5 Pro Tips To Avoid Catching The Flu

5 Pro Tips To Avoid Catching The Flu

Are you scared to see the prolonged effects of flu on other people around you and think that you may catch it too? Do you have plans to do this season and want to avoid being stuck with a runny nose and flu?

Although, a guarantee against the tips will be uncertain, yet there are many things that you can try to prevent yourself from getting flu this season.

Do you know that each year, USA experiences between 9.2 million and 35.6 million cases of flu? It makes around 140,000–710,000 hospitalized and some 12,000–56,000 annual deaths. Flu is not as simple as you think it is.

The flu season starts in October and it is on a peak in December and January. The time between February and March is transitional because the weather tends to change but it increases the victims of flu in the USA.

Though you may think that flu and the common cold is one same thing but they are not. They are different from each other by all means. Cold is mild but flu is an extreme condition. Flu sometimes results in severe health problems i.e. pneumonia, bacterial infections and causes the patient to hospitalize.

Another thing is that certain people have a high risk of catching flu than the rest. These people include children, pregnant mothers, people over 60 years of age and those, which have a low immunity or have the chronic medical condition.

The only way to stop flu from hitting you is to prevent it by all possible means. There is no foolproof plan for it but using these simple tips might save you from flu. Here are five tips for avoiding flu, which everyone should know about.

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  • Try a flu shot

Getting a flu shot is the best thing that can prevent you from having flu. These seasonal flu shots are to get protection from multiple flu viral strains. These flu shots are nothing but the vaccine that is injected into the body with a needle.

It is better to get vaccines at least 2 weeks before the flu season starts. The ideal time required by the antibodies to form is 10-14 days. These antibodies are the protective agents, which are a part of a natural immune system.

It is better to discuss with your doctor if a flu shot is effective for you or not. Many cases of flu shots develop side effects from the injections. But these side effects don’t include flu, the disease itself.

Everyone who is over 6 months of age can get an annual flu shot. It works for 40% to 60% of the patients in prevention of flu.

Follow good habits

Not just the vaccination or flu shot, but it’s your lifestyle and habits too that matter. It acts as a first indicator of whether or not you will catch flu. As you know flu is contagious. It spreads from person to person or by touching the contaminated surfaces.

Common surfaces like doorknobs and table surface are the most common sources of spreading the viral particles causing flu.

It is necessary to take care of hygiene, not just at home but outside home too. If you yourself feel sick from flu or a possible attack of flu, avoid unnecessary outdoor exposure and stay at home.

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Treatment by medicine

Antiviral medicines are targeted to kill flu virus. They are available on prescription and are helpful to treat the infection once you are contaminated. The mechanism of action of each antiviral class of medicine is different. Each one of these attacks a different parameter but all work for preventing the virus from multiplying in your body.

Plenty of rest, fluid intake, and adequate hydration all help to improve the symptoms of flu once you are caught by it. The doctor will prescribe antiviral medicines along with preventive measures and personal care.

Enhance your immunity

Guess why microbes like viruses attack you and infect you? The reason why most of the microbes make a successful way to attack you is that you have a weak immune system.

The immune system is the first line of defense, which stops the alien particles to invade the body. It starts to kill these foreign bodies on its own as a part of its defensive plans only if the immune system itself is functional.

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High or low immunity makes your body open for bacterial or viral attacks. In case of immune system disorders like allergies, asthma etc and autoimmune disorder, it needs extra care that you must make effort to maintain your immunity.

There are so many things, which ensure a healthy body and higher immunity. Some of them are as follows.

  • Taking a perfect diet
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Making an exercise routine
  • Having a perfect BMI value
  • Taking peaceful sleeping hours
  • Reducing mental and physical stress.

Quit smoking

Ever thought smoking could be the reason behind your increased chance of catching flu? If not, think about it now because it does. Quitting smoke is a good preventive measure to stay safe from flu attacks. Not just for you, it reduces the risk for your kids, family, friends, and neighbors too.

If you don’t know, smoking has a direct and immediate health effect on immunity. When you are stuffing your body with harmful and damaging substances like nicotine, found in cigarettes, the immunity will decline.

Flu never looks like a real problem when it affects the otherwise healthy and fit people.

It takes some time but they eventually get over it. If the flu symptoms are shown in smoking people, you may notice that they have a much higher intensity as compared to those who don’t smoke.

In smokers, the symptoms are intense and in non-smokers, the same symptoms are much milder. About flu, there isn’t anything about the infection that hurts or causes a pain. The problem with viral infections like flu is that their symptoms are very discomforting.

If you have some work to catch later, with a flu infection, you will not feel as motivated, confident and active as you do otherwise. That is because the symptoms of viral flu are much more badly than the disease itself. Leaving cigarette will significantly reduce the appearance of symptoms..




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