How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally?

Physical appearance can mean a lot to a vast majority of the people especially the ones who are having jobs where looking presentable and fresh all the time is an absolute necessity for better work performance or further promotions.

Looking and feeling presentable can also boost up a person’s confidence. On the other hand, having sudden skin problems or a bad hair day can even lower the self-esteem of the people who typically are very confident.

Among the other issues related to physical appearances, under eye dark circles or eyes bags are a common complaint especially among women of nearly all age groups.

Eye bags used to be a problem that was only usually faced by people during the process of aging and not by comparatively younger people. However, a number of changes in lifestyles have been deemed responsible for the prevalence of the problem.

Where eye bags are not a symptom of some serious problem, they can still be quiet annoying for some people as the sagging of the tissues under eyes can give off a swollen look. The instant solution to this problem is wearing concealer and makeup to hide eye bags for a temporary time.

Most of the people are highly unlikely to use this method and make an effort every morning to make sure they look more awake and neither can all people afford makeup products that are good enough to conceal eye bags.

One of the most frequent questions raised at this stage is that whether it is possible to get rid of the eye bags without any cosmetic procedures and the answer to it is absolute.
A few changes in daily habits and lifestyle of one person can make a good amount of difference to the bags and dark circles under eyes.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally?
How can you get rid of Eye Bags?

Undereye bags are one of the most commonly observed effects of aging.  Normally, it is not expected to happen for young adults or anyone who has not reached the age of at least 40. However, a couple of harming daily habits can lead to the effects of aging appearing before the normal time.

When a person gets eye bags, it is usually due to the movement of fat from the eyelids to under eyes. This is usually seen in people belonging to older age groups and sometimes in adults with extremely busy lifestyles.
In addition, the formation of the eye bags can also be blamed on the fluid accumulation under the eyes. This is typically the cause of eye bags in children.

Whereas both of these can exclusively be the reason for eye bags in people, they can often come in a combination with more than usual swelling. Most of the eye bag complaints and cases are now of both the movement of fat and fluid accumulation at the same time.

Fortunately, there are many things can a person can do to prevent eye bags from changing habits to using some natural remedies. Some of these are:

Cutting Sodium from diet

In the modern times, it can be fairly difficult to stay away and curb cravings of high-salt foods due to the abundant amount of foods present everywhere from grocery stores to the gate of the house using home delivery.

High sodium diets have often been linked to serious health risks which can be fatal at times including high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney diseases and increased chances of getting a heart attack.

It is common knowledge that salt causes water retention and dehydration if taken in a large amount. Fluid retention by taking a lot of salt in the diet can also cause puffiness around the eyes. This is why a person’s eyes are swollen if he is dehydrated.

Avoid high-salt diets for better overall health as well as to lower chances of getting puffy eyes. Himalayan Sea Salt can also come in handy when trying to cut out excess sodium from the diet as it can be a healthier option.

Check for possible Allergies

Allergies and sensitivities have increased on a large scale due to changes in diet, genetics and a number of environmental factors that did not exist over a decade ago. It is important to diagnose any possible allergy or sensitivity as they are linked to other conditions like eye bags.

Puffy eyes are a common sight at the start of spring season. This can be explained by the prevalence of pollen allergy in people which often leaves behind eye bags if not taken care of.

Similarly, other food, chemical, smell, and seasonal allergy can contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes. Managing allergies by avoiding the respective allergen or managing with the correct medication can help reduce chances of swollen eyes.

Sleeping habits

A lot of problems including some skin issues can be linked to sleeping habits of people. Naturally, a person who is sleep deprived is under higher chances of getting dark circles and eye bags than the one who is not.

Secondly, it is important to sleep with comfort and not just sleeping. Dozing off on a couch will not only serve as a reason behind a morning backache but will also affect the appearance of the face. It is easy to tell when a person has not slept well.

Thirdly, sleeping positions can a big effect on the health of a person. Notice how people with poor bone health are often questioned about their normal sleeping position.

Sleeping position can also affect the fluid accumulation under the eyes. In accordance with the studies, sleeping upward on the back can lessen the chances of under eye amalgamation as it stops gravity from causing fluid movement around the eyes.

Another way is to elevate the height of the head and add another pillow before sleeping. This method should only be followed if comfort is maintained. Otherwise, it may cause sleeplessness and lead to dark circles.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

It is a fact that majority of the adult population drinks or smokes. Sometimes, people combine both of these and often do it at the same time. Where a lot of people claim it to be a stress relieving method, it can considerably harm a person’s health.

Both Alcohol and smoking can cause dehydration and dryness along with other health risks. Like salt, water retention and fluid built in a few hours is an expected effect.

Hence, lessening or avoiding alcohol and smoke can reduce the chances of eye bags as well as the related health conditions.

Collagen and Water

One of the common things that can be observed is most of the contributors to eye bags dehydrate and dry the body out. Such habits with a low level of water consumption can cause fluid accumulation and movement of fats at a comparatively faster pace.

To avoid this from happening, replace other drinks in daily diet with water and drink according to the seasonal need of the body as in summers 8 glasses is typically not enough.

Collagen, on the other hand, is known to give the skin its strength and elasticity. The process of aging causes the production of this specific protein to be lessened. Baggy eyes in old age are typically due to this reason.

The two ways to avoid this is to load up on collagen-rich foods or to take collagen supplements. Either way, it can greatly reduce the chances of getting under eye bags.

What are some other things to keep in mind?

Baggy eyes are typically nothing to worry about and can be managed with the aforementioned methods along with the choice of wearing makeup. However, a few things should be kept in mind when trying to avoid eye bags.

Firstly, slowly changing habits would also lead to gradual improvement in the skin. Taking a collagen supplement would not work overnight and give relief from eye bags the very next day. Do not leave the change in between and have patience.

Secondly, there is no proven clinical treatment for eye bags. Avoid trying procedures which might be harmful in the long run. Similarly, a number of products are available for eye bags.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally?

While some of them might be effective, it is important to know the skin under eyes is highly sensitive and can easily be damaged. Do not use anything without being sure of the effect it might have on the skin under the eyes.

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