food idea. It makes you feel fuller for the long term while you aren’t eating the high quantity of it. Try to add more protein-based foods such as lentils, eggs, meat, tofu, and fish.

Similarly, a lack of fiber in the diet also makes you gain weight. Fiber is necessarily required by the body to make you feel fuller. It fulfills the appetite and prevents you to gain extra weight.

Unhealthy snacks

Snacks are not even food, yet they increase your daily calorie intake. The reason behind eating food is hunger. In between the meal when it is possibly not an ideal time to eat again, people try to eat snacks.

These untimely hunger pangs make people eat large portions of food or unhealthy food craving. It often ends at munching calorie-rich snacks. Try to eat healthier snacks instead of eating just anything. Also, remember to limit your portion size, whether it is a snack or meal.

Unplanned grocery shopping

Believe it or not, a grocery shopping without a list is nothing but a way to gain weight. You will be drooling over all those ingredients that you can use for delicious yet calorie-rich recipes.

If you make a habit of making a shopping list, it will make you spend money only on necessary items. You would not purchase unnecessary things which are most of the times unhealthy.

Not eating fruits and vegetables

Do you know that only 1 in 10 people in the USA fulfill the daily recommendation of ideal fruit and vegetable intake? Now you can relate that why 70% of the Americans are overweight.

Fruits and vegetables are the sources to add beneficial nutrients to the diet. They have low calories, which means you would not be eating many calories yet your hunger will be fulfilled.

People who eat fresh fruits and vegetables always maintain a healthy weight, it is proven by research.


What Else Do You Need To Know?

There are many things that can make you gain extra weight. Only if you adopt a healthier lifestyle with a little modification, you can prevent to take up the extra pounds.

Follow these few tips along with healthy, medium portion food and exercise. You will start noticing a difference within a couple of months.


Hilary Jensen

Hilary is a Food Science and Nutrition graduate with specialization in diet planning and weight loss. She enjoys reading and writing on Food, Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, and General Health.

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