Boost Your Health By Clean Eating

Boost Your Health By Clean Eating

The increase in daily workload messes up the schedule of most of the people. Mindless eating and loading up on unwanted extra calories is one of the main consequences when a person does not concentrate much on himself.

The effects of doing so are well known. Eating more than the normal body requirement can result in rapid weight gain. In accordance with the researchers, eating merely 100 calories more than the needed amount every day can contribute to gaining 1-2 pounds monthly.

Secondly, lack of concentration also means not checking the quality and content of whatever food is in the daily intake.

This makes people consume food which less very less or no nutritional value. On the contrast, foods such as sugary carbohydrates harm the body and come with no benefits.

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One of the reasons why allergies, diseases, obesity, and sensitivities are so common today is because of this change in the food habits of people in most of the developed world. To combat this problem, various methods have emerged.

One of the ways that are being commonly tried by people is clean eating. The term ‘clean eating’ for most people means cutting out everything except a few foods from the diet along with an extremely low-calorie intake.

However, clean eating is often misunderstood. Cutting out all of the food is not a suggestion given by any of the popular, healthy diets as that does not benefit the body but can actually prove to be harmful instead.

What Is Clean Eating?

The term ‘clean eating’ is so popular that most of the people have heard it even if they are not a big fan of staying healthy or working out. From fitness and healthcare magazines to a medical journal, clean eating is a big hit.

However, many of the times it is mentioned with a not so proper explanation of what is actually consists of or the person reading it takes it the wrong way.

For example, a person checking up on exercises from a fitness magazine will also come across ‘clean eating’ when reading about diet along with the workout.

Since most of the exercise programs promulgate a low-calorie diet for fast weight loss, people assume clean eating refers to a restricted diet which only allows boiled veggies or fruits. This is not even near to what clean eating is.

Clean eating is what its literal meaning is. The method involves eating more of what is considered high nutritional or ‘clean’ food and less of what is loaded with calories but provides the body with no beneficial nutrients.

Avoiding some foods as much as possible is surely a part of it like most of the diets but cutting them off completely is not recommended unless it’s done by choice. For example, some people prefer to cut refined sugar out completely.

If the person does not suffer from any particular diseases, any physician and doctor will be fine with that decision since refined sugar does not really have any nutrients but instead digests quickly as well as is high in unwanted calories.

But this does not mean everyone has to cut out refined sugar from their diet. The diet should be balanced with more of the healthiest food and less of the not so healthy food.

This means that a person can still eat his or her favorite dessert once in a week or fortnight.

The plan is concentrated more on balancing different types of the food while fulfilling the body’s nutritional need and cravings at once. By following this method, the calories are restricted automatically because added healthy food in low in carbs.

In addition, for the people who already eat this way, clean eating can mean choosing between the two options of organic and inorganic.

A person does not have to buy everything organic, but he or she can start with replacing one or two vegetables or fruits with organic ones.

Organic food is higher in nutrition than inorganic food because of lesser use of fertilizers. Most of the vegetables and fruits available and eaten today are not able to provide the same amount of vitamins and minerals they did years ago because of modern techniques of crop growth.

Choosing organic foods can be useful for a lot of people in a lot of ways. For example, if a person is recovering from a nutritional deficiency, eating organic food along with supplements can show faster results.

One of the most notable things about clean eating is that it does not have any disadvantages as a person is not eating very less or cutting out any food completely. It can be beneficial for people from all age groups if done properly.

A lot of recipes available can be of great help which means a person does not have to repeat the same food over and over again.

Boost Your Health By Clean Eating

Useful Tips for Clean Eating

Clean eating is comparatively easier to do than other methods because it does not mean staying hungry and eating as less as possible. However, most of the people get confused on where to start and what to follow.

Here are some tips that can help when trying to figure out what to add and cut from the diet for efficacious clean eating:

  • Loading up on fruits and veggies

In accordance with the Centre for Prevention and Disease Control, 76% of the Americans do not get their daily need of fruit while 87% do not get their requirement of vegetable. Adding fruits and veggies to diet is one of the essential parts of clean eating.

Not only will this change help in avoiding weight gain or dieting but can significantly reduce the risks of chronic diseases such as type 2 Diabetes, obesity, cancer and autoimmune disease.

  • Choosing Whole Grains

What is common in all of the healthiest grains? They look pretty much the same as their fresh harvested forms just like wild rice, quinoa and oats do.

Secondly, they are very little or not at all processed. Most of the everyday foods like pasta or white bread are unhealthy because they contain processed grains.

Going whole grains can bring great advantages since the intake of fiber will be increased. More fiber means more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that can help prevent diseases and maintain health.

Secondly, it is one of the main secrets behind rapid weight loss in the long term and the alternative whole-wheat pasta, bread and similar options that come with it are equally good in taste.

  • Eating Less Meat

According to the latest researches, eating less meat is overall healthy for the body. It does not mean a person has to go vegetarian or vegan. Eating less meat can be especially good for heart and blood pressure patients.

Switching lean meat from mutton and beef can also be of great advantage. In addition, eating less meat does not necessarily mean there is a higher chance of protein deficiency. There is an equal amount of proteins in plants and dairy foods.

Looking out for Sodium and Sugar

Both sugar and sodium-rich foods are liked by most of the people. It is considerably hard to not give in to the temptation of having them every day. A person who is clean eating can enjoy both of these but in an appropriate amount.

The only thing to avoid here is adding too much of sugar and salt in foods, not foods containing these generally. Do not add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to coffee or tea.

Lowering the amount and not cutting it out completely is the key.

  • Processed Food

One of the things that is suggested to be avoided as much as possible by any person with a good health is processed food from the store.
Boost Your Health By Clean Eating
These are usually the products with super long ingredient lists consisting of dyes, high amount of sugar or sodium, hydrogenated oils, and preservatives.

All of these are harmful to the body. Reducing the number of such foods is a fundamental part of clean eating. It is recommended to not have such foods more than once or twice a week.




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