The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

Conventional medication is cited as necessary in many of the serious health-related conditions in most of the parts of the world.

However, the view that only formulated medicines can help relieve a health condition has been challenged after the conduction of various studies on possible alternatives.

Consequently, a number of herbs have especially caught the attention of the researchers due to their benefits that can treat and lessen chances of diseases and treat their effects.

The reason why the debate between conventional medicine and alternative herbs is so popular due to a number of reasons including the little or no side effects of the herbs.

Almost all formulated drugs have been shown to have side effects ranging from sedatives to anti-inflammatory medicines.

Additionally, with a tremendous increase in the number of allergies and sensitivities, statistics have also shown a growing number of people are becoming sensitive to some of the most commonly consumed medicines.

For example, there have been cases where people who had minor health issues such as a sore throat got severe reactions from over the counter medicines.

Amoxicillin is a popular drug used in numerous parts of the world such as South Asia in the formulation of antibacterial medication. There are reported cases of people getting allergic reactions after taking any antibacterial medication that contained amoxicillin.

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Moreover, the worst part about sensitivity to medication is that at times it is usually not visible and instead causes great damages inside the body with no signs showing.

Augmentin allergy is one of the most widely seen allergies that has the severest effects and has been proven fatal for people who were injected with it.

You are highly less likely to have such severe effects from the use of herbs that have been researched upon and confirmed to be beneficial by various scientists. Milk thistle, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, and ginseng are among the most powerful herbs.

However, the herb on which the highest number of studies conducted is turmeric, the main spice used in Indian and Pakistani food.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is considered that most powerful herb because of its ability to greatly reduce health conditions or completely reverse them. It tops the list of most researched upon and talked about medicinal herb in science.

Turmeric originally comes from the Curcuma longa plant that is grown in India, Pakistan and other South-east Asian countries. After it grows, the root of the Curcuma longa plant is separated away from the rest.

The yellow colored turmeric is then created by grounding the roots from the Curcuma longa plant and used in various dishes and foods, one of the most prominent being Indian curry.

The turmeric powder contains numerous amounts of chemicals known as curcuminoids that play an individual role in treating different types of health conditions. The most active of them all is a substance called curcumin.

There have been as many as over 10,000 studies on turmeric and its most active substance. The most popular of them all are the ones that compare the benefits of turmeric to conventional medicines.

Where some of them show turmeric can be equally effective as pharmaceutical medicines, others indicate that turmeric has added advantages due to the fact it brings no side effects.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

Proven benefits of turmeric over traditional medicines

You will be surprised to find out that some of the most common health conditions that you continuously need to take pills for can be treated with turmeric. Though studies on turmeric are still being carried out to study for any left out benefits, the known ones can help a lot of people.

Out of all the medicines that can be replaced with turmeric, the following are the most common ones that every other person takes on a daily basis:

Anti-platelets or anticoagulants

Some of the most common medicines that you can get without a prescription from a doctor for minor conditions are classified as anticoagulants or antiplatelets. Some of such medications include:

  • Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, etc)
  • Warfarin (Coumadin)
  • Diclofenac
  • Aspirin
  • Naproxen
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix)
  • Enoxaparin (Lovenox)

People suffering from the pulmonary embolism, deep-vein thrombosis, and other health conditions take such medicines for treatment. Studies have shown that these types of medicines can bring some of the severest side effects.

Ibuprofen overdose is an example that can be frequently occurring in patients. Other typical effects that are not considered that serious are headaches, back pains.

However, in most cases, serious effects such as excessive bleeding, hemorrhage, and difficulty in breathing follow the minor ones.

Researchers throughout the 1980s suggested turmeric as a better alternative especially in some of the conditions such as vascular thrombosis based on its working and no side effects.

Anti-inflammatory medication

Turmeric is noted for its many benefits but the most powerful feature of the chemical combination in it is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

A study published in the Oncogene journal showed the effects of different anti-inflammatory medicines and their substitutes to find out whether they work equally well in controlling and lessening inflammation in the body.

The conclusion of the study showed that the most commonly consumed drugs ibuprofen and aspirin are actually the least effective of them all. Secondly, in comparison with substitutes, turmeric was one of the most highly effective ones.

This was one of the most groundbreaking studies of the year as inflammation is connected to some of the most dangerous diseases which are prevalent and shown to be on increase like diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain and ulcerative colitis.

Complications related to the skin

Since turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory chemicals and antioxidants, it has been proven to be beneficial for the skin especially in curing acne and acne scarring.A number of skincare products that contain turmeric serve as a proof.

In addition, psoriasis flares can be controlled with turmeric. Wounds and healing are fastened with the application of turmeric on them.

Managing Diabetes

Diabetes and fluctuating blood-sugar levels are common among the populations of most of the countries. In accordance with the statistics, cases of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have been on the rise due to environmental factors, poor diets, and increased sensitivities.

The second most recognized benefit of turmeric after anti-inflammatory properties is lowering blood sugar and reversing insulin resistance.

A study published in Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications showed the comparison between the effects of taking a turmeric supplement and a common diabetes treatment drug called Metformin among the patients.

The study showed that not only was curcumin 400 times more potent than the mentioned diabetes drug in activating AMPK for insulin sensitivity but also that it cured some of the harshest effects of diabetes such as damaged blood vessels.

How do you take turmeric?

Turmeric can be added to any food that you think might taste better with its addition while keeping the quantity in check. However, if you are unsure, there are plenty of traditional south Asian or South East Asian recipes that also taste delicious.

Another way of taking turmeric is in the form of turmeric supplements. These supplements may not be available in all pharmacies and medical stores because their use has not been that popularized yet.

Turmeric on the skin can be applied by mixing only a tiny portion, about a pinch, of it to yogurt or milk. This is one of the most commonly used home remedy in South Asia for healthy, glowing skin.

Before using this remedy, try a patch test as some people reportedly have skin irritation from turmeric.

In addition, keep the quantity of turmeric you put in food or anything else in check. A high quantity of anything is harmful and can show reverse effects instead of the expected one.

If you are taking any other medicines, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before taking turmeric supplements or adding it to your diet as it can react with some of your prescribed medicines like the mentioned ones.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

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