Know About The Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

Know About The Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

Not a fan of Egyptian diet? No problem! No one is suggesting Egyptian food for reducing the risk of heart problems. But you may like to know about Tsimane diet that has great benefit for your heart. Interested to know how it works? Keep on reading the article until the end.

Here we are not making a false statement but it is actually proven by the latest research that Tsimane diet eaters have reported lowest level of cardiovascular problems ever reported in the world.

Read the complete research here.

Never heard of Tsimane before? No worries.

The Tsimane sometimes also called Chimane is the term used for indigenous people that live in lowland Bolivia. It falls in the areas of San Borja, San Ignacio de Moxos, Rurrenabaque and Santa Ana de Yacuma of Beni Department.

Tsimane is the term used for people of these areas, mainly in the council territory and Pilon Lajas Reserve. These people have their own rich agricultural history. The larger part of their food supply is based on hunting and fishing.

The research summarizes the healthy heart conditions, stable blood pressure, low cholesterol and low blood sugar levels. Normally, any disturbance in all these factors leads towards a chronic heart condition. If these factors are controlled, there is less risk of any cardiovascular condition.

The researchers have studied the attributes of healthy eating for this tribe. Two important things to add here are; they have a high physical activity for the day and their larger part of the diet is plant-based.

Their diet has a large part of carbohydrates (72%) and it also includes the non-processed carbohydrates such as rice, plantain, manioc, corn, nuts, and fruits. The protein element of their diet is nearly 14% and it comes from animal sources.

The fat content in their diet is very low. It is only 38grams of fat that they eat every day, which includes 11 g of saturated fat. There is no trans fat in their diet. Smoking is very rare among these tribal people.

Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

The research team concluded that lack of physical activity and high-fat diet has added risks for the health of people around the world. The Tsimane diet being less in fat and a very active lifestyle promotes the good health. That is why their native people have reduced risks of heart problems, researchers say.

The researchers team conducted a visit to 85 Tsimane villages between the years 2014 and 2015. They studied the population and took CT scans of the heart of 705 residents that aged between 40 and 94.

These scans were studied for the hardening of the coronary arteries. They also noted the general information of these people such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood glucose, and inflammation etc.

The results were astonishing. They found that 85% of the people had no risk of heart diseases. This 85% comprises of people who were over 75 years of the age. That is too surprising, considering the high prevalence of heart problems around the world.

Another 13% of these tribal people had a low risk of heart problems and only 3% had a high risk that is minimum. As compared to the rest of the world, this 3% high risk is almost ignorable.

Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

Now comparing this study with another study that was conducted in the USA, having 6,814 participants showed that among all these people only 14% had no risk of heart problems. Around 50% of the populate had moderate to high risk of heart problems

The people from Tsimane tribe have low heart problem rate and a healthy level of blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Surprisingly, these results go parallel with the fact that half of their studied population had elevated levels of inflammation.

The researchers believe that this inflammation is not related to an increased risk of heart problems. It may be a result of high incidence of infections. They also believe that their plant-based diet is the key to their health.

Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

The research team observed that Tsimane people only spend 10% of their waking hours sitting idle. All the remaining hours, they are constantly involved in activities that make them active. In comparison, this is much more physical activity than people of an industrialized nation that spend 54% of the inactivity time per day.

The physical activities where Tsimane people involve themselves are hunting, fishing, farming that engages the men for 6-7 hours and women for 5-6 hours per day.

The Tismane aren’t the only ones that follow a healthy diet, high physical activity and reduced risk of heart problems. Another tribe from Africa also enjoyed the benefits of a similar routine.

A CNN reporter reported this tribe and you can read about it by clicking Here.

Tim Spector published this report in 2017 when we traveled to Hadza’s territory in Africa and observed their eating patterns for three days. By the end of this time, he discovered that his own metabolism was improved. After coming back to his routine diet on his return, his gut health also returned to where it was before his visit.

Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

What to learn from this research?

This research emphasizes the importance of healthy eating. The activity and importance of healthy eating cannot be ignored. It also suggests that you can even be healthy with eating a carbohydrate-rich food that people blame for the obesity and weight gain. The trick is to eat the good quality food and not the poor quality, calorie-rich food that causes nothing but damage.

The high carbohydrate diet is generally considered unhealthy in all parts of the world. It is mainly because the source of these carbohydrates is not healthy. More than the calories, it is the sources that make a food healthy or non-healthy for you.

The Americans eat carbohydrate-rich food by eating processed foods. On the other hand, Tsimane people eat carbohydrates from healthier courses. That makes a major difference between two of the varied levels of heart problems.

A very high carbohydrate diet is not as bad as people think. At this point, it is the source that matters more than the calories. Physical activity is also necessary. Even the studies show that inactivity leads to make you lazy and obese.

Tribal Diet That May Eliminate Cardiovascular Diseases

However, we cannot impose the same activities for Americans that Tsimane people do i.e. hunting etc. Still, there are ways that people from modern societies can do to make themselves active. It is particularly necessary for people that have a desk job. They spend most of their time in sitting which adds even more chances to get overweight.

Also, try to get your nutrition from healthier sources. Avoid processed foods in the diet. Use fresh food items i.e. vegetables, fruits more. Make movement as a part of your daily life. Exercise, walk or run daily for at least 5 days a week to maintain your weight. All these factors will help to improve the quality of your life.




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