Kombucha Tea- The Proven Health Benefits

Kombucha Tea- The Proven Health Benefits

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is either black or green. For thousands of years, it has been consumed for the benefits that it provides to the body. It has a high amount of antioxidants in it, which makes Kombucha tea a perfect antibacterial formula.

Kombucha is also called tea mushroom or Manchurian Mushroom. Fermenting a culture of bacteria and yeast in a symbiotic relation produces the tea. Kombucha has several researches linked to it, which prove its medicinal effects. It is used in major areas of Russia and Europe.

It is thought that Kombucha originated from China or Japan but the accurate information on it is unavailable. Using bacteria and yeast and infusing them into black or green tea make the tea. This mixture is allowed to ferment for a week or more and then it is ready for use.

This fermentation process gives it a mushroom-like blob look, which is the reason for Kombucha tea, is sometimes called mushroom tea.

Following are eight best benefits of Kombucha tea.

  • Kombucha tea has a probiotic-rich formula

Kombucha tea has the high amount of probiotics in it. If you start taking Kombucha tea regularly, the gut will be supplied with these healthy bacteria. These collectively can improve your health and immunity.

The benefits that Kombucha tea linked probiotics can provide to the body are; they can improve digestion, restraint from internal inflammation and cause to lose weight.

  • Kombucha has added benefits of green/ black tea

When we make a list of healthy hot beverages, green tea takes the highest position in it. Kombucha tea is made with green tea or black tea. In case of green tea, it gives you extra benefits.

Green tea has bioactive compounds i.e. polyphenols which are basically antioxidants for the body. All of these compounds will be a part of your body if you start making Kombucha tea from green tea leaves.

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On a larger scale, Kombucha in green tea burns your calories, improve cholesterol level and control blood pressure and blood sugar level. Taking regular Kombucha green tea reduces the risk of certain diseases for future. The benefits are for both men and women.

  • Kombucha has antioxidants in it

The thing that makes Kombucha tea one of the healthiest options in tea is that it has high amounts of antioxidants in it. These substances are helpful against free radical damage. Free radical causes damage a cellular level. An antioxidant formula is much needed to manage this process.

It is better to take these antioxidants from food sources. In this way, these antioxidants become even healthier than antioxidant supplements. Kombucha tea has exceptional benefits when you make it in green tea.

  • Kombucha is a natural antibacterial aid

You would be wondering about the antibacterial benefit of Kombucha tea. Well, that is right; using Kombucha tea is the best natural treatment for pathogenic bacterial strains.

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When Kombucha tea is made during the process of fermentation, acetic acid is produced. This acetic acid is antibacterial and it helps to overcome many harmful bacterial strains. This acetic acid is also a component of vinegar that is why vinegar is also a good antibacterial agent.

Kombucha tea from either black or green tea has this antibacterial potential in equal potency. It is the procedure, which gives Kombucha tea this amazing property. It doesn’t really matter if you are using green tea or black tea to make it.

  • Kombucha prevents the risk of heart problems

Heart diseases are one of the leading problems of the world. It is a major cause of death in many countries. Sometimes the mistreatment and lack of treatment facilities increase the mortality rate due to cardiac problems. But it doesn’t mean that heart problems are fatal. They are not.

A proper management and precautionary steps reduce the risk of heart problems. One of these beneficial ingredients helpful in controlling heart problems is Kombucha tea.

Kombucha tea especially the one made with green tea protects the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing, which often times cause heart problems. Green tea itself is very healthy for the heart.

When you make Kombucha tea in green tea leaves, it gives double benefit and protects the heart from possible damage.

  • Kombucha may help to control and maintain type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a worldwide concern that has affected millions of people from almost all parts of the world. A high sugar level and insulin resistance indicate the type 2 of diabetes.

Consumption of Kombucha tea slows the carbohydrate digestion. It causes blood sugar level to drop. It also improves the overall functioning of liver and kidney.

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Kombucha tea in green tea leaves shoes very promising effects to control type two diabetes. Green tea has a natural power to reduce and maintain blood sugar levels. As a combination, Kombucha green tea mix is a great help for type two diabetic patients.

  • Kombucha may have anticancer potential

One of the biggest health concerns that are affecting the health leading to death is cancer. Cancer is an uncontrolled cellular growth, which is caused by cellular mutation. In most of the cases, it results in death.

Tea prevents the growth and spread of cancerous cells. It has a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants in it, which enhance immunity and ensure the normal functioning of the body.

It is just an assumption that Kombucha tea will reduce the risk of cancer. There is no human study to verify it. It is evident through research that the polyphenols block gene mutation and hence they reduce the growth of cancer cells.

It also promotes cancer cell death, which is why it is believed that Kombucha tea has a role in cancer control too.

Due to this reason, you may see that Kombucha tea or green tea users are less likely to get a condition like cancer. They are generally healthy and fit as they regularly take herbal teas.

Kombucha is super healthy for your body!!

All the above benefits are a proof that Kombucha tea is a probiotic-rich, alkaloid rich, healthy formula, which saves you from many microbial infections and fatal diseases like cancer.

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It is easy to get it from a health store around you or you can also make your own Kombucha tea at your home. Be careful while you prepare it.

Fermentation requires extreme care and concentration. In any case, if there is a contamination or the Kombucha tea is over fermented, it causes severe health complications. Also, if you are making Kombucha tea at home, it will have alcohol in up to 3% concentration.

It is better to buy Kombucha tea from a store or online. There are several trusted vendors that are selling it online. The commercial products are available without a prescription and anyone can use it.

Kombucha tea is just a healthy hot beverage. The commercial Kombucha tea doesn’t have alcohol like homemade Kombucha tea.

Even if it is present, it is less than 0.5 alcohol it. Always read the product label for to know the exact amount of alcohol.

If you are watching your diet, select a brand that doesn’t have added sugar in it. Kombucha tea is healthy but you should select the best possible blend, made by a trusted manufacturer to avail all the health benefits of it.


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