Salus Defense Structured Silver- A Pathway To Good Health

Salus Defense Structured Silver- A Pathway To Good Health

Taking care of your health is not an easy way. One of the popular ways to complement your immunity is by using dietary supplements along with good diet and exercise. This seems simple but it’s not as there are thousands of options in supplements. One may get confused to see so many products, each one of which promising benefits that you are looking for.

Instead of buying something that you hear is the best of the best, try to find a supplement that is safe, reliable and effective. You can not believe what a company advertises for its products. The only way to analyze is by checking the processing, formula and other relevant information about the product.

Customer reviews and feedback are additional help. So how would you find a health supplement in this case? That’s right, reading a review before buying a supplement is the best way.

This article will share information on one of the most popular health supplements these days. It is called Salus Defense Structured Silver. It is said to be formulated by medical professionals and is clinically proven.

The general information on Salus Defense Structured Silver seems quite impressive, let’s take a look at its details and what does it offer to its users.

What Is Salus Defense Structured Silver?

Salus Defense Structured Silver is a new formula, which is said to have positive health benefits in its users. It is advertised for the remarkable effects on overall health and immunity. As its name indicates, it features “silver” in it.

As per manufacturers, the silver has an antimicrobial potential against bacteria, fungi, virus, and others. It potentially benefits the body by keeping all these opportunistic microbes out of your body.

Salus Defense Structured Silver

The manufacturer portrays “silver” to be an antimicrobial that works against bacteria, virus, fungi, and others. Those who consume silver containing this health supplement experience a better overall health and immunity.

There are no side effects or risks associated with the product. Silver in this product is concentrated and powerful for the said benefits.

This is a doctor proven formula

The official website of the brand says that Salus Defense Structured Silver is also a doctor-proven formula. The name associated with the product is of Doctor Byran Frank. He has experienced the silver for its positive aspects of human health keeping in mind the safety parameters.

Dr. Frank says that silver is helpful against different microbial infections, particularly gastrointestinal illnesses. It takes less time to activate itself in your body to show the complete effects. He also suggests that not all silver containing supplements are effective for daily use. Most of the products that sell in the market are not supplemented with the complete information thus they lack customer trust and satisfaction.

On the other hand, Salus Defense Structured Silver has a “special” formula in a sense that it uses the structured silver in it. This is a specific type of combination of bonded silver particles ensuring it to be safe and effective in the user’s body.

This special structured silver also indicates the non-accumulating property of silver in the body, which shows its careful design and health safety. When this structured silver is expelled from the body, it carries all the harmful and damaging bacteria, virus, fungi and other particles with it that may cause a disease otherwise.

How Does Salus Defense Structured Silver Work?

It is necessary to know about the mechanism of action for a product before buying it. Salus Defense Structured Silver works by bonding itself to these microbial particles that may be present inside the user’s body. Once this bonding is complete, they emit these tiny particles of healthy electromagnetic energy that destroys the microbes. Once destructed, these particles are then expelled from the body.

Unlike its explanation, this process is a quick track and it only attacks the “harmful” microbes. It doesn’t attack the normal, healthy body cells and nutrient particles. Also, it will not attack all the bacteria present in your body, as there are healthy gut bacteria too. It only attacks the pathogenic strains of the bacteria.

This careful selection of the target ensures that the user is getting 100% health benefits from taking this silver enriched supplement. There are only a few silver supplements that provide similar effects. That is why you need to know the mechanism of action of any product that you may consider to use. Until now, the information available on Salus Defense Structured Silver is quite promising for the said benefits.

Salus Defense Structured Silver

Now after knowing how it works, the next question in line is what does it do inside your body. There are many health benefits associated with Salus Defense Structured Silver when a person starts to use it daily. Following are a few of its benefits, as promised by the manufacturers.

  • It cleanses your gut

The most highlighting benefit of it is that it is a gut cleanses the system. It removes all the harmful bacteria from the gut so that one’s body has a balanced number of healthy bacteria, operational to support digestion.

By eliminating the pathogenic bacteria, users will experience betterment in gut health by a better digestion and fewer stomach related issues. It will make you feel energetic, active and overall healthy.

  • It reduces internal inflammation

The second target of this silver filled supplement is that it targets the internal inflammation. You may not know this but inflammation us one of the root cause of many health problems.

Inflammation ruins the major functions of the body and causes serious health problems. For a good health, this inflammation should be completely removed. Once the inflammation is under control, the users of Salus Defense Structured Silver will notice a quick improvement in their health and almost no disease for the long term.

  • It improves the texture of your skin

Structured silver is also associated with improving the texture of your skin. The makers of this product tell that structured silver is used for various problems of ears, eyes, sinuses, throat, acne, nail, skin, and the like.

All these qualities make Salus Defense Structured Silver a healthier option to consider. It will make your skin look younger and better, adding confidence to your personality.

  • It balances the body’s pH

Structured silver also works to maintain a healthy pH of the body; the silver has a pH balance of above 7. It is better than most of the silver-containing products in the market. You see why silver is reliable for all the promised benefits that the company focuses?

  • A safe formula to use

Salus Defense Structured Silver doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or additive in its ingredient list. It is free from coal tar dies, BHA, BH, parfum, PEGs, petrolatum, siloxanes, triclosan, sodium laureth, formaldehyde, and other common ingredients that cause severe health problems. It means that Salus Defense Structured Silver is safe and reliable for human usage.

Multiple applications

The information on the manufacturer’s website tells that Salus Defense Structured Silver is an appropriate solution that has numerous applications. There is a huge list on the website that tells what can this product to do make your health better.


All those people who are interested to improve their lifestyle, Salus Defense Structured Silver is one of the best choices that you can make. It has a selective formula, which hosts a number of benefits. However, you need to make a personal search to find which supplement suits you. Learn more about the formula and online ordering by visiting the brand’s website today.

The author is a Medical Microbiologist and a healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health.

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