Weight Loss With Egg Diet

Weight Loss With Egg Diet

Egg diet is known for being a high protein, low carbohydrates, and overall calories. If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then you might find the egg diet very appealing in order to lose weight. This diet helps you to take the essential amount of protein to build up the muscles. The source of protein in this diet are eggs; you can have eggs either in a boiled form or in a scrambled form.

You will find different versions of this egg diet. Not all of them are healthy and may not work for you. But the main point of every egg diet is to drink a lot of water meanwhile following a zero calorie diet. Foods high in sugar like pasta, most of the fruits, rice, bread, and many others are not allowed when you are following an egg diet. This diet typically lasts for 14 days.

What is the Egg Diet?

hard boiled eggAs it is already mentioned above that egg diet uses eggs as a main source of protein. Plus eliminating carbohydrates and calories completely from your diet. There are many variations of this egg diet, the most known of which are as follows.

• 14 Day Egg Diet

If you are planning for this diet then you will be taking three meals every day without consuming any item with high calorie or sugar. One of the three meals should include egg while the other two meals can have other sources of the lean protein (fish or chicken).

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However, you can add low carbohydrate vegetables, for example, broccoli or spinach to this diet. This plan is also known by the name of Boiled Egg Diet. This diet asks you to have egg in a hard-boiled form instead of using in any other form.

Egg and Grapefruit Diet

This egg diet also lasts for 14 days. The only difference is that you take half of the grapefruit with an egg or any lean protein which you like to include in your meal. Other than grapefruit no other fruit is allowed in this plan.

• Simple Egg Diet

This plan of egg diet is called as a mono diet. Mono-diets are extremely unhealthy and do not show a healthy result, yet this version of egg diet makes you take only eggs. According to dietitians people following this plan take hard boiled eggs and water for 14 days. Without exercise, you will be facing extreme fatigue. It is not recommended for a healthy weight loss.

• Medical Egg Diet

This variation of egg diets requires you to have an egg with a piece of bread in your every meal three times every day. The most appreciable thing about this plan is that you can have fruits and vegetables plus there is no limit defined. Furthermore, you can also have black coffee, water and other beverages (zero calories).

You can have eggs in any form you like but keep in mind that no extra calories should be added. This clearly mentions that butter and oil should not be used when following this diet plan.

Dietitians believe that this plan is used to reduce weight in the medical field prior to surgery but till now there is no evidence to support this statement. Even some bariatric physicians make their patients follow this plan before the surgery. This is mainly a fluid intake diet and is supervised by the medical experts.

• Keto Egg Diet

Keto diet is also known as the ketogenic diet. It asks you to increase the fat consumption so that your body can go under the process of ketosis. This diet makes you have an egg with cheese and butter so that your body can produce ketones. The ratio which is very known on the internet is 1 egg to 1 tablespoon of fat.

Not every variation will work for everyone, some will be better for you than others. But none of this plan will provide you with the efficient result.

Side Effects of the Egg Diet

hard boiled eggsDue to the elimination of carbohydrates from the diet, one will experience fatigue and will be lethargic throughout the day. This lack of energy will make difficult for a person to exercise. additionally, it will not only have an effect on your energy production but this high protein low carb diet will also have an effect on your digestive system too.

This diet will make you have a bad breath coupled with other problems like constipation, nausea, and flatulence.

Eggs are high in cholesterol that is they make 63% of the egg or 186 grams, which is the daily recommended value of the calories to be taken. However, research says otherwise, it is not the cholesterol we claim for our bad heart condition but in reality, it is the trans and saturated fat.

A study in 2015 further clarified this issue. Men who took more than 6 eggs per week had more chances of heart failure that is by 30% not only heart failure but they also had a high risk of ischemic stroke. Having less than 6 eggs per week will shield you from problems like myocardial infarction, heart failure, and hemorrhagic stroke.

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Eggs lack fiber, you by yourself needs to include a lot of fiber items in your meal and plan. Taking fiber makes your friendly bacteria in your gut happy and prevents you from temporarily impair bowel function. This type of diet is not sustainable thus many people come back to their old diets once they have reached their target. This makes them gain even more weight. Or, they can also move to yo-yo dieting which is not at all healthy for your body.

Is this Diet Safe?

egg with chickenAccording to many people, the egg diet is not a safe way to lose your weight. Egg diet asks us to eliminate the calories from your meal. Following any plan of the egg diet will make up your cholesterol to 1000 calories a day. It is not good for a woman to have calories less than 1200 and for a man to have calories than 1500.

Having seven or more eggs show up generally no risk of cardiovascular disease in the population. But doing so, you can be on safe side. A study in 2015 proved that some people having diabetes can have eggs more than 12 and will have no fluctuations in their cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Having a specific amount of fiber is necessary for the gut bacteria. Americans already take less amount of daily fiber recommended value. People following egg diet have a low fiber diet, that is the items in which fiber is present are not allowed like vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and legumes


In a nutshell, every crash diet is extremely unhealthy for your body. The positive aspect of this diet is it helps you lose weight quickly. This egg diet is not sustainable. Once the person leaves this diet, he or she will get back the weight that he lost or the person might gain more weight than before. To produce an efficient result one need to exercise regularly, with low calorie and sugar meals and should cut down on the use of processed food.

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