Get Rid Of Scars and Dark Spots On The Face

Get Rid Of Scars and Dark Spots On The Face

Appearance can be of great importance especially when a person is in a profession or any activity that requires a lot of public interactions and speaking. In addition, the overall looks play a major role in the first impression of anyone.

Therefore, common people from adolescents to adults are constantly monitoring their looks especially when they are outdoors in school or at work. A person can start becoming conscious of the way he looks as early as the age of 11-12.

Many people start dressing a certain way in accordance with their style and surrounding to an extent. In this whole process, the looks of hair and skin are likely to come into the play sooner or later. People often struggle to keep away imperfections from these two areas.

The skin, specifically, is hard to manage and take care of as a person undergoes teenage and starts having a lesser amount of time transitioning into older ages. As a result, a lot of factors that affect the skin greatly are uncontrollable by every other person.

At this stage is when skin problems like acne and scars start happening. In accordance with statistics, different types of scars and acne are the most common problems people struggle to treat as well as prevent them from coming back.

Whereas acne even in severe forms can be cured by proper medication and skin care routines, scars are an even bigger hassle. Not only are they difficult to prevent after acne but take a long time to fade completely from the skin.

In addition, acne scars are not the only ones that people find hard to get rid of. There are many other types of scars that every other person is tired of hiding and treating.

Why are Conventional Treatments for Scars not Safe?

One of the most suggested ways for scar removal in a comparatively faster way is surgical and laser treatments. These treatments are available in high-end spas and skin clinics in most of the urban cities in the world.

However, these may require multiple sittings and are heavy on the pocket. In reality, very few people are able to afford the time and money needed to get a surgical or laser treatment for their scars. Secondly, most such treatments are said to bring negative effects along with them.

For example, laser treatment options are very popular not only for getting rid of scars but other skin conditions such as hair removal laser therapy as well.

The most prominent side effect of treatments using a laser it that they make the targeted area of skin much more sensitive.

People who undergo laser or surgical treatments have to take additional care of their skin and most of them have prescribed drugs, creams or both. Their skin becomes much more sensitive to the cold, heat, sunlight and weather changes.

Additionally, a study conducted in 2013 showed that most of the surgical treatments for the scars on skin did not have permanent effects. After an average of 2-3 sittings, the patients were relieved from their scars for a maximum of 6-7 months.

After the 6-7 months passed, the studied subjects that underwent the surgery returned for further assistance on the reappearance of similar scars as well as other skin problems that followed the surgery as side effects.

The medication prescribed along with the ointments also, in consonance with the researchers, is considerably adverse effects on the skin.

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On the other hand, some people try to use other methods of getting rid of scars on their skin such as using other spa treatments or special lines for effective scar removal without any skin of surgery or laser.

The alternative treatment options again at high-end spas and clinics are effective only to an extent. Mostly they just fade the scar and not clear it out completely. However, most of these ways of getting rid of scars are as pricey as the aforementioned options.

The special product ranges that target scars are introduced by almost most of the major to local brands of the world.

There are various lines from expensive as well as comparatively cheaper brands that are made specifically for scars which include several items such as creams, moisturizers, face masks and face washes.

Most of these are specially made for acne scars and the other common scars that are in comparison easy to cure. Such products have been observed to work considerably fast on most of the people and completely clear out the scars.

However, researchers have shown this is usually because of the presence of steroids, especially in local anti-acne scar creams. Using such products may give amazing results in a couple of days or a week but can harm the skin in the longer term.

Using steroid laden creams and other skin products can have temporary good effects but later turns out to be a disaster for the skin. It can cause problems like severe acne, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance, abnormal hair growth and burns on the skin.

Therefore, most of the people have started switching to natural remedies for acne and other types of scars, sometimes even with an ointment with them because most of them do not react with the used cream or cause any trouble.

Home Remedies for Scars

No matter what scar a person has, it is possible to treat or at least fade it to a considerable extent using some of the proven home remedies. Some of the ways a scar can be faded without any harmful treatments and ointments are:

Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

Known for their antioxidants and high moisturizing properties, coconut oil and shea butter can heal scars especially from laceration, injuries, and cuts by keeping the wound moist.

Using raw shea butter and coconut oil right after experiencing an injury can even reduce chances of getting a scar.

Silicone Gel

The practice of Silicone sheeting begun in the early 1980s for faster relief from scars and injuries after healing. A sticky, clear pad was placed over the affected area of the person that remained there and helped in getting rid of the scar.

However, silicone sheeting was not a very good option for people who had injuries in visible places such as the face and often some showed allergic reactions to the sheets.

A solution to this was a direct application of silicone gel to the scar, which is barely visible after 10 minutes of application.

Although this has to be applied 3-4 times a day, it can greatly speed up the process of relieving a person’s skin of scars.

Pressure Therapy

Pressure therapy is one of the most popular ways used to treat burn scars in patients. A study published in Indian Journal of Plastic surgery showed that it has a success regression rate of 60-80% in the majority of the patients.

Onion Gel and Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera and Onion Gel have been used for treating several skin conditions for a very long time.

While onion gel contains flavonoids that can greatly improve the scarring, aloe vera in addition to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties can help prevent it from happening when applied immediately.

A study carried out to test the effects of using both onion gel and aloe vera showed the most of the people had maximum results in a period of 6-8 weeks of continuous usage.

In addition, people also effectively prevented other skin conditions that appeared with the scars such as acne.

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