Can I treat genital warts at home?

Can I treat genital warts at home?

Genital warts are harmless if they are not causing a discomfort or a problem. They don’t even need a treatment if they are not being a problem anyways. There are so many ways to treat genital warts naturally. But the evidence of their efficiency is limited.

Most of the genital warts are caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HPV virus but you can make the symptoms better. There are some home-based remedies, which clear up genital warts and soothe the pain.

The same virus is linked to a number of cancers but the genital wart itself is not cancer, nor it causes any type of cancer. Also, not all people infected with HPV develop genital warts.

This article is helpful in removing genital warts at home by home remedies, which are safe and effective. It will also tell you about a few lifestyle changes that help to make warts go in less time.

Three best home remedies for genital warts

Why do you need a home-based solution for genital warts when you can go to the doctor? The problem is that genital warts can return anytime even after you get them removed surgically. The best is to use easy tricks like home remedies for warts which are effective when you use them along with medicinal aid.

There are many cases where using a remedy along with treatment is not recommended. Note that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not regulating the alternative natural medicine.

So if anyone wants to try any remedy, he is responsible for the effects all by himself. That is why you will see all such informative articles come with a recommendation to consult a doctor before trying any natural remedial agent. Additionally, try to buy from a reputed vendor for best quality natural ingredients.

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Following are three remedies, which make the healing of genital warts faster. But remember that these remedies will not kill the virus; it will only provide you relief.

1- Try green tea extract

Green tea is a multi-beneficial natural ingredient, which has a remarkable role in fighting against genital warts. It is proven by research that using a particular type of green tea extract (called sinecatechins) is helpful to make the wart vanish. It was equally helpful as medicinal effects. Moreover, you don’t really have to wash the green tea extract off your skin, before applying it again. Leaving it to the skin is harmless in fact it provides extra benefits to the skin.

In case of genital warts, you can try using green tea extract on affected area directly. Leave it for some time and let it dry completely. Scrub it and leave it as it is. It is better to try this at night, before going to bed. You can wash it in the morning.

green tea for Genital warts

2- Try tea tree oil

The use of tea tree oil has benefits to treat a number of skin problems. You will find it as an active ingredient in a number of skincare products. It has natural antimicrobial effects, which is helpful to overcome some microbes that may cause warts.

It is not much studied for the said benefits. But there is evidence that says tea oil may show good results in the genital area, as it has beneficial effects on other parts of the body as well.

As results of a case study tell the detailed use of tea tree oil for treating warts on hand on an infected child. It showed positive results, which mean that tea tree oil may show good results for genital warts too.

Using tea tree oil on the skin may burn or itch. That is why it is never recommended to use tea tree oil directly on the skin. You should mix it in a carrier for the application. In case of genital warts, ask an expert before using it. The genital area is sensitive and it is never suggested to experiment with it.

tea tree oil for genital warts

3- Try witch hazel

Used in a number of remedies, witch hazel is a popular product to help a number of skin problems. Like tea tree oil, it is also a part of many skincare products making them more effective for the skin benefits.

It is mild so it may not burn or itch on the skin like tea tree oil. Remember not to apply it on mucous membranes (that include inner vaginal or anal lining) for the possible irritation. It is proven by research hat witch hazel may help against HPV-16 which is one of the causative agents of genital warts.

witch hazel for Genital warts

Which lifestyle changes can help?

As you know, HPV is an infection that is transmitted by sexual contact. The person infected with HPV has a possible risk to spread it to other people. It is better to use safe sex practices if you doubt to an HPV infection. In any case, using the protection is the right thing.

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Some research evidence suggests that taking necessary dietary changes can also improve the symptoms of genital warts. Certain food ingredients i.e. cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli) are helpful to stop and reduce the development of genital warts. Such vegetables have elements that your body metabolizes into chemicals, which may attack HPV.

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When should you see a doctor?

HPV is a serious infection, which is not just confined to genitals. It may affect throat, cervical and may initiate some types of cancer. If the status of HPV is known, the spread of virus and the possible damages to health can be prevented.

Everyone who has HPV infection may not necessarily develop genital warts. It only targets to a few people. Those people who have sores or warts at genital should see a doctor as soon as it starts to cause a discomfort or pain.

Only a proper diagnosis can tell the reason behind the warts. It requires proper treatment. Not all warts are caused by HPV. There is a possibility that it is another type of growth, which looks like a wart to you. One such example is herpes, which is a bacterial infection. You cannot be sure on what you are going through. Only a certified doctor can diagnose your condition.

diagnosing genital warts

The medicinal approach to treat genital warts

There are medical treatments for genital warts available that are generally effective. Not only the reduce the appearance of the wart but also they reduce the pain and discomfort that it causes.

Like already said, any medicine would not kill the virus. The virus will continue to live inside the body and it may cause outbreaks in future too. The topical treatments such as podofilox or imiquimod are helpful for warts. They are applied directly to the warts and are available on a prescription. Never use a treatment for genital warts when you are pregnant. Another cream called sinecatechins is also used for removing genital warts. This is a herbal product that is FDA approved.

In extreme cases, the doctor can freeze off the warts by a process called cryotherapy. This process permanently removes the warts, but new warts may appear later. Cryotherapy requires numerous treatments to work.

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A surgical option to remove wart is also possible and it is done under local anesthesia. This surgery is a one-time process, which completely removes the wart.

It depends upon your level of infection and health conditions to select an appropriate method for wart treatment. These treatments are helpful but not all of them are given altogether. It may take several months to make the warts completely disappear.



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