Lose Weight Fast With Lemon

Maintaining a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle in modern day life has been getting hard for most of the people day by day. As a result, many questions arise regarding tips to stay healthy, the most common one being keeping away from gaining pounds.

While working, people are more likely to neglect their food intake. Processed food or microwave 300 Calories food becomes a part of the daily routine.

During the working hours, lack of healthy snacks leads to binging on sugar or fat-rich Carbohydrates such as potato crisps, biscuits or calorie-laden drinks.

A good number of people do manage to burn off the excess, consumed calories in the gym, jog or any other physical activity they are involved in. However, the complaint of putting on weight, though in a slow manner, still remains.

This is where minor changes in the diet come in. Not being able to keep a strict check on the diet in a busy life in an understandable excuse, but little changes such as the addition of lemon water in everyday schedule can have drastic effects.

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Lemon with its tremendous capabilities can help with weight loss as well as benefit the body in various other ways. Adding lemon water in a normal diet can aid in quick weight loss up to 1 kg per day with a lighter, satisfied self.

What Makes Lemon Water Better than Store Weight Loss Drinks?

Store bought teas and drinks are used by a number of people who claim it helps in weight loss. There have indeed been incidents where people have lost a good amount of weight with these local grocery store drinks. So why not use them instead?

While these magical potions may contribute to shedding pounds, researchers have claimed they possess a larger number of negative side effects.

These drinks can be the culprit behind digestive problems, acidity as well as major health risks such as thinning of the stomach lining. There have even been incidents where people have lost their lives due to poisoning triggered by intake of such mixtures.

The truth behind such store products is that they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Even most of the ‘natural, preservative-free’ products that pose to be harmless turn out to be full of toxic substances when tested.

On the contrary, lemon water is naturally comprised of health-boosting matter such as Pectin.

This particular type of fiber found in lemon and some other fruits lessen bloating and makes one feel full for a longer period of time. Hence, the food consumption throughout the day and cravings are bound to decrease generally.

While it can be used specifically for the purpose of weight loss, it brings many other benefits such as boosting Vitamin C levels that accelerates the productions of White Blood cells required for a stronger immunity.

The antioxidants found in Vitamin C also help in the healthier skin by fighting free radicals. Collagen production, essential for younger, wrinkle-free skin is also kept up through Vitamin C.

History of Lemon Juice Usage

Lemon started off as a normal house beautifying plant, known primarily for its sweet scent until the end of 10th century and attack of crusaders who introduced the lemon plant elsewhere.

Where it continued to be used for decorative purposes for a long time, the typical purpose changed after people started noticing other effects of the plant.

Lemon and similar citrus fruits are able to keep scurvy away naturally. By the end of 1500, this came to the notice of many people and the plant became a symbol of health and richness because of its high prices.

Later incorporated into luxurious desserts such as lemon tarts found normally in dinners held at an aristocrat’s estate along with lemon meringue pies and puddings slowly became a favorite for many and easily available.

Today, lots of celebrities endorse the use of lemon water in their daily diets for added benefits which has led to the creation of the whole bandwagon and now the popular drink is available at cafeterias and restaurants across the globe.

Tips for Using and Buying Lemon Water

Lemon water and its preparation are fairly simple tasks. As easy as it may seem, it is always good to keep a few things in mind before buying lemons, making a drink out of it and adding it to the daily diet. Here are a few things to consider:

  • There are types of lemons based on their texture, size, and taste, the common ones being Lisbon, Eureka, and Meyer. Where the first two are better for sour-taste preferences, a distinction between the two is of seeds. Lisbon has no seeds and may be easier to prepare. Meyers have a hint of Mandarin orange taste and make great alternatives for thick fruit juices. Any other these can be used in accordance with taste but it’s important to use the ones required in the recipe being used.
  • Another thing to check when buying lemons is their ripeness. Yellow, thin-skinned lemons are to be bought over hard-skinned, green lemons.
  • Sealed plastic bags come in handy when storing lemons because of busy lifestyles or before the season changes. Using plastic bags instead of leaving them at normally in the kitchen or in the fridge makes their freshness last longer.
  • The quickest way to have a go-to lemon drink is to freeze lemon water in ice cube tray and use with water instead of normal ice cubes on a hot, summer day at any time one desires.
  • Lemon water can be taken at any time of the day, but it’s recommended to take it 30 minutes before any meal for better digestion, especially in the morning. Lemon water on an empty stomach will flush out the previous day’s toxins and boost metabolism the entire day.

When using lemon water ice cubes or generally preparing lemon water by squeezing lemon in the glass, make sure to not use cold water.

Warm water or room temperature water is preferred because drinking cold lemon water can possibly shock the body due to its properties. This does not happen to all people but it’s better to not take the risk.

Recipe for an Effective Lemon Water Drink

There are various recipes for lemon drinks and lemon-based food available that provides multiple healthy substitutes which can keep the taste buds satisfied.

Lemon water taken alone can bring great advantages but if infused with a bunch of other ingredients can improve the taste and accelerate the results. One recipe recommended is as follows:


  • Lemon Juice ( from about 6-7 medium-sized lemons)
  • A half cup of Honey
  • 15-20 Mint leaves (add more for a stronger mint flavor)
  • 8 cups of clean water


The preparation is as easy as making plain lemon water with no complicated procedures. The only thing to keep in mind is that honey, mint leaves, and lemon juice drinks should only be used with room temperature water. Lukewarm water works too.

Hot water or cold water can have unexpected effects on the body. The drink after preparation can be kept in the fridge for it to cool down, but cannot be left long enough for it to turn very cold. It is recommended to drink it when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

For best results, consume half an hour prior to any meal with suggested two glasses before morning jog or exercise about an hour before breakfast.

A clean diet and this drink can keep away any additional pounds and detoxify the body which makes it ideal for people who are constantly busy with work or school.

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