Drinking Soda May Reduce Your Fertility – Research Suggests

Drinking Soda May Reduce Your Fertility – Research Suggests

It is a well-known fact that the Standard American Diets today are filled with trans fat and sugary carbohydrates that harm the body and increase the chances of developing serious health conditions to a great extent.

Soda also forms an essential part of the daily intake today in people from almost all of the age groups. You can see children as young as 4-5 drinking soda as well as adults over the age of 50 drinking cans of soda.

The negative impacts of soda are well-documented in medical literature but a new study has revealed yet another effect of the drink.

Drinking Soda May Reduce Your Fertility - Research Suggests

If you are trying to have a baby or wish to have one in the future, then you might want to cut down on your soda intake because according to a new study soda can reduce chances of conceiving and reduce fertility in both men and women.

The research states that people who drink one or more glasses of soda on a daily basis are likely to be less fertile. The findings of the study have been published in the journal Epidemiology.

The study is particularly important for couples because the cost of fertility treatment in the United States may be more than five billion dollars. Around fifteen percent of the couples in the country are affected by infertility problems.

Therefore, knowing more about the major risk factors for infertility is fairly important as it can avoid any excessive financial burden, relationship problems, stress, and mental effects. Some of the changeable reasons for the condition are the lifestyle and the diet.

Looking at the recent years, the amount of added sugar in the diet of an individual has increased dramatically in the US.

About one-third of the added sugar in the diet comes from soda and sweetened drinks both of which are generally harmful to the health and have been linked to obesity, metabolic issues, and type 2 diabetes.

There have also been a few studies that have highlighted the direct effects of drinking soda on fertility in both women and men. Soda intake has is also linked to poor quality semen and early menstruation.

For more details on the issue, researchers from Boston University School of Public Health in Massachusetts conducted a study that looked at 3,828 women between the ages of 21-45 along with 1,045 men.

The subjects included in this study were from Canada and US and had also been a part of the Pregnancy Study Online web-based prospective cohort study.

Drinking Soda May Reduce Your Fertility - Research Suggests

Data on the subjects’ diet, lifestyle, and medical history were collected. The women were also required to complete questionnaires every two months until the one year period ended or until they conceived.

After assessing the data, the researchers found that drinking soda caused a 20 percent decrease in the monthly possibility of conception in both the women and their male partners.

The women who had soda on a daily basis had a twenty-five percent decrease in their monthly probability of conception while their male partners who had soda at least once every day had a 33 percent reduction in their chances of conceiving effectively with them.

The researchers also saw that drinking energy drinks had led to an even greater reduction in fertility but since there were a very few number of participants who had energy drinks, further investigation on the associations between energy drinks and infertility might be needed.

In addition, the researchers did not find a link between a reduction in fertility and diet soda and fruit juices.

The team suggests that couples who wish to have a family should consider cutting down on the intake of sugar-filled drinks.

According to the lead author Elizabeth Hatch, who is a professor of epidemiology, the positive association between sugary drinks and infertility remained even after managing other risk factors such as caffeine intake, obesity, alcohol consumption, and the overall quality of the diet.

Drinking Soda May Reduce Your Fertility - Research Suggests

Cutting down on sugary drinks may not only help you conceive in the future but may also improve your overall health and reduce the chances of developing serious health conditions.




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