How To Get Rid of Enlarged Pores?

How To Get Rid of Enlarged Pores?

The overall health and amount of stress taken by a person are typically observable from his or her appearance. The skin on the face is one of the major determinants of the proper functioning of internal organs.

A number of types of organ underperformance can be detected by closely checking symptoms on the skin.

For example, the imbalance of pH levels in the stomach which also results in acid reflux and similar complications can be diagnosed through the skin.

In ancient Chinese medicine, the texture, color, and smoothness of the skin along with the tongue played a major role in distinguishing people with a strong immune system from those with weaker immunities and deteriorating health.

Similarly, the differences in skin texture, smoothness and color can also be used to tell the kind of environment a person is living in.

A highly polluted surrounding can have major consequences on the skin making it harder for doctors or physicians today to use the skin as a determinant of health.

Since advanced technologies have emerged, people residing in such an area can be observed the same way without any obstacle.

However, not taking enough care of the skin can not only decrease the confidence of a person but also disrupt the natural way of internal health indication.

Appearances mean a lot to the majority of the people. There are certain everyday skin conditions that can ruin an important day and give off an unhealthy look regardless of whether it is related to any disturbed body function or not.

One of such conditions is enlarged pores. Most people will usually agree that the issue of enlarged pores in trivial compared to rest of the skin diseases and effects of pollution on the skin.

So, what is the big deal with this issue?

Enlarged pores are one of the most significant reasons behind some of the severest skin conditions. Someone who suffers from acute acne will have the problem of enlarged pores in most of the cases.

They can provide the first base towards getting irritating skin complications if not taken care of properly.
How To Get Rid of Enlarged Pores?

What Causes Enlarged Pores?

The main function of pores is to provide a pathway for releasing harmful substances and perspiration.

A pore is basically just the opening of a hair follicle. While they do not cause issues in some people, others can be at a higher risk of skin conditions due to them.

The latter category usually includes people with enlarged pores. Since pores can be clogged and blocked in any season due to various reasons, they lead to multiple skin issues such as frequent breakouts or acne.

These pathways can even be blocked by the substance they release such as sebum in addition to particles or toxins from the environment.

This means a person with enlarged pores will remain more prone to skin problems even if he or she moves to the countryside or some city with less pollution.

Some of the substances that can block the pores are:

  • Sebum
  • Makeup (especially when worn for a long time and not washed off)
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Hair products
  • Creams and moisturizers
  • Excess touching
  • Higher levels of perspiration
  • Unclean water
  • Bed sheets and pillow fabric (especially in summer)
  • Seasonal changes

Most of the people with large pores are likely to have a skin reaction to all of the mentioned reasons of pore blockage in the list. This can result is some of the most undesirable consequences such as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, pimples, acne, and bumps.

But why do some people have larger pores than others?

The biggest factor that determines whether a person will have large pores or not is genetic makeup.

If large pores run in the family of the person, he or she will likely have them too. Such people usually have enlarged pores near or on their T-zone.

Some daily habits can serve as a reason behind the size of the pores, making them look bigger than they actually are as well as increasing the chances of them getting clogged by one of the substances listed above.

For example, people who touch their face a lot unknowingly transfer a lot of bacteria from their hand to their face.

Hands are so far the dirtiest and germ-filled area of the body since they come in contact with people as well as others things more often than others.

Putting them on the face or using them to wipe off sweat can result in pore-clogging bacteria causing cysts and breakouts. Next time, think before continuously touching your face for no absolute reason during class or work.

In addition, the internal health, as mentioned before, shows trouble through the skin many times. According to studies, daily intake can have a lot of effect on the sizes of pores. Poor diets are likely to show their results externally and internally.


How Can You Shrink Enlarged Pores?

There are a number of things that can help get rid of the factor that is causing large pores or minimize the size to an extent in case a person has them due to genetics. For the latter, there are no proper solutions that can be done once and are permanent.

However, no matter what the case is, the remedies for large pores are fairly easy and are not time-consuming.

They can be performed on a daily basis by most of the people to see visible results in a few weeks time.

Consider the following to treat the problem of large pores and to prevent getting them clogged resulting in skins problems as well as a decrease in confidence:

Noncomedogenic products

Whether a person is using skin care products or makeup, it is better to check the label of ‘noncomedogenic’ in all of the different types before buying. The term ‘noncomedogenic’ on a moisturizer or any product means it will not clog the pores.

Constant clogging of the pores also increases their size alongside the skin problems. Make sure to check any product before buying in the future.

Wearing Sunscreen

Many people may not know this but the UV rays from the sunlight reducing the production and amount of collagen in the skin also have an effect on the pores. Without collagen, the pores are unable to stretch and go back to their original shape.

There is either an option of sunscreen or moisturizers which contain SPF to tackle this problem. Just make sure both contain at least SPF 30 and are noncomedogenic.

Changing Diets

The sebum that blocks the skin can be produced due to many reasons including having a diet rich in transfat and oils.

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A person having a diet full of sugary carbohydrates and deep fried, oily foods is likely to have excess production of skin oils on the face.

Choosing unprocessed foods with a lesser amount of sugar and trans fat can not only help with the skin but the overall health of the body as these two are well-known to lead to some of the most dangerous health conditions.
How To Get Rid of Enlarged Pores?


Following the suggested 8-glasses or more is important for a great number of reasons including the health of the skin. Dry skin due to dehydration leads to more production of oil on the face. Water is important in cleaning the pores and maintaining their size.

Skincare Routines

Some of the people with exceptional skincare routines have the problem of enlarged pores. This is because of imbalance between different needs of the skin.

Some people use plenty of masks that are good for the skin such as the suggested clay mask but do not exfoliate.

Exfoliation is important in cleaning dead skin cells and toxins that pores are unable to get rid off from the skin. It can also unclog the pores and reduce their size if done on a weekly basis.

On the other hand, some people underestimate the importance of daily cleansing and moisturizing, often over-exfoliating their skin. This leads to increased sebum production due to dry skin.

Maintaining a balance between all these is fundamental and can reduce the size of pores even for people with genetic enlarged pores if there is a continuation. The suggested routine is one comprised of daily cleansing and moisturizing and weekly face masks with exfoliation.

Such a routine will show the results faster than any of the other ways and work for people no matter what the cause behind their enlarged pores is.


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