Suppress Your Diet Naturally With These Foods

Suppress Your Diet Naturally With These Foods

Trying all the different types of food present in the world is the ultimate dream of every other person. Nowadays, it is rare to come across a person who is not a foodie or willing to try new delicious recipes instead of their boring old routine ones.

Eating and drinking are so much more than things needed to survive. Without them celebrations, events, and shared happiness of often incomplete for the majority of people around the world.

While there is no problem with trying new foods, forming a habit to eat unhealthy foods on a daily basis can be harmful especially when watching weight or having a health condition like diabetes.

Many people also tend to eat food even when they are not hungry. Using foods as a mean of killing boredom and fun is extremely unhealthy and can cause unusual hunger pans as well as increase your appetite.

In such a situation, switching to healthier snacks and food that can be helpful as they can help get rid of such habits and suppress the appetite naturally.

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Suppress Your Diet Naturally With These Foods

Which Foods Are Best For Suppressing Hunger? 

Some foods can help a person not only fulfill their cravings but also reduce the hunger. These foods are often recommended in diets as well. Try the following foods for controlling the diet:

Almonds and other nuts

Nuts are a vital source of nutrients which have a very high value among all dietary items. The general nutritional deficiency may cause the hunger sensations and food cravings to attack you more often.

In such a case using only a hand full of nuts, particularly almonds are very helpful. All the nuts are rich in magnesium. Having a low magnesium level may increase food cravings especially the sugar craving.

Almonds, peanuts, and other nuts have high magnesium, vitamins particularly vitamin E and other antioxidants which make it a perfect snack for daily use. To your surprise, nuts also have fiber which makes it safe to eat when in dieting.

 Apple cider vinegar

You name it, and we will tell you what apple cider vinegar can do for you. The benefits of apple cider vinegar are not just that it’s a part of various recipes. It helps to suppress the appetite and overcome the sugar cravings.

In reality, the active ingredients of apple cider vinegar are functional to control that part of the brain which governs food cravings.

If you add apple cider vinegar to your diet, it will make the extra needs away from you. Additionally, it is good for digestion, skin, hair, and nail. Apple cider vinegar is easily available commercially.


Cayenne pepper

It is a type of spice which is usually linked with the food recipes. The real deal is that it also helps to reduce and suppress the appetite while spicing your taste buds. The active ingredient of cayenne pepper is called “capsaicin” which is a scientifically proven ingredient for reducing the hunger pangs.

Cayenne pepper is available with various trade names. One way to use it is to take cayenne pepper tea with honey and lemon. Also, you can add it to your regular recipes to make delicious food.

Drink more water

Water is something which is not an additional food compound. It is a part of daily diet and for weight loss, drinking more water hydrates the body and thus leaves less space for the toxins to remain.

It is a common thing that people confuse thirst with hunger. When they are thirsty, they feel that they are hungry and start eating random stuff. It makes a habit of irregular eating which causes immediate weight gain.

The best way to maintain your hydration level is that drink two glass of water after waking up, on an empty stomach. To maintain the hydration throughout the day, drink one glass of water before every meal. Do not drink water after a meal.

Green tea

Green tea is something which will never disappoint you. The health benefits of green tea are so many that one can’t even count them. Most of the people take green tea daily which helps to reduce fat and hunger pangs at the same time.

For weight loss using green tea has vital importance. There are many scientific studies to prove these benefits which show that green tea attacks and reduces the level of one hormone called “ghrelin” which is a hunger hormone.


Ginger is a medicinal plant which is a part of many recipes. Probably you don’t know how it can help, but one of the vital benefits of ginger is to suppress the appetite.

The active compound of ginger is called “gingerol.” It is abundant in fresh ginger, and it helps to control the leptin levels which initiates a feeling of fulfillment after eating.


How can one ignore this amazing fruit which triggers the appetite control so smoothly? Avocado is rich in oleic acid. Oleic acid is necessarily required to make a compound called oleoyl ethanolamide which is formulated in small intestines.


Once this product is made, it helps to reduce the appetite and increase the feeling of fullness after eating a meal.


The famous quote “an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ has been probably heard by everyone. What is not understood by the majority of people is that Apple has little calories in it. It is an excellent food product especially when you are planning to lose weight.

Apple is a perfect mid-day snack in between your dieting meals. Pectin is a compound which is abundant in apples. It has proven to be highly effective in controlling the blood sugar.

The best part is that eating apples is very fulfilling, it gives you a sensation of full stomach despite having the lowest calories.



Addicted to coffee? Well, it seems like a good thing for maintaining weight. Coffee can helps to feel you less hungry than normal.

Taking at least two or more cup of coffee reduces the appetite by half. It will make you wide awake, active and more focused. The function of appetite control is that coffee helps to increase the metabolic rate.

The caffeine in the coffee has the secret for this weight loss and appetite suppressant property. If you want to use coffee for weight loss, make sure that it has no sugar and milk added. However, you can use skimmed milk.


The most unusual ingredient in this list is surely this one. Yes, you have read it right, using eggs in routine helps to feel stomach full. The best time to take eggs is in the morning. It suggests that taking two eggs in breakfast can make you fuller.

Dark chocolate

A gift for your taste buds during weight watching process is the dark chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover and find it hard to resist it due to weight control strategies, here is the good news for you.

You can eat dark chocolate without the fear of eating excessive calories. Dark chocolate is chocolate which has 70% or more cocoa in it. This dark chocolate helps to decrease the appetite.

Steric acid is a component of dark chocolates which helps digestion to make you feel fuller for longer. The taste of dark chocolate may be too bitter for some people.

Suppress Your Diet Naturally With These Foods

What Else Can You Do?

Besides controlling hunger, indulging in any physical activity can help trim down the waist and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid other habits that can cause blood pressure fluctuations and hunger pangs such as drinking and smoking.

If suffering from a health condition, it is always better to consult with a health professional and get an appropriate healthy diet plan.


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