Replace Your Household Products With Tea Tree Oil

Replace Your Household Products With Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils are used in nearly all cultures and societies for a long time. Sometimes, you might have heard some of the oddest uses of such oils. They can be used in different ways ranging from beauty purposes to treatment of a number of health conditions.

Tea tree oil is one of such oils. Also known as melaleuca, this oil is well-known for its ability to heal wounds and keep them away from bacterial or fungal infections due to its various antiseptic properties.

Tea tree oil was mainly used in Australia in the previous centuries because of limited trade routes. Secondly, this oil is mainly derived from the plant Melaleuca alternifolia which is a native plant of Australia and was only grown there in those times.

Nowadays, you can see the different uses of tea tree oil around the world. It might even be in some of your cleaning, skin care, and cosmetics.

Tea tree oil gained popularity after seven decades of continuous research which highlighted its antibacterial, antifungal as well as antiviral properties.

In addition, bottled tea tree oil can be seen in a majority of the homes in the United States. According to a study carried out in 2011, one of the five most used oils in the United States was tea tree oil.

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The study also reported that it was used in many different ways in each of the houses having it including beauty purposes and medicinal purposes.

A number of people have also claimed that tea tree oil can be used in place of topical creams and medication thereby saying that it should be one of the necessary items in everyone’s medicine cabinet or first aid box.

Use Tea Tree Oil In Place of Your Everyday Products

How can tea tree oil benefit you?

According to researchers, tea tree oil has been used longer than you think by Indigenous tribes in some parts of the world. Today, there are science-backed advantages of this essential oil. There are approximately 327 scientific studies on the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil alone.

Tea tree oil can benefit everyone in everyday life in a couple of ways. Some of the conventional healing ways of using tea tree oil are:

  • Chicken Pox
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Staph Infections (boils)
  • Lice in Hair
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungus infections (all common types including toenail fungus, Candida, Athlete’s foot and Jock itch)
  • MRSA
  • Cold Sores
  • Dry Cuticles
  • Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Congestion
  • Insect Bites and Sores
  • Sunburn
  • Earaches
  • Psoriasis
  • Halitosis (another name for bad breath)
  • Acne

This list only comprises of the healing properties of tea tree oil. So, in case you see there is an advantage such as using tea tree oil for removing make and other beautification purposes, it is probably because most of the people already know that.

In addition, you might not even know that tea tree oil alone and in combination with other essential oils can replace many of the pricey household items.

Using tea tree oils as a substitute for such common products can help create a cleaner environment in your house due to reduced usage of chemicals.

Following are the products that tea tree oil can replace:

  • Household Cleaner
  • Chemical-free Deodorant
  • Anti-microbial Laundry Cleaner
  • Anti-microbial Dish Cleaner
  • Mould Remover
  • Chemical-free Acne Face Wash
  • Insect Repellent
  • Foot Order Remover
  • Beauty Products (Makeup Remover, Moisturizer, Hair replenisher)

A study published in Journal of Phytomedicine showed that none of the essential oils including tea tree oil cause any sort of adverse effects. This is the reason why many doctors prescribe tea tree oil in place of traditional medication and options in a number of health conditions.

In addition, the study also highlighted the synergetic effect of taking essential oils. This means taking essential oils along with medicines brings no side effects as well as does not react with them and instead decrease chances of development of antibiotic resistance.

How can you use tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil can be used in various ways to treat the conditions or replacement for common household products as mentioned before. Following are the ways you can use tea tree oil:

Aromatic use of tea tree oil

Aromatherapy is a widely used and well-known technique known for helping in relieving many health conditions especially mental health problems such as depression, ADHD or anxiety. Tea tree oil is one of the oils that can be used for aromatherapy.

You can do this at home in two ways. The first one is diffusing the oil by using an oil diffuser in all rooms of your home. The second one is to directly inhale the scent from the tea tree oil bottle or to sprinkle some directly on skin, clothes, and way as a perfume.

Topical use of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is applied to hair or skin due to its beautifying effect. But before doing so, it is important to know that tea tree oil should only be used topically in mixture with another carrier oil of your choice in a 1-1 ratio. Two of most suggested options are Olive oil Coconut oil.

Both of these oils have their own advantages for the skin and hair. A mixture of these with tea tree oil can bring even better effects.

Avoiding internal use

Tea tree oil is used as a remedy for dental problems, to get rid of bad breath and for whitening of teeth but that does not mean swallowing the oil does not cause any harm. Always remember there is no remedy that includes internal usage of tea tree oil.

According to the National Poison Centre, this is because swallowing tea tree oil is not beneficial and can instead be poisonous. It can cause hives, allergies and digestive issues if used internally, therefore, it should be avoided at all costs.

When using tea tree oil as a mouthwash or for mouth ulcer, you should always spit it out later and not swallow it to prevent any potential dangers.

Tea tree oil household cleaner

You might have noticed some of your friends or relatives are advised to keep away from conventional household cleaners and deodorants. Most of these people will also be suffering from some kind of seasonal, food, environmental allergy or maybe having some lungs related issue. Why is this so?

Use Tea Tree Oil In Place of Your Everyday Products

Asthma patients are clearly told to avoid products containing chemicals to avoid future asthma attacks and to reduce their intensity. According to a study, indoor environments of some homes can be more toxic than outdoors due to the use of chemical-laden products.

Most of the household cleaners have chemicals and synthetic scents as well and it is also a fundamental item for most of the people. You can replace that commercially hold cleaners with homemade tea tree oil cleaner that will bring no side effects.

This natural cleaner is not only easy to make and requires only four ingredients but also leaves behind a fresh scent in the house when used.

You will need the following items for creating a homemade tea tree oil household cleaner:

  • 15 Drops of Lemon
  • 80oz Water
  • 15 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • 4oz White Vinegar (distilled)
  • Spray Bottle (for easy use)

All you need to do is combine all the mentioned ingredients and shake the bottle once. You can start using after letting it sit for 15-20 minutes. This amount of tea tree oil cleaner will last around 30-40 days. Make sure to shake before using every time.

In addition, glass spray bottles are recommended to store the homemade cleaner over plastic bottles since citrus essential oils have an acidic nature that can be good for you but not for plastic because it will eat away the plastic over time.

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