What Are Cucumbers Good For?

What Are Cucumbers Good For?

Cucumber is botanically called Cucumis sativus, and it is from the family of watermelons, pumpkins and other similar fruits. It grows on a vine which produces edible fruit, i.e., cucumber all around the year long.

There are many varieties available in it as per different regions of growth. The traditional ways to eat cucumber is the fresh or pickled cucumber.

The origin of cucumber is from India for more than 10 thousand years ago. It was then transported and cultivated in all other parts of the world.


What Are The Benefits of Cucumber?  

It may don’t seem real, but this beneficial thing which is a part of our salads and smoothies is a fruit. The benefits of cucumber are numerous. It has so many antioxidants in it which boost immunity.

The reason why are cucumbers a major part of diet food is that they have so fewer calories in them. A high part of them is soluble fiber which makes it perfect choice to eat in dieting.

The water content of cucumber is also very high which provides the extra hydration to the user body. More than that, there are a lot more things which are not known to everyone.

What Are Cucumbers Good For?

Here is a list of seven best health benefits which you can get from using cucumbers.

  • The natural multivitamin

If you have to find something which provides the best nutrients, cucumber is sure to short the best option. It is low in calories but high in all amazing vitamins and minerals which determine the status of your health.

You won’t believe that only 11 ounces which make roughly 300 grams raw cucumbers can give to your body. It only has 45 calories in it and zeroes fats.

The carbs in 300-gram cucumber are only 11 grams, and proteins are 2 gram. It also has fiber which is more or less 2 grams. The vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, K, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese are also part of it.

This amount is what a single serving of a salad recipe contains in it. In case the amount of cucumber is increased all these nutritional values will increase too.

More than all these, the water content of cucumber is certainly a significant property. It is made up of water which makes up to 96% of the content.

Many biologists say that all these benefits are best achieved when you eat raw cucumbers. Do not cook or peel them. In that case, it reduces the number of nutrients mainly fiber.

All these facts make cucumbers a perfect natural multivitamin which has no side effect at all. The chemical based health supplements are not always safe.


  • The high antioxidant count

An antioxidant is a class of nutrients which are necessary for the health. Antioxidant are the molecules which are helpful to block the process of oxidation.

Oxidation is a naturally occurring chemical process which forms reactive atoms that have unpaired electrons in them. These unpaired electrons are free radicals and are the chief cause of many problems.

One thing is that all these free radicals accumulate and causes many chronic illnesses. Another thing is oxidative stress which causes problems in heart, lungs and autoimmune diseases.

Any natural ingredient that has antioxidants in it is precious for human consumption. Fortunately, cucumber is one of them. It helps to reduce the risk of many diseases and boost the immunity.

  • Hydration of the body

Water intake is essential for the body. It performs almost all functions inside the body and an even cell which are otherwise incomplete if there is no or less water available.

These processes include temperature regulation, transportation of minerals, nutrients and even the waste products. It affects the performance of the cells and even digestion.

Overall, the amount of water that a healthy adult needs are more than the food. More than 40% of this water can be taken from the food which serves the double purpose.

Many such fruits and vegetables include cucumber too which are high in water content. Cucumber has 96% water inside them, and they help to restore the lost water levels of the body.


  • The diet food

Calories in cucumber are very less. If you eat it in the regular diet, it is more likely to help for weight loss. If you take one cup of cucumber which is roughly 100- 104 grams, it only has 16 calories.

It means eating a plenty of cucumbers will still give you fewer calories than any other food ingredient. Due to their refreshing nature, they are the best choice for salads, even sandwiches, and burgers.

  • The diabetic control

Cucumber helps to lower down the blood sugar level. It is a good food source for diabetic patients which are unable to control their body sugar otherwise. Controlling it with diet is the best solution.

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This fact needs more research, and it is currently a part of many nutritional and physiology related research studies. The clinical testing is mainly in animals and test tubes, and therefore it needs more information.


  • The metabolic aid

A lesser-known fact of cucumber is that it helps to increase metabolic rate. The bowel movements are improved which reduces the risk of any digestive complications.

An additional benefit is to have a high water content which reduces the risk of constipation. It maintains the natural level of water inside and makes the stool movement easy.

Fiber is also a part of cucumbers which aid this regulation of digestion additionally. Cucumbers are high in pectin which is a soluble fiber. It has particular rose in bowel movements regulation. It also contributes to maintaining the microflora of the gut, keeping it healthy and functional.

  • Easy recipe guide

Cucumbers have this amazing property that their taste is not very distinct. They are refreshingly cool and a part of many recipes. You can use them in so many forms.

From salads to side dish cucumber can be anything. Eat it raw or make a pickle, they are tasty and nutritional. Add it to a food recipe or a drink recipe; it works best both ways.

There are very fewer options which have these amazing properties in them. Many people like their cucumbers raw but a lot more guys like them as a part of a main course or salad.

The cucumbers can be creatively used in anything. For example, you can take an idea from following names.

Cucumber chips (baked), Pickled Cucumbers, Fresh cucumber salad, Thai cucumber salad, Cucumber infused water, detox drink with cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint, cucumber and mint mojito, cucumber smoothie, cucumber and grilled cheese sandwich, cucumber with hummus, etc.


What Are Cucumbers Good For?

Should You Add Cucumber To Your Diet? 

If you want a refreshing ingredient in your diet, there is no better alternative than cucumbers. They have a high nutritional value and provides so many benefits for the user

You may wonder if they have little calories why are there having so many nutrients. These two are not connected, and it is a 100% possibility for it to be true in case of any organic food ingredient.

If you add up cucumbers in your diet, the benefits it may give you may not be undeniable. But soon you will start feeling it. From the skin to digestion and weight loss to hydration, it improves everything.

All in all, cucumber is one of the best food options which everyone should use in the routine. It is suitable for every age group except infants. There is no case of an allergic reaction from it.

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