Sleep Better With These Powerful Helps

Sleep Better With These Powerful Helps


The modern day life is filled with a lot of work which leaves a majority of people including many of the adolescents and teenagers to sleep deprived and restless.

According to research conducted on the issue, it has actually become quite popular to sleep for rest than 6 hours on a daily basis in the 15-22 age group.

Sleep has now been known to be essential since many of the body’s functions including healing and repairing are done when during it. Lack of it can not only lead to many health issues but also impact the daily behavior and performance of a person.

For example, lack of sleep may leave you feeling more tired and exhausted which will make it difficult for you to focus or any class or work. It may even cause many serious mental issues such as depression and anxiety.

Insomnia is also a mental issue whose cases have risen tremendously over the recent years in all age groups. It is a condition in which a person is unable to fall asleep and may even go without it for days or even weeks.

In such circumstances, medication is prescribed to the patients of insomnia but they do not work for everyone. In fact, the drugs have been linked to many side effects and may even cause dependence.

It is better to look for alternatives before trying out any medicines especially in mild cases. Many holistic healers and herbal doctors recommend trying a number of herbs which may help in falling asleep and getting rid of insomnia.

Sleep Better With These Powerful Helps
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Which Herbs Can Help You Get Rid of Insomnia?

Insomnia leads to a list of health problems if left uncured. Lack of proper and timely sleep triggers anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes. Medication and prescriptions from your doctor may hide away the temporary cause of sleepless nights.

Historically it has been found that taking herbs has shown and proved effective to aid sleep as well as to relieve stress. The effects of some common herbs like lemon balm and chamomile are positive than wishful thinking placebo.

Different types of herbs obtained from various areas around the world would surely help you in struggling with sleep. Some of these herbs include:

California Poppy

California poppy has historical importance as a treatment for a headache, toothache, and sores. The sedative properties make it suitable to use in insomnia. Due to its medicinal importance, it is also good to use for children.


For better identification, the poppies bear yellow, red and orange flowers which bloom well in dry conditions. It is preferred to use poppy in combination with other herbs for sleep and random mood disturbance.


It is basically a perennial flowering plant. The roots of Valerian are dried properly and used for insomnia treatment as it has the potential to reduce the time a person takes to fall asleep. It increases the duration and provides sound sleep to the person using it on regular basis.

The Valerian causes impacts which last for hours, reducing the anxiety and depression due to loss of sleep.  It is recommended and preferred that if it is taken in form of capsules, get advice from a doctor for a specific dose and timings.


It is the most recognized herb by allopathic practitioners. If you are among the individuals affected by insomnia, take it in small safe dosage and you will find it effective. Also, choose the right species of herb for you before buying it in stock.

Chamomile is known to promote mental calmness but it may not help those affected by chronic insomnia. A relevant study at the University of Pennsylvania has found that chamomile reduces the anxiety and depression to a significant level.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a center of importance in Europe since the Middle Ages. It is used in making tea due to its potent medicinal properties and refreshing citrus smell. The studies have shown that lemon balm promotes mental relaxation and encourages sleep.

It is also used as a supplement to improve cognitive performance of an individual and boosts mental calmness. Due to this fact, it is also called as a nootropic. So let’s have a lemon balm tea to improve mood and relieve mental stress.

Passion Flower

Generally, it is said that good things come in small packages. Same is the case with this perky little plant. It is known to promote mental relaxation and to ease mental stress. Passion flower also has incredible related benefits.

It is more effective when taken in combination with other herbs. Excess of flavones and alkaloids regulates the muscles movement and relaxes nerves. Its sedative properties make it a best herbal remedy.


Lavender slowdown a running mind and relaxes the nervous system. Lavender tea is also known well for its remedial properties. Lavender essential oil or extract is mixed in a cup of boiling water and inhaled for falling asleep faster.

The sweet scent of lavender in a room or slight dabbing it over a pillow helps a lot in inducing sleep in individuals. Due to its mood-enhancing power lavender products are recommended a lot.

Basically, it prevents agitation and continuous stress by slowing the activity of the nervous system.


Hops is highly effective when used as a tool to calm the mind and promote relaxation. Its flowering part is first dried before using it as an herb.  Hops have been found effective in treating sleeping disorders and anxiety.

For improved flavor and restful sleep, use hops in pair with lavender and chamomile. This herbal combination is perfect to get rid of anxiety and nervousness.

Although in the United States, the FDA has recognized hops as safe to use it is preferred to consult a healthcare professional before taking it for insomnia.

Kava Kava

The indigenous knowledge provides useful and effective herbal remedies to get rid of daily problems. Kava Kava is known to promote sleep making use of its hypnotic power.  Like other herbs, it decreases anxiety and promotes calmness.

Kawa Kawa has been used from prehistoric times to ease mental stress. Besides its all benefits, avoid using Kawa Kawa if you are suffering from liver problems. It may cause liver toxicity due to overdosing or due to contamination.

What Else Can You Do?

Herbs may help you fall asleep but there are also a number of other things you can do to avoid sleepless nights and related health conditions. In many cases, especially in young adults, the main thing causing sleeplessness is unhealthy lifestyles.

Majority of the population is seen to have a poor diet which lacks in essential nutrients. In fact, Standard American Diets are filled with sugary carbohydrates and ultra-processed food.

Both of these are extremely unhealthy and have been linked to top causes of death worldwide. They can impact all functions in the body including your sleep cycle. Try to avoid such foods and incorporate more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

In addition, try to cut down your caffeine and alcohol intake. Both are known to mess with the sleep cycles and disturb mental health.

Another thing that is bound to keep you up at night is stress. Whether you are worried about grades or your next business meeting, you should know that nothing comes before your mental health.


Try to make a schedule to do all your tasks on time and give yourself some time to relax.

Overworking the brain while having little rest can greatly damage your health. If you find it hard to escape your thoughts and stress, indulge in an activity that can help.

Running, yoga, meditations, painting or cooking class are some good examples of such activities.

It is essential to follow all of these steps while using herbs to cure insomnia or improve sleeping patterns if you want long-term and permanent changes.

Make sure to consult your doctor or any health professional before using any of the herbs if you have any other health condition or are on any kind of medication.


Sleep Better With These Powerful Helps
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