Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

One of the many diet plans trending on the Internet world for weight loss includes a juice fasting or liquid diet. Juicing has become very popular in recent months when some celebrities endorsed them publically.

Now you will see juice bars appearing along with popular food joints. Almost all of them have restricted calories and the complete nutritional value written on them. On TV and Internet, there are thousands of documentaries where juice diet is helping people to lose weight. Ever wondered if it works?

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A juice fasting is a specific time period in which you are only allowed to drink juices. You can also take another form of liquids such as water, tea, and other clear liquids. But you cannot eat any solid food.

Many people think that this juice fasting is not real and it’s just a hype. In this article, you will know if juice diet cleanses your body, what are the safety concerns and how should you follow it.

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

Why do people follow juice fasting?

Juice fasting is a process of body cleansing. People that follow a juice diet are not necessarily trying to lose weight. Many people do juice diet to boost the body with essential nutrients in their body.

The juice diet is a detox process that uses the power of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people do not eat all those necessary nutrients that are required for the healthy functioning of the body. When you switch to a diet that has a high amount of healthy fruits and vegetables, it boosts your health like anything.

In juice diet, only fresh juices are recommended. Some of them also use the pulp of the fruit, which is rich in fiber. The processed juices come with the high amount of chemicals, preservatives, and additives. They are not healthy and highly controversial to be used in a diet.

Using pure homemade juice is a better idea. It has all the necessary vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that your body needs. People who follow juice diet say that they feel an obvious change in their digestion. As per user experiences, juice fasting has following benefits for you.

  • It boosts immunity
  • It removes the toxins from the body
  • It helps you to lose weight naturally

Many users say that juice diet even reduces the risk of some diseases. However, there is no scientific study to prove this claim. Due to the high benefits of juice diet, it is assumed that some of the preventive claims may be true. Only research can precisely tell about the benefits of juice fasting.

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How does a juice diet work for you?

It is better to read about the juice diet before you plan to start it. It is extremely important to self-evaluate your body for deciding if you need juice diet or not. You should also read about the ingredients of this diet and compare them to your likes and dislikes.

This road mapping is necessary to increase your success rate. Many people prefer to select only the organic ingredients so that do not take any pesticides or chemicals. This diet is a matter of science and good planning to get healthy effects on body and brain.

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

Pros and Cons of juice fasting

If you are interested to start juice fasting, you must know about the following things that it can do to your body.


  • The high nutritional diet plan

How many of us actually eat the healthy foods daily? There is hardly any part of a fruit or vegetable in our diet. The new lifestyle trends don’t even complete the daily recommendation of nutritional elements.

It is otherwise difficult to balance the daily serving of fruits and vegetables. When you follow a diet that has only one part, which is fruits and vegetables, it makes your diet better. If all these ingredients are in form of juice, it is easier to make it and consume it. It allows you to take all the nutrients that you probably would otherwise miss.

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  • You can create your own recipes

Juice diet is a creative way to plan your food intake. It allows you to experiment with hundreds of ingredients and try a mix and match thing. When you do grocery shopping for a home, you usually buy the same fruits and vegetables that you normally eat. Contrary to that, when you are following a juice diet, you have multiple options.

Some of the ingredients are only used in a little quantity. Some are added just to enhance the taste; some of them give the fruit its rich pulp whereas some give it a beautiful color.

It is easy and fun to make juices at home. It gives you the freedom to try the new recipes without the tension of how would it taste. You can always add more ingredients to change the taste. Also, this is a single serving plan so you wouldn’t be worried about what the rest of family will think about it.

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

  • Your body will take up all the nutrients by itself

Do you know that when you eat any food, despite the high nutritional value, your body is only capable of taking up a limited portion of its nutrients? Drinking a juice is different because it provides the instant nutritional shot.

Even it doesn’t have the insoluble fiber in it, which makes the digestion difficult. This insoluble fiber is removed through the juicing process. Digestion becomes easier and improved this way.

Drinking a juice is a better way to give a chance to your body for nutrients absorption. In this way, it becomes easier for the body to absorb the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that the juice provides to the body. You can say that juice is a complete multivitamin drink that has a yummy and refreshing taste.

  • It reduces the food wastage

Two days old fruits may not make a beautiful looking salad but you can always add them to juice. There is no need to worry about the appearance of your meal when you are juice dieting. Whatever ingredients you use, the result is a pleasant colored juice, which has its own aroma and nutrition.

In this way, it prevents you from food wastage. You can use all fruits and vegetables without a tension of their physical state. People throw the food ingredients if they don’t find them pleasant looking. However, they still taste fine.

  • You will lose weight

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

Not a direct benefit but juice diet makes you lose weight. When you are not using complex carbs and fat in your diet, your daily calorie intake will be much reduced. It will make you lose weight, even if you are not planning to do it. if you don’t want to lose weight, make sure that your juice fasting carries a healthy amount of calories in it.


There are no such cons of a juice diet. But you have to make sure of certain things. For example;

You may not lose weight

If you want to do juice fasting, you will get hungry more often. It will lead you to take juices off and on. If it is not regulated, you may end up taking more calories than your normal meal.

In this way weight loss will not be a real thing for you. That is why the preachers of juice fasting suggest people follow a calculated calorie juice diet instead of randomly start taking juices.

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  • It may raise your blood sugar

Fruits have sugar in them. Even if they are homemade, they have natural sugar in them. It works the same like you eating something sweet. The sugar content of a fruit only says about one particular sized fruit. But in juice diet, you aren’t taking one fruit once a day. You may end up taking a high amount of sugar. It is a big concern for diabetic people. Make sure that your sugar profile is normal if you want to try juice diet.

Juice fasting- Is It Worth Trying?

  • It is an expensive diet

Worried about spending too much on food and think that juice diet is a cheaper option? Consider it again. Juicing is not inexpensive. The fresh organic fruits and vegetables are sometimes more expensive than other dietary ingredients because you are only consuming them all the times.

Its good to spend that much for a one time meal but when you only have to consume fruits and vegetables, it may affect your budget. Buying premade juice is also expensive because they add manufacturing cost too. So juice fasting is not a good idea if you have a low budget to follow.


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