A New Mobile App That Monitors the Health of Pregnant Women

A New Mobile App That Monitors the Health of Pregnant Women

Babyscripts is the latest mobile phone app that provides assistance to healthcare providers for remotely monitoring their patients’ progress. The pregnant woman can also follow it by herself to keep a track of her health.

This mobile app is gaining popularity and recognition among healthcare providers and mother to be. Babyscripts is the first ever-mobile clinical app that facilitates OB-GYNs to remotely keep a record of their patients. It includes their health and progress.

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It also presents educational weekly updates for patients. They can customize it as per their pregnancy period to receive the useful information. The founders of this app have an aim to help OBGYNs for providing better parental care and ensure healthy pregnancies among their patients.

Babyscripts pregnancy phone app

The manufacturers have a 10-year long plan to make it more popularize, practical and accessible to maximum people. They also want to drastically reduce the preterm birth in the United States.

The manufactures also face criticism for their plans but they are taking it all positive for a better future of health industry.


It only operates in the USA for now but soon it will be available to other parts of the world too.

The major risk factors in pregnancy 

Weight, blood pressure and sugar levels during pregnancy affect the pregnancy in a damaging way. It affects both mother and baby. The recent research tells that these factors can affect the baby’s size too.

Usually, it is seen that gestational diabetes results in births of larger babies. But it is unclear if the baby’s size is actually affected by these maternal traits.

In an international research collaboration led by the universities of Exeter and Bristol, in collaboration with researchers from Sahlgrenska Academy, researchers have suggested that overweight and higher glucose levels during pregnancy can lead to the baby being born with a higher birth weight. Also, a high blood pressure in the mother causes a lower birth weight.

This high birth rate can become a health risk for the newborn. High and low birth weight are linked to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, later in life.

Information and monitoring of such traits in mother are essentially required during pregnancy. This is the only way to reduce the number of children that are born too large or too small.

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What does the app do?

Babyscripts follows a to-do list. It is a guideline for patients as per each gestational period. It has practice specific tips, approved tasks as per nutrition, exercise and other things, which support a healthy pregnancy.

The association of Babyscipts with Midwives of MedStar Washington Hospital Center has increased its fame. The healthcare providers monitor their patients with this app last year. The results were very positive and they received encouraging feedback from patients.

The app is appreciated for managing the patients without a hassle and time bounding factors. The educational material on the app is highly precise and to the point. It is understandable for a majority of the app users and it sources good references for all the information.

The Mommy Kit

Not just the mobile app, the expected mothers enrolled in the Schedule Optimization module receive a “Mommy Kit”. It has an online-based blood pressure kit in it.

The mothers to be can track their current weight, blood pressure by using a Bluetooth enable blood pressure cuff and weigh scale that are parts of this mommy kit.

They are required to repeat the blood pressure and weight measurements and this information are directly sent to their medical service providers. The review of this information suggests the care and tips which a pregnant woman may require for a healthy pregnancy.

Using these easy tools at home saves time and energy. It is easy to check it all by you, sitting at home and the doctor can directly check it. it reduces the unnecessary doctor visits too.

Mummy Kit with Babyscripts

The pregnant ladies are instructed to use the devices once or twice a week. If there is a problem with collected results, the app Babyscripts informs the healthcare providers right away so that they can treat it.

Using Babyscripts is a flexible approach to practice and educational information that mothers to be should know.

Benefits of Babyscripts from a user’s perspective

For patient/pregnant woman, using Babyscripts is helpful as it saves time from unnecessary visits to the hospital. It is more comfortable to use as there is no need for an appointment, traveling, waiting and getting the regular weight/blood pressure checking.

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By viewing the weekly progress, the user can make better choices in nutrition, exercise or rest. It gives more control to a woman over her body when she knows the areas she is lacking. By filling all the gaps, the result is a healthy pregnancy leading to a healthy delivery after gestational term.

How far is the app going right now?

Babyscripts was introduced for its pregnancy care journey in 2014. Since that time, two research studies have used it. It’s also partnered with General Electric, March of Dimes, Startup Health, and the White House.

It is now connected with 15 healthcare systems across the nation right now. Currently, the app is only available to partner hospitals and not for independent doctors/patients. In a way, it is good that manufacturers can evaluate the quality of this app and make necessary fixes if required.

Last year was the blooming year for Babyscripts when this app was expanded from normal pregnancies to risky pregnancies. Luckily, it helped in a great way to govern the changes in pregnant mommies.

Babyscripts pregnancy phone app

The complications of pregnancies are normal when the woman is diabetic, at risk of diabetes or hypersensitive. These things may look mall but during pregnancy, they have a chance to cause major risks.

For this reason, developing latest methods to govern any change in blood pressure, sugar or weight is appreciated. The healthcare providers i.e. clinicians, nurses, doctors and OB-GYNs can now manage their patients in a much more real-time manner.

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It looks exciting because it’s a new thing and doesn’t really feel like a checkup thing. Babyscripts now has modules that watch out pregnant women with diabetes. The launch of this plan was executed in affiliation with Cone Health in last December.

Babyscripts will now be working with MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s Teen Alliance for Prepared Parenting (TAPP) program. The target is to promote healthier living, improve the health of pregnant and make the pregnancy easy for the mothers to be.

Babyscripts pregnancy phone app

According to the hospital’s report, the Babyscripts Care Navigator module is the first every technology tool installed for the care of pregnant women. It is one of its kind ways to educate the patient by means of simple tips, necessary information guide, and updates.

It also allows interacting with patients by using a HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging platform.

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Overall, this is a multi-functional approach that is making the pregnancy phase easier for the patient and monitoring of pregnant patients easy for the healthcare providers.

It is a hope that this app will play a better role by implementing technology in the most intuitive way possible.



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