What Are the Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil?

What Are the Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil?

Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) is the flowering plant that belongs to a coffee family Rubiaceae. It is found in the tropical and subtropical regions of native Africa Australia, South Asia, and Oceania.

The average height of the plan is 2-5 feet. It has bright white flowers, with green glossy leaves and has almost forty-three different species. It has also been named as ‘The White Angel’.

The oil extracted from Gardenia flower by enfleurage has a very characteristic sweet fragrance resembling that of jasmine, which makes it a prominent component of perfumes, lotions, candles and used for aromatherapy. It is also put is tea for scent.

The petals of Gardenia are soaked into fat, which absorbs its fragrance. The aromatic fat is then placed inside alcohol so as to dissolve the fat.

This is an intensive process that takes a lot of labor effort and a heavy load of petals to extract just a few milliliters of oil. But all the hard work pays off once the final product is obtained in the form of aromatic Gardenia essential Oil.

What Are the Benefits of Gardenia Essential Oil?

What Are the Uses Of Gardenia Essential Oil?

  • Antibacterial

Gardenia Essential Oil has strong bacterial properties that help effectively in treating diseases e.g. tetanus, sepsis etc. caused by bacteria like salmonella or e. Coli. It may also just be used to kill off gems from the surface.

Add few drops of the Gardenia essential oil in water. Spray it on the surface that requires being treated.

  • Antioxidant

Rich with antioxidants, the Gardenia Essential Oil inhibits free-radicals formation, reducing the oxidative stress, improving the health of skin and in turn minimizing the risks of cancer. It also eradicates the damaging toxic agents from the body and reduces pigmentation and scarring.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Acting as an inflammatory, Gardenia essential oil contains ‘Geniposide’ and ‘Genipin’; two chemicals that strengthen the immune and respiratory systems.

The oil of gardenia gives the internal human body as well as the external skin a protective layer that keeps it safe from irritants, foreign bodies and pathogens etc. by bolstering the immune system by stimulating white blood cells production.

Inhaling the Gardenia Essential Oil can be used for relieving immediate congested or sore throats, clogged or inflammatory respiratory system or sinuses.

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It also treats disorders including edema, arthritis, jaundice, fever, ulcerative colitis and other hepatic disorders. It also soothes body aches and prevents headaches.

If you get a wound, scrape, scratch or bruise on any body part, take a few drops of oil and apply on the cut to prevent infections. This encourages healing of damaged vessels or tissues, resulting in the speedy recovery.

  • Anticonvulsant

The essential oil extracted from Gardenia is very helpful in preventing seizures. Not only that, it is also used as a sedative. A study conducted in this regard concluded that Gardenia oil showed sedation effects in mice and has positive results for hypnosis or anti-seizure.

Another study by Chinese researchers showed that the effects of Gardenia Oil are fairly enhanced if used with jujube seed oil.

  • Aromatherapy

The Jasmine resembling sensual aroma of this plant, being poured into the essential oil is soft to the sensations and gives a boost to the mood.

It is used for conducting aromatherapies by adding a few drops of Gardenia Essential oil into a diffuser or bath. It can also be used for massage.

Gardenia is also sold as an ingredient in perfumes, soaps, candles, Potpourri or beauty products for adding scent.

  • As an Aphrodisiac

If you are looking to spice things up in bed at night, the Gardenia oil is one of the perfect ingredients. It is known as an aphrodisiac i.e. it enhances the inner passion and sex drive.

You can wither massage few drops of oil on yourself or your partner’s body, or take a bath. It has also been used to boost the production of libido in men.

The scent of the Essential oil can also be used for relaxation and arousal.

  • Relieving Anxiety and Mood Alleviator

Gardenia essential oil has been used for aromatherapy that helps in relieving stress by relaxing. It can be used in the bath or massaged on the head or body. It has warming tendencies as well.

  • Treating Interstitial Cystitis

Gardenia can help alleviate interstitial cystitis and lessen the pelvic pain. Gardenia Essential Oil in herbal tea has been found to have treated 83% of the pelvic and bladder pain patients, with a usage of up to three months, twice a day.

Add few drops of Gardenia oil to the herbal tea or apply on the pelvic region directly and massage.

  • Treating Digestive Disorders

Constituting agents that stimulate probiotic activity in a human’s gut, the Gardenia Essential Oil fastens the digestive rate by maximizing nutrients absorption.

It also normalizes the pH in the stomach, thus boosting the functioning by averting bacteria and pathogens from affecting the gut.

  • Enhancing production of milk in women

Breastfeeding mothers are often prescribed Gardenia Essential oil because it acts as a galactagogue, that assists women in producing more milk from their breasts.

Although this oil may not be used during pregnancy, however, it certainly shows positive results for women, after childbirth. While the child is breastfed, experts have studied that few of the essential oil active components also gets passed onto the child via milk.

  • Increasing Circulation

Increasing the oxygen content, the Gardenia Essential oil serves best in boosting the blood circulation in the body, thus improving the provision of nutrients as well.

This improves the cognitive activity, in turn reducing stress and fatigue. It also prevents the anemic symptoms and assists in recovering from an illness more rapidly.

Things To Keep In Mind

Use in Pregnancy

The medical experts inhibit the usage of use of Gardenia essential oil by pregnant women. However, the women in their trimester may use this oil to induce labor. It is but advised that the oil is used only if allowed/ prescribed by your doctor.

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Skin irritation

The Gardenia Essential oil must be used in an appropriate amount as excess may cause allergic reaction or irritation of skin; redness, irritation, itchiness etc., especially to people with sensitive skin.

It is necessary that this oil is used with the carrier oil for massage or mixed with water for the bath. You must always check the oil on a patch of skin to check for allergic reactions, prior to usage.


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