The Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

The Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

For many years, naturally occurring herbs, plants, and spices have been used to treat various health conditions.

These remedies, in comparison with the advanced current ways of curing, have been agreed upon by researchers to be safer.

In addition, many of the ancient techniques and cures have now been backed up by science. Studies have been conducted around the world that has proved the healing effects of the ways used in the past.

For example, turmeric is the herb that has the record of the highest number of studies conducted on it. Turmeric has been used to treat health conditions, specifically, gut problems as well as for beauty and seasoning in many countries.

The numerous research papers that corroborate the claims of medicinal, antiseptic, and beauty benefits of turmeric have led to scientists raising the question of whether it can be used in place of conventional medication in case of some specific diseases.

The claim has gained significant popularity ever since more people have highlighted the inclusion of turmeric is many of the common prescriptions and over the counter drugs as well as products created for the hair and skin.

In a similar way, there are many other spices, herbs, and plants that have been researched upon to thoroughly study its benefits and possible uses. Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices around the globe.

It is used in many of the daily consumed foods as is usually an essential ingredient. The easy availability has made black pepper a fundamental spice in all of the foods. This is why a person is highly unlikely to find an alternative spice to black pepper in any recipe.

In addition, black pepper uses have extended beyond flavoring purposes. It is now used for a number of other purposes such as medicinal uses, perfumery or scents, and preservatives in food. Usually, the spice brings no side effects to a person.

After the benefits of black pepper came into the limelight, researchers turned their attention towards black pepper essential oil.

Surprisingly, black pepper essential oil is not as popular as other oils such as chamomile, olive, and coconut despite its advantages.

Black pepper oil can actually be used to treat many everyday health conditions and can be used in place of traditional medicines. It is not only safer in comparison but can bring multiple benefits to the body at the same time.

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The Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

What Are The Benefits Of Black Pepper Oil?

Black pepper oil, whether used orally or topically, can be of great use when it comes to providing a natural and fast solution to common problems. The reason behind its unfamiliarity in people can be because the studies observing effects of the oil are fairly recent.

There is a high possibility of researchers finding even greater advantages of adding black pepper oil remedies in everyday life as the work and observation of its effects is still going on.

For the time being, black pepper oil can help a person in the following ways:

Relieving Pains and Aches

One of the biggest advantages of using black pepper oil can be relief from muscle and body aches that occur in adults as well as children from any physical activity or work.

Black pepper oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties are primarily responsible for this effect.

A study published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2014 focused on the uses of essentials oils for the treatment of everyday pains including neck pain.

When the observed subjects used cream comprising black pepper oil for four weeks, they reported significant improvement.

Not only did the patients have lesser swings of neck pains generally, but also a higher pain tolerance. A continued use of the cream for 12 weeks showed many people got rid of the everyday pain almost permanently.

Black pepper oil can be used for muscle fatigue, pain because of workout or physical activity, tendonitis, muscle injuries, and symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid.

Better Digestion

Most of the studies based on black pepper spice and oil have been on their benefits for the digestive system.

The conclusion in all of these has been similar, accentuating the improved patterns of digestion as well as prevention of gut diseases.

Including black pepper oil in diet can effectively help in relieving constipation, gastritis, diarrhea, bladder dysfunction as well as IBS symptoms in patients and that too in a much safer way due to its anti-diarrheal, gastro-protective and anti-spasmodic properties.

Managing Cholesterol Levels

A study conducted in 2002 showed that the inclusion of black pepper oil had a significant effect on the overall cholesterol levels in the body. It mainly focused on the hypolipidemic effect of using black pepper oil internally.

Researchers concluded that foods and supplementation that included black pepper oil raised the concentration of HDL cholesterol while keeping LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels under control. This resulted in a better management of overall cholesterol levels.

Using black pepper oil internally can help reduce high triglycerides and help lower bad cholesterol while boosting the good cholesterol that is needed by the body.

Boosts Circulation

Whether a person uses black pepper oil externally or internally, it tends to encourage healthy circulation in the body. In addition, adding black pepper oil to diet or applying it directly warms and soothes the body.

Mucus and bile flow can be stimulated by orally taking only a small quantity of the oil. These circulatory activities can also be taken one step ahead by combining black pepper oil with other essential oils. The most recommended one is turmeric essential oil.

Anticancer Activity

A study conducted at Michigan State University in 2010 went beyond discovering the anti-inflammatory and warming effects of using black pepper essential oil and looked at how compounds derived from repressed human cancer cell proliferation.

Peperine is one of the most effective compounds found in black pepper oil that can be used to treat early stages of cancer as well as prevent it in the first place.

Detoxification Of The Body

Black pepper oil tends to have a warming effect when applied directly to any part of the body.

Why is this so?

Because applying it stimulates sweating in the body. In addition, another important use of black pepper oil can be detoxification.

Black pepper oil can be used in place of diuretics as it increases urination and cleanses the body.

This can also help in controlling blood pressure naturally as the excess water in the body gets removed along with the toxins.

A study published in Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics showed that taking piperine supplements helped the observed subjects in controlling blood pressure, reduce inflammation, swelling, and improve liver function.

What Are Some Things That You Should Keep In Mind?

Black pepper oil can be of great use if used currently especially when it comes to preventing or curing any health risks. However, like any drug, food, herb or nutrient, it can have negative effects when taken in a high dosage on the body.

In addition, some people tend to have a sensitivity or allergy to black pepper. In a case like this, the person is also not able to use black pepper oil.

A good way to check for allergy symptoms can be to do a patch test on the skin.

It is also suggested that black pepper oil should be diluted with another essential oil when applying topically. Some good choices are coconut oil, jojoba oil, and chamomile oil.

The Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

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