The Truth About Organic Foods

The Truth About Organic Foods

It is hard to keep an eye on a diet while being busy with other events and activities of life. Social media has led to people becoming more conscious of their daily intake but the majority of the people still find it hard to filter out the toxins and add nutrient-rich foods in their meals.

Another problem that is faced by today’s generation is the change in the quality of foods. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables had higher levels of nutrients over a decade ago than they have now.

This phenomenon keeps developing robbing naturally available sources of minerals and vitamins.

The reason behind this is the advancements of fertilizer industry and its marketing. This had made the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and substances that are used in crops for the purpose of a higher yield or protection.

While using such products on crops can indeed safeguard from possible pests, a report showed that most of the harvested crop may be more in quantity but is fairly poor in quality. In addition, the used materials can also add a number of toxins to the crop.

In addition, the environmental concerned have raised voices against the use of pesticides and fertilizers as well. Another harmful effect of using them of crops is that they disturb habitats of other animals.

For example, in 2003 there was a considerable decline in the population of eagles due to the use of pesticides in whole grain fields.

The insects infected by the pesticide were eaten by the eagles which in turn affected their reproduction cycle.

The Eagles faced difficulties in protecting their eggs as the chemicals in their prey led to disturbing the forming of the hard shell covering. Hence, the eggs either broke after 1,2 days or the newborn were too weak to survive.

The abundance of harmful products flowing at the aisles of local grocery stores combined with the difficulty of being unable to find nutrient-rich food has led to people turning towards alternatives such as supplementation.

However, the best way to fulfill the daily need is still getting it by normal food as suggested by scientists.

This can also be done by buying organic products as well as home farming for a useful backyard vegetable and fruit place.
The Truth About Organic Foods

Why Should You Choose Organic Food?

Organic food and farming are not becoming popular without any reason. There are amazing science-backed benefits provided by choosing an organic lifestyle that can convince any person to start their own backyard farm or switch to buying organic products.

Following are some of the reasons a person should consider making the lifestyle of switching to organic food:

Avoiding Chemicals

What is common in almost all of the food available in the market today? It is filled with toxic chemicals that can harm a person in many different ways.

The worst thing about this is that even the products labeled ‘chemical free’ will be having more chemicals than products had over two decades ago.

In accordance with the National Academy of Science, 90% of the approved foods and chemicals are not tested along with their long-term effects before being cited as safe. The FDA only checks about 1% of the food.

In addition, many of the dangerous pesticides and chemicals require special chemical testing. There are various claims that have proved that these types of chemicals are approved without undergoing complicated procedures for testing.

Many of the chemicals approved by Environmental Protection Agency are not even tested. There are over 600 chemicals that get approval from such food agencies in the United States alone. Switching to organic food can avoid any contact with such chemicals.

Higher Level Of Nutrients

The aforementioned problems with reducing quantities of nutrients in crops and foods are increasing day by day. Chances are that a person may not be able to get most of his daily intake and develop deficiencies if this goes on.

However, this can be stopped by organic farming and food because the techniques used to organically grow crops boosts the levels of nutrients in them. A study published in Journal of Complementary and Alternative medicine reviewed 41 conducted studies.

These studies individually studied the nutritional content of organic products and simple products with comparisons.

The collective conclusion was the organic food had a considerably higher nutritional value than the normal food.

Researchers have highlighted that on average, the organic foods have 21.7% more iron, 29.4% more magnesium, 27.7% more vitamin C and 16.5% more phosphorous. Secondly, there were no harmful substances in each of the organic foods.

Better Tastes

If a person has ever tried two similar meals with different quality of products used, there are good chances that he can feel a big difference in tastes of both of them. Try cooking with organic foods for meals for one day.

Many people have reported the organic foods to taste better as they blend in better with each other. A number of accounts also said that these foods smelled better, had an improved texture, and were easier to cook with.

No Antibiotics Or Hormones

Many people are unaware of the fact that their daily food can contain some antibiotics and hormones which are essentially not good for the health. Both of these are not added to products while manufacturing but are present in the animals on the farm.

Giving antibiotics to conventional livestock to prevent and cure illnesses is a common practice in almost all of the farms.

Although the FDA has limited some of the antibiotics used in animals, many people continue to use them and exploit the loopholes in the legislation.

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Secondly, another frequently occurring practice in farms is the injection of hormones in the animals.

Doing this makes animals gain weight and mature faster which in turns helps in the increased production of milk or similar products.

According to studies held at Arizona State University, many of these hormones are carcinogenic and can also cause a number of other diseases in people combined with the dose of antibiotics given to the animals.

Although only traces of these both reach the food consumed, they can have damaging effects. A significant effect of antibiotics in food is increased antibiotic resistance in people who consumed meat frequently.

Environmental Concerns

Organic foods are not only better for the health of the people but also good for the world generally. Organic farming techniques can reduce water and air pollution caused by the use of pesticides or fertilizers along with preserving the soil.

In addition, many species are endangered because of the use of chemicals in crops as they feed on the pests in the fields. A good example of the effect of the use of pesticides is the aforementioned reduction in eagle population.

Organic farming does not disturb the role of various organisms involved in ecology and can also help preserve biodiversity.

Things To Keep In Mind

Switching to organic food can be good for people and the world generally. However, it cannot be made overnight and there are some things to keep in mind before doing so.

Whether organic foods are better or not is a personal choice but it is important to know that most of the organically produced food is generally expensive than its counterpart.

It is not possible to throw away all the stuff and go organic in one day.

Farming at home can be hard for many people as it requires a lot of effort. Make sure to check the specific veggies or fruits that can be grown in the respective climate and their costs with maintenance.

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