7 Benefits Of Using Pine Nuts In Your Diet

7 Benefits Of Using Pine Nuts In Your Diet

Have you ever heard about pine nuts? Yes, it’s the same ingredient that you often see in pesto sauces. Pine nuts have a historical use of over 10,000 years. Amazingly, pine trees grow in all parts of the world. But there are only 18 species of pine that produce large size nuts, perfect for human usage.

Usually pine nuts are small in size. Those, which are bigger in size, have more flavours and are rich in nutrients. Every thought that pine is not just an ornamental tree but has high health value too?

Pine nuts lower the cholesterol, promote eye health, stabilize mood and taste absolutely deliciously. Read more about pine nutrition in this article.

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Benefits of pine nuts for health

1- it lowers the bad cholesterol

The most striking health benefit of pine nuts is its ability to lower the cholesterol level in humans. It also unclogs the arteries. It has been backed up by research studies that showed a visible reduction in LDL level while using pine nuts in the diet.

Not just this, some other research studies confirm that women suffering from metabolic syndrome experience improvements in their cholesterol profile when they add up nuts in their diet, primarily pine nuts.

These research studies are a proof that pine nuts will help you to reduce the cholesterol levels naturally, without going out of the way.

2- it helps to maintain an ideal weight

One amazing property of pine nuts is that they help in weight loss. Yes, you have read it right; pine nuts have an ability to promote a healthy weight. The scientists have found that if you start eating pine nuts on daily basis, your average weight will be stable, with improved cholesterol level and low level of insulin resistance too.

It also provides your body with a high amount of fibre, vitamin E, magnesium, and calcium, potassium all of which are essentially required for a healthy body. Also, all these ingredients help in weight loss. Try to add ripen pine nuts in your diet to get all these nutrients for healthy weight loss diet.

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3- it lowers a high blood pressure

Though not very well known a major effect of pine nuts is that it can reduce your blood pressure. The reason is that pine nuts have high amounts of magnesium in it. Magnesium is linked with blood pressure control and maintenance; it will prevent the risk of stroke for you.

As you know, hypertension or high blood pressure is linked with a number of serious health problems such as heart conditions, aneurysm, reduced kidney function, and vision loss. To help to avoid high blood pressure and all these conditions, use pine nuts in your diet.

4- it promotes bone health

Pine nuts are helpful for your bone frame too. Bone health is usually strengthened by calcium, as most of you already know about it. But along with calcium, your body requires vitamin K as well.

People assume that drinking milk will make your bones healthy. Yes, that is true but not to forget that milk gets acidic if it is processed via pasteurization. It sometimes leads to acidosis, that makes your body to leach alkaline, that comes from your bones.

That is why you need other sources of calcium too and essential bone health promoters like vitamin K. In this way, pine nut is amazing. Along with cashew nuts, pine nuts are the only two types of tree nuts that are loaded with vitamin K.

5- it prevents from certain types of cancer

Pine nuts have a considerable amount of magnesium in them. It is helpful to prevent the risk of cancer. In fact, only one serving of pine nuts fulfills 18% of the daily recommendation of magnesium. If you use a diet that is high in magnesium, this risk of certain types of cancer further reduces.

6- it improves your eyesight

Pine nuts also play a vital role in eye health. Like kale, pine nuts have a high amount of lutein in them, which is famous as the “eye vitamin.” This lutein, along with zeaxanthin, is helping to prevent the macular degeneration as well as glaucoma. You may not know this but your body is not capable of producing lutein on its own. So the only way to get it is from the food sources that you are eating.

Pine nuts are extremely helpful for those who are already suffering from a macular damage. Eating a food that has a high amount of lutein is helpful to prevent the further damage by eating more foods with lutein, such as pine nuts.

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7- it makes your mood better

Lastly, pine nut also has an amazing property that it can make your mood better. Imagine eating a yummy food ingredient that makes you happy too. All thanks to the high magnesium content in it, eating pine nuts significantly improve your mood and helps to get over the mood swings.

Magnesium is particularly beneficial for teenager and adults suffering from conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and even ADHD. It is proven by research that adolescents with depression when increased their magnesium intake experiences less severe mood swings and extreme behavioural changes i.e. anger outbursts.

So an increase in magnesium is helpful for people who suffer from stress and all its related conditions. HHowever, t is not suitable for underage people. Combining food sources that help in stabilizing mood along with the prescribed medicines is the best treatment for all stress-linked conditions.

The final word

Knowing about all these benefits of pine nuts are a proof that they are good for your health. Also, they are safe for human use, you can add them to your favourite recipes because they taste amazing. It is too good to ignore.

To get the benefits of pine nuts, take the larger nuts and add them to your diet. You can add them to recipes, sprinkle them on a salad or use them as a mid meal snack by eating a handful of them.



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