Use Egg Yolk for your Hair Growth

Use Egg Yolk for your Hair Growth

Almost all of us know that egg yolk is the yellow central part of an egg that looks like a suspended ball in egg white. When you crack the egg open, the yolk is usually intact and white parts start dripping.

This egg yolk is loaded with high nutritional value. It has proteins such as biotin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin D in it. These nutrients make the egg yolk a power pack.

Do you know that using egg yolk on your hair brings the natural growth, volume, and shine to them? You might have seen people applying egg yolks on the scalp as a protein treatment for hair loss, brittle hair, damaged hair and dried hair.

The egg is also a major constituent in all home-based hair masks. That is because it makes the hair grow faster than normal.

Benefits of egg yolk

To understand how egg yolk benefits the hair, it is necessary to know that what are the common hair problems. Some major factors that contribute to the hair problems are poor diet, chemical treatments, oxidative stress, and heating. All these processes break the protein bonding of your hair, making the breakage more easy and fast.

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How does egg yolk help in damage repair?

The egg yolk may help you to repair the damage caused to the hair. As you know it is rich in vitamins that make the hair less damaged. The yolk is very helpful for moisturizing the hair and your hair will no more look dry.

The yolk is a superfood for hair. It has a unique combination of ingredients inside. Some of them are vitamin A, E, biotin, and folate that are associated with best hair growth. The research proves that all these vitamins help to make the hair grow longer and healthier in less time.

Talk about the most common deficiencies and iron deficiency is on top of all. Iron is necessary for the body to produce new cells. The egg yolk has the small but significant amount of iron in it. That is why egg yolk is not only good for eating but also to apply to the hair.

How egg yolk help to grow hair faster?

If you apply the egg yolk on your scalp it will adhere the vital vitamins to the roots of your hair. This means that there will be ideal nutritional count for the new hair that grows later. This new hair will also be more strong and less risk of breakage.

The excessive hair fall will eventually stop and your scalp will be fuller. It will look like your hairs are growing faster than normal.

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What are the ways to use egg yolk for hair?

You can try a number of ways including the following.

  • Apply a hair mask

You can make your own hair mask at home using egg yolks. It requires yolk and olive oil and the wonderful moisturizing and deep nourishing mask for hair is prepared. You can also use plain egg without adding anything to it.

For making the egg mask, stir the egg or egg yolk and add oil as per your hair length. Use gloves to apply this mixture to your hair. Use your fingers to part the sections and apply it. Make sure to soak the roots and ends of hair in the mask. Let it dry for one hour and then rinse it with cold water and shampoo.

  • Add eggs to your daily diet

You can start consuming eggs to meet your daily protein count. It is seen that people who use egg daily for breakfast usually enjoy healthier hair naturally.

Eating eggs in breakfast also improve the nutrition by providing the body with protein, B vitamins, and folate. So it means more you take care of your body, prettier your hair will look.

It is not necessary to eat eggs on for breakfast for their nutritional benefits. You can eat them anytime in any form. They are beneficial in all forms. Just don’t exceed the limit and do not take a very high quantity off egg yolks or any product that uses egg yolks in it.

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  • Take supplements

There is this new product that most people don’t know about. There are pills available in the market, which have distilled versions of egg yolk. So you can get these pills and make your body to enjoy the nutritional benefits of egg yolk, without eating it in real. You may not even need hair mask of egg yolk if you are taking supplements for it. Using these pills is associated with having healthy shiny hair naturally.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also has no issue with these dietary supplements. They are simple, basic and easy to get. These pills are not medicines but the nutritional supplements. You must talk to your doctor before you start taking them. It is not recommended for the pregnant, breastfeeding mothers and patients on daily medication to use the pills on their own. Always talk to your doctor before using them.

Is there any risk of side effects of an egg?

The use of egg yolk is relatively safe for hair and health. There is the extremely low chance that it will have a health risk. There are a few side effects that may occur under specific conditions.

For example, if you have an egg allergy, using egg or any product of it is strictly not recommended. Do not use egg when you have egg allergy even if you are applying it topically on your scalp.

If you are eating egg yolks in large quantity, you may disturb your natural cholesterol levels. The yolk is high in cholesterol. When you eat an egg per day, it doesn’t bring any harm. But if you start taking it in high quantities, you may put yourself at risk of heart problems, blood pressure problems or diabetes.

Final thoughts

Using egg yolk on hair is an effective and helpful way to make your hair grow faster. However, it is not a matter of days and you may require weeks or maybe months of yolk usage to see the visible results.

It depends upon the condition of your hair. If there is enormous damage, you may need more time. Less time is required if the hair damage is pretty normal.

Also, note that usage of egg yolk may not improve the appearance or health of the hair for every user. There are cases where the reason behind excessive hair loss is something else, mostly an underlying health condition. Yolk masks do not treat such cases hair problems.

The only benefit of yolk mask is that it is a simple and inexpensive way to treat your hair. You can easily try it home and don’t even need to go to a salon. It is definitely worth trying, you never know if it works for you or not.



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