Lose Your Double Chin In Easy Ways

Lose Your Double Chin In Easy Ways

People around the world struggle to keep up with the changing trends and maintain their appearance accordingly. Beauty standards can be a pain to every other people due to the constant alterations.

One of the prime examples of contrasting trends is the comparison between the body figures from the 60s to the modern day ones in women.

Whereas in the vintage years, women were expected to be curvier, the world today imposes model skinny as the epitome of beauty. Such differences have also highlighted areas people were not as worried about before.

Since appearance forms a major part of first impressions and specific careers such as business-related jobs, a person tends to follow the change no matter how minor it might be to maximize his success chances.

One of the examples of such trivial changes is the unattractiveness of double chins. Having a layer of fat around the chin has been observed to be fairly common. However, it makes every other person super conscious and they look up for ways to get rid of it.

Consequently, the similar thought arises in most of the people’s minds which are to lose weight. Associating double chins with having extra weight is a prevalent misconception.

There are many things about double chins that are not known by most of the people be it children, teenagers or adults.

Simple Steps to Lose the Embarrassing Double Chin

What Causes a Double Chin?

Submental fat or what is commonly known as the double chin is an extra layer of fat just above the neck and below the mouth of a person.

Most of the overweight or obese people tend to have this condition, however, it has been noticed that the problem can be seen in people with normal weight.

While putting on weight can lead to a person having the double chin, which does not necessarily mean anyone having it is due to the fact they have extra pounds to lose. Many times skinny people with managed weight make extra efforts to burn off the fat under the chin.

Working hard and hitting the gym can work out for people who gained the layer of fat under their chins after putting on some weight but it may not help others who face their problem.

For some people, losing more the normal weight cannot get rid of the double chin and can instead harm their health.

One thing that is a significant reason behind double chin that people do not notice is aging. The process of aging does not only affect the internal organs but also the external skin. Signs of aging are the majority of the times, extremely visible.

In addition to the fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, skin sagging is the part of the process of aging. An aging person is also more likely to accumulate fat in specific areas such as upper arms, abdomen and of course, under the chin.

The combination of sagging skin and excess fat is what causes a double chin that appears out of nowhere when a person crosses the age of 30. It does not mean that a person entering his or her middle ages has to have a double chin.

Diet, environmental factors, and other health conditions matter a lot in determining the likelihood of appearance of such issues.

Differences in lifestyles can have a big impact on the process of aging. For example, a person with poor diet, lack of sleep and some allergy can have early signs of aging.

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Similarly, a person entering middle ages with a healthy life can have reduced chances of sagging skin, accumulation of fat and the result of the double chin, chubby arms or not so flat tummy.

However, in a few of the cases, healthy choices and lifestyles may not prevent a double chin from appearing either. No amount of exercise, diet or changes in daily habits can completely get rid of the extra layer under the chin in such cases.

This is because sometimes people get double chin because of their genetics. It runs in the family and every other person from such a family will have it. Double chins in this situation are considerably hard to get rid of.

While a person who gained a layer of fat under the chin after overall weight gain can lose it with specific ways, people with double chins due to genetic factors may have to use other ways to solve the issue and get over their insecurity to fit in their beauty standards.

Conventional Treatments for Double Chin

Double chin is usually recommended to be dealt with exercise and diet if the person has it due to weight gain. On the other hand, the conventional treatment of a stubborn double chin that is caused by genetics has two main treatment methods.

The ways to get rid of double chin the conventional way are:


Lipolysis or what is also called liposculpture is a technique that became popular in the late 80s to get rid of excess stubborn fat especially in women. The process previously involved the use of heat from a type of laser which melted the fat in the targeted area.

The modern-day lipolysis is mostly based on the new technique of surgical procedure of liposuction which is also more common and preferred over the aforementioned laser treatment method. Both of these processes merely require a local anesthetic for treating a double chin.

However, both of these only target the fact and contour the skin to an extent. They do not remove the extra skin or improve its elasticity. Side effects of lipolysis include bruising, pain and swelling.


Much like the common body alterations processes that involve multiple injection sittings, the mesotherapy is an invasive procedure which includes injecting fat dissolving compounds into the targeted area.

It is a comparatively new method and was only approved by the US Department of Food and Drug Administration in 2015 using the drug deoxycholic acid in mesotherapy injections. The whole procedure may have up to 20 injections depending on the amount of fat under the chin.

A minimum of a 30-day gap is maintained with six treatment limitation in total. An experienced dermatologist of a doctor with experience in plastic surgery can perform mesotherapy because the compounds used can cause serious nerve damage if not injected properly.

Other Options for Double Chin

Though genetic double chins are hard to get rid of, they can at times be reduced by using the same ways used to treat storage of fat under chin caused by weight gain. The most obvious way is to start a healthy diet.

For some people, small changes in diet can make great differences. Double chin in skinny people can also be due to the consumption of what is considered healthy foods such as:

  • Higher fat meats
  • Butter
  • Milk and Cheese (including low-fat cheese like Parmesan)
  • Specific nuts (especially peanuts and almonds)
  • Smoothies and Juices
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Salads Dressings
  • Sauces

Start by substituting and lowering the number of such foods in daily intake. Cutting out processed, trans-fat, oily and high sugar food is a fundamental step that can also help with general health as well as reduce chances of some major diseases like diabetes
Simple Steps to Lose the Embarrassing Double Chin

In addition to changes in diet, although facial exercises do not have any scientific backing, specific moves for face muscles can help tighten up the fat under the chin if not get rid of it.

Exercises that can help in tightening fat under chin include ball exercise, neck stretch, pucker up, tongue stretch and bottom jaw jut.

The results of following a healthy diet and performing facial exercises can at times take a lot of time. The key to achieving the maximum results here is consistency. Following the same routine for 3-4 months can bring significant and visible results for most of the people.

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